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Should Zimbabwe be awarded $2 billion economic bailout? or John Mangudya should resign

05 Sep 2018 at 06:33hrs | Views
On 04/09/2018, the media reported that Zimbabwe needs $2 billion bailout in order to deal with the economy's liquidity challenges. The Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is alleged to have said so. This piece therefore seeks to advise the Zimbabwean authorities to put their house in order before thinking of begging for the $2 billion cash bailout.

If John Mangudya was not insane, he should have resigned from his position as a governor of the reserve bank of Zimbabwe well before the coup that remove R.G Mugabe from power. Zimbabweans warned him that the introduction of bond notes would worsen the economy but he became thickheaded and promised that bond notes would bring 'milk & honey' in Zimbabwe. He even promised to resign if bond notes were to fail to improve the economy. Foreign currency disappeared from the banks just soon after the introduction of bond notes. John Mangudya is a stubborn and ignorant man who believes only in himself and his evil spirits. He should stick to his earlier promise and resign now.

In my previous piece, I informed you that the appointments of Zimbabwe's two Vice Presidents (Chiwenga & Mohadi) has failed to jump start the bedridden economy of Zimbabwe. Following their appointments, mine, air and other industries responded in shock. Even the typhoid had to spread to Kadoma and Masvingo. Today we wake up to the news that 'chicken inn is now chicken out', the chicken farmers most of whom are (war veterans who grabbed farms) failed, (if not refused) to supply the Zimbabwean market with chicken meat.
The chicken farmers are claiming that they need foreign currency to breed chicks as well as buying knives to slaughter their chicken. This according to my understanding should be a sabotage against ED Mnangagwa and his cabinet of two members (vice presidents). I warned that if Guveya and Dugish are not terminated, Zimbabweans have to brace for more surprises, next time we may be told that the cats and dogs are now on hunger strike. May God bless Zimbabwe including the opposition members who are treated as second class citizens in their land.

I am not advocating for sanctions against Zimbabwe because I am a serious 'born again', I hate those people who are calling for sanctions (against Zimbabwe) though they are not illegal (even ED and ZANU once called for sanctions against Muzorewa & Smith governments). However, my message to reserve bank governor of Zimbabwe is that, soliciting for bailout of $2 billion is a waste of time, Zimbabwe has to meet some political conditions and reforms before the cash bailout. Otherwise Zimbabwe will get back to zero again. It is like throwing money into the sea thinking that you are feeding crocodiles. The following should be met before the reserve bank governor gets the $2 billion dollars bailout:

Condition Number One - the reserve bank governor Mangudya should resign with immediate effect and allow Professor Mthuli Ncube to take over. Mangudya was warned by the Zimbabweans about the disasters of introducing bond notes but he ignored them. He claimed that bond notes were going to take Zimbabwe to Canaan but to my surprise, Zimbabwe is not even closer to Egypt but has just landed in Bagdad.

I am crying uncontrollably as I am writing this article (Bishop Tinashe Zvarehwanashe has just failed to consol me) because Mangudya has destroyed the future of our country by his bond notes. I want Zimbabweans to join me in calling for Mangudya's resignation. He has just joined the league of Morrison Nyathi and Judge Chugumba. There was a serious public outcry when Mangudya introduced bond notes, he defended himself by saying, he would resign if the bond notes were going to fail to inspire. I don’t know why he is still hanging to the reserve bank of Zimbabwe by now.

Mangudya is worse off than Gideon Gono who destroyed the pensions and savings schemes of all Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe has a lot of mentally sick people today because of ZANU PF, Mugabe and Gidion Gono's mismanagement of the reserve bank.  Today, Mangudya has broken the record of Gideon Gono because of his foolishness, he refused to listen to the voice of the people.

Condition Number Two - there is need for electoral reforms, Judge Chigumba should join Mangudya by handing over her resignation. We are where we are because of Judge Chigumba, I am therefore requesting ED to save his legacy by forcing Judge Chigumba to resign as a ZEC Chairperson. Up to now, the economy of Zimbabwe is confused because it does not know the number of votes that ED and Nero got, that is why companies are closing and Zimbabweans are dying because of typhoid.

Condition Number Three - ED should reconsider going for Government of National Unity, if R.G. Mugabe succumbed to unity government ED may have no alternative. ED should use his controversial two thirds majority to create the position of a Prime Minister (Chamisa) and Tendai Biti should be our next finance minister. ED should tell them to go and convince Americans to scrap ZIDERA and open credit lines.

Finally, reserve bank governor Mangudya should resign yesterday, he went on to introduce bond notes against the will of the people. All serious Zimbabweans should pray for him so that he can realize his mistake, possibly the spirit of resignation will overshadow him. He is worse off than Gono.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist, can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

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