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Scientists say Mnangagwa's Generation too old to turnaround Zimbabwe

24 Aug 2018 at 10:45hrs | Views
There are five generations agreed by Scientists and their influence upon the surface of Earth is distinct. Scientists decided to define their parameters by starting their counting from year 1900. They give a name to children who were born from 1900-1945 as the SILENT GENERATION.

Children born 1946-1964 are called the BABY BOOMERS. Those born 1965-80 are GENERATION X. The MILLENIAL GENERATION were born1981-1996 while GENERATION Z were born 1996 to current.

Upon the surface of the planet, the thoughtline of these distinctive Generations leave distinctive indentations which preceding Generations see as the realities of the planet. However, Scientists didn't delve to allocate a name for a generation of children who were born 1815 to 1899 who, as an Engineer, I call the GENERATION EYE-OPENER.

I revere my supposed Generation Eye-Opener for all the inventions and material discoveries we inherited from them. The Silent Generation used these discoveries to cause wars with innumerable damage to our planet.

While my supposed Eye-opener Generation will be known for Science which gave us the Periodic table, The car, Aeroplane, light bulb, DC and AC motor, Electricity, Steam Engine, Rail, Electromagnetic Science etc. The Silent generation became known for converting good Science into tools of war. The silent Generation invented First World War, Second World War, Nuclear bombs, Cruel Heroism and children born during that time became Saddam Hussein, Ian Smith, Muamar Gadhafi, Idi Amini, Robert Mugabe, Mobutu, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin etc. This generation's thinking is always focussing on the killing power. They use tribe, race, superiority, power, antagonism, war mongering, sanctions, marginalisation, oppression, military and covert operations to SILENT other human beings. Who ever gave them the name Silent Generation was right.

The Silent Generation are out of date today in a World where Generation Z are the youth.

The World does not need military oppression to silence people back into 1945. The time of World Wars is over and now is the time for Silicon Technology.

In Zimbabwe, the Silent Generation has led Baby Boomers and Generation X into oblivion. These two generations have never enjoyed life under Ian Smith, Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa. It is too out-of-date to let the Silent Generation have a word in today's politics. Their minds are full of the smell of gun-powder from their first and second World wars. How could two successive World Wars happen with just one generation?

We do not want Mnangagwa to import war powder from his 1942 birth-bed and force in into Generation Z where Silicon Technology is the material of the day. It is clear that a ballot box cannot decide to remove a child who was born in the air that was filled with gunpowder between 1900 and 1945.

Chamisa is Generation X. Generation Baby Boomers were spoilt for ever by the Silent Generation. We all now look up to Generation X to use the Silicon Technology of Generation Z to rid our country of the bad influence of the Silent Generation.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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