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No difference between Grace Mugabe & Judas Iscariot

11 Sep 2018 at 09:40hrs | Views
The only difference between Grace Mugabe and Judas Iscariot is on gender, otherwise, they are a brother and a sister from different mothers. Judas Iscariot betrayed Christianity because of some few pieces of silver while Grace Mugabe betrayed the Zimbabweans for the sake of a ZANU PF government's chartered plane. This paper therefore seeks to support the view that Grace Mugabe is a 'political chameleon' set apart to amass personal wealth through illegal means  and she is there to protect the unholy wealth at all costs.

Some of the readers may want to label me a 'sexist' by attacking Grace Mugabe without scratching her husband. I am fully convinced that, at 94 years of age, R.G Mugabe is now a 'livingtimeless', he has been connected to the 'political remote control' of Grace since time immemorial. The war veterans/soldiers had to use a coup in order to push Grace Mugabe away. If Grace Mugabe was a genuine/supporting wife, she should have allowed R.G Mugabe to retire from politics long back but because of her love of planes and money, R.G Mugabe had to be subjected to a long period of political prison.

On 11/09/2018, I wrote a piece condemning ZANU PF government for abusing taxpayers' money by chartering a plane for Grace Mugabe from Singapore. The presidential spokesperson Charamba is now quoted by the media refuting the claim that ZANU PF government paid for the costs of Grace's PlaneGate scandal. I am still not convinced with Mr. Charamba's response, why did the government take a long time to respond (only after an outcry)? Why didn't they request (those alleged businesspeople who chartered the plane) to donate money for hospital drugs? It is clear that, in the eyes of ZANU PF government, Grace Mugabe is more important to the suffering citizens.

Grace Mugabe endorsed Nelson Chamisa because she was sure that the young man had enough people to lead Zimbabwe. However, the evil spirit hovered around Zimbabwe and the constitutional court unconstitutionally declared ED the president. Because Grace's aim was to protect her controversial family wealth, she jumped off the ship betraying her colleagues (Jonathan Moyo, Jealousy Mawarire and National Patriotic Front followers.

History will not forgive Grace Mugabe, she jumped off the ship without consulting her colleagues. I support and salute the criticism of Grace by Jonathan Moyo,  some people died during the coup, some were displaced because of the first family. Others like Walter Mzembi, Chombo etc are now hospital patients because of the first family. It was not proper for Grace Mugabe to give in during the peak of the struggle.

Just like Judas Iscariot, Grace Mugabe's love of money affected the struggle. I am now calling upon the Zimbabweans to pressurize ZANU PF government so that they can force the first family to declare their wealth. They should inform the public about the source of their wealth, Zimbabwe is bleeding because of the first family and ZANU PF. They have been feeding on citizens' blood for a long time.

The chartered plane relationship between Grace Mugabe and ZANU PF is unholy for our country to move forward. What we are going to be informed next is that Levy Nyagura is reinstated as the University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor. I know that his case will be struck off the Zimbabwean courts. However, Zimbabweans are keenly watching the progress. The PhD of Grace is fake, substandard and I also had to go through it independently, the results of my analysis are online.

I declare in the name of Jesus that the ZANU PF government-Grace Mugabe's chartered plane relationship is evil. The priority of ZANU PF has not been the people of Zimbabwe but their priority is given to some few elite ZANU PF crooks. Cholera is on increase in Zimbabwe's urban areas and instead of chartering hospital drugs, ZANU PF government is busy chartering planes for Grace Mugabe. Are Zimbabwe's urban dwellers dying of cholera and typhoid because they voted for the opposition?  The ZANU PF government should love its own people as people not as ZANU PF members.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist , can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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