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Zimbabwe needs capable bureaucrats

01 Sep 2018 at 13:08hrs | Views
In a disturbing move which shocked the nation, the very faces that made up the previous underwhelming presidium have bounced back.

The presidium remains testosterone-filled, with absolutely no female promoted into the echelons of State power as vice president.

Our fear now is that President Emmerson Mnangagwa's deadwood acolytes will once again be given lush ministerial positions.

A better plan for Mnangagwa would have been hinged on broader strategic objectives such as stabilising the economy based on launching a trajectory optimised on an inclusive government to woo back the international community and allow for internal cohesion to rebuild national unity and healing from election-induced wounds.

Citizens have been anxiously anticipating that Mnangagwa would infuse new faces and technocrats into his Cabinet.  Definitely, one of the most looked-out for indicators to the seriousness or otherwise of the new administration in confronting the country's many problems will be the composition of the incoming Cabinet.

No one doubts the sincerity of Mnangagwa to turn the country's fortune for good. In fact, he faces a serious crisis of expectations. However, it would take more than good intentions and dreaming to achieve the desired results.

The presidential system of government like the one we have, gives freedom to the chief executive to choose those he or she will work with without encumbrances of party dictates.

What it means is that a president can go beyond his political party to bring in those who in his judgments are capable of delivering on government promises. That is why we are calling on Mnangagwa not to renege on the promise to employ those technocrats capable of making all the difference in the quest to install good governance.

In doing so, we are not unmindful of the fact that he owes some consideration to his party being the platform, on which he rode to power.

However, such considerations should not trounce the need to seek out capable hands outside his party to occupy Cabinet positions.

Such diligent search is imperative in view of his vow that Zimbabwe is Open for Business.

This is not time for undeserved political patronage.

Given the depth of the nation's problems, we expect he brings aboard those to assist and guide him in crucial decision-making processes.

Importantly, all key ministries must be manned by those with thorough knowledge and understanding of how those institutions could be leveraged to turn the country's battered fortunes around in the shortest possible period.

He must realise even a resurgent Zanu PF, cannot fix the economy alone.

Source - dailynews
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