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Stinking tribalism inside MDC-T!!! Chamisa where is Khupe today?

09 Sep 2018 at 07:14hrs | Views
The last person who can chide the people of Matabeleland as tribalist is Nelson Chamisa himself! A Portuguese adage says "you did not need a big ass to get diarrhoea: even with a small one, this disease is possible." This adage fits well with Chamisa today who has the audacity to call the residents of Bulawayo tribalists.  The MDC party since its inception was premised on tribalism. In 1999, Gibson Sibanda could not be the president of newly found opposition because he was of Ndebele tribe. The whole make-up right from the start to the end was tribalistic and still is. MDC-T (later called Alliance) is a party that stinks of tribalism to high heavens. It is not only tribalism in MDC-T that was raw and evident, but the democratic values they purport to uphold have eroded shamelessly. There is no democracy to talk about in MDC-T later Alliance.

The late President Tsvangirai was aware of his terminal illness and came to a point he was of aware of his demise too, was not surviving the dreadful colon cancer. Tsvangirai acted with expediency, to be safe that Thokozani does not get the presidency, he appointed TWO MDC-T deputies, Chamisa and Mudzuri without even consulting his national council for advice. He made sure that Ndebele Thokozani Khuphe was not to become the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, even if it was legally AND constitutionally so. Those were executive orders this so-called "democratic" party is capable of. After his death, there were leadership squabbles we all know too well. Ndebele-Shona bitterness and hate came center stage.   

Tsvangirai before his demise made sure that Chamisa becomes the leader of the movement so we are told, wholly undemocratic, without congress approval but was the wish of one single person who happens to be president, President Tsvangirai – is that democracy? Thoko could not have survived those tribal choices from Richard Morgan Tsvangirai: she is of Ndebele tribe, and she is a woman!! Now tell us about democratic principles and values that this MDC-T purports to uphold!!!! Teach us about tribalism, tribalistic tendencies that are so evident in your party.

Chamisa is the last person to chide the Bulawayo residents about tribalism. I stand to be corrected, which Ndebele people are deputizing mayors in Mashonaland Councils today? My genuine question is why is Chamisa talking about tribalists' residents of Bulawayo if he himself was made president of the MDC-Alliance on a tribalist ticket? What makes Chamisa dictate the mayoral processes in Bulawayo, by what mandate did he have to appoint council positions behind the back of the residents in Bulawayo? Chamisa perpetuates tribalistic traits in this Bulawayo Town and thinks the residents will gullibly accept it without questioning his mandate he has to pick those he deems loyal and subordinate to his dictatorship?  Chamisa should be told that he lost elections because he does not have a clue about leadership, organizational qualities and competent leadership skills.

Chamisa is refusing and avoiding a post-mortem in his newly formed party MDC-Alliance party. The post-mortem will want to dissect how they failed to win these past harmonized elections if indeed he had all the measures at the place to counter rigging machinery of Zanu PF. Whether or not the elections were rigged, a post-mortem is very important.  Be it the presidential, parliamentary and council seats, MDC-Alliance lost dismally. To think that there were 96 council seats that were not contested by this Alliance, what does it tells us about Chamisa's leadership. If there were several parliamentary seats that contested against each other because they failed to agree on one candidate call it MDC-Alliance. Think about the chaos in the MDC-Alliance primary elections, there was wide-spread vote-rigging in the primary elections alone. But MDC-Alliance thought it was going to be different in the harmonized election: no vote-rigging was tolerated by MDC-alliance. Then let's ask ourselves critical questions, how Chamisa was going to be a competent president of this country with all these visible immaturity and incompetency?  

Let's ask ourselves about the constitutional court case he challenged regarding the presidential vote, a case that was poorly presented, despite the fact that he is a lawyer himself, would have known how to present such a serious case in the highest court of law in the land, an open embarrassment to all. I personally cannot envisage a Chamisa win as president in this country. We said it long back that Chamisa is a fake, misogynistic, tribalistic and wholly incompetent leader and law profession of the land. My question is how he passed the law degree in the first place.

Chamisa promised sunshine weather in this region. He promised this region local representation in all aspect of their lives: teachers, nurse, administrators of this entire region will have local representation, he said. But before the sun could set, before the cock has crowed three times, he comes here to impose mayoral position against the wishes of the residents. He promised devolution of powers so that local people can take charge of their lives and self-determine some development in their communities. We now know that all was just fake and pure politicking to win the elections, the elections they won in Bulawayo, and then he thought he had a free hand to dictate orders, this is exactly what he is doing.  

If Chamisa told this region of Matabeleland to jump up, they needed to ask just one question, how high, and not why jumping in the first place. Kingdoms and royal set ups were promised big in this region. Now he has lost elections, we can commiserate with those who put their high hopes on this young man called Chamisa.  

To the people of Matabeleland and Bulawayo, Chamisa was your choice despite the fact that you were warned about fake Chamisa. I personally shed no tear about what happened yesterday at City Hall. To commiserate with your imposed deputy mayor on you by the Chamisa leadership is neither here nor there. You were warned about politicians that come from Mashonaland to harvest votes and after elections, they will not know you when they have won the election.

We are accurately informed about a Bulawayo councillor who refused to take an oath in a language that is understood by all; he sighted his oath in Shona. I speak Shona language very well and am not against the language that is a national language. But not everyone speaks Shona or understands Shona in Bulawayo. The Councillor needed to exercise that sensitivity; he did not. We talk about a person who is capable of urinating at the faces of Bulawayo residents: as if he was saying: "ngenkani" was hell-bent to provoke and was provocative because he was privy of the tribal tensions and sentiments in this country. This is a counselor who thinks "Zimbabwe is Mashonaland and everybody in Zimbabwe MUST understands Shona." The reverse is not true!!! These are the realities of tribalism in this country dear ladies and gentlemen. This tribal imbalance in almost all spheres of our daily lives ignites conflicts unnecessarily. This is what we mean when we say we are treated unequally AND MARGINALIZED in this region.   

To impose Karambani in mayoral position and you turn around and say "Let's move away from tribalism is wholly not honest but the arrogance of the first order. You short-changed the residents of Bulawayo. You are a leader of MDC-Alliance because of tribal makeup in your own party. You are the last person to preach against tribalism if you are a beneficiary of tribalism yourself. There is not one Ndebele person who can lead MDC-Alliance because he/she will be rejected by the majority Shona, which is a fact. But you think it right to tell the "little children of Mathebeleland"the gullible, not to be tribalistic. Your taking over from Tsvangirai was by design, never to put Ndebele in the leadership of MDC-T, Ndebeles are used to given positions that have a semblance of national appeasement. Thokozani Khuphe's VP position was to appease the Ndebele vote and never to assume leadership of a President, an open secret: Thoko Khuphe was systematically sidelined. We know this well and we should never be cheated.

You should be told without mincing words that you, Chamisa, are a tribalist, a failed lawyer, a failed pastor, and a failed politician. I doubt even if you are a good husband. You said you had mechanism at a place to prevent vote-rigging in the harmonised elections, mechanisms you did not have, you were grandstanding, talking bravado, uttering a package of nonsense. Chamisa must be stopped from seeing tribalism only when it is the Ndebele people complaining about tribalism. Chamisa please fight that tribal outfit in you, first and foremost: the buck start and stops with you.    

If there was vote-rigging in MDC-Alliance, why do you cry foul in vote-rigging that took place in the harmonized elections? If you were singularly appointed by Richard Morgan Tsvangirai to be the leader of MDC-T, why talk about democracy that is not present and visible in your leadership?  You lost elections because you are not democratically elected president of the Republic of Zimbabwe. That is food for thought Pastor Chamisa!!!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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