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Zimbabwe's (Criminal) Record Check!

15 Sep 2018 at 06:53hrs | Views
Chronicling abuses on women in Zimbabwe

Dear Zimbabwean Women,

It is high time we chronicled all abuses on women in Zimbabwe and we document them, by so doing we shall be able to clinically record them and be in a position to shame them those men who abuse women of this great nation. We cannot stand the abuse on women anymore, we complain about it in our social media. But because these men know that we women, we can talk and talk! Nothing is changing, and has not changed beyond complaints and shouting on top of our heads, seems not to change much on the ground. Now is the time practical for action.

 We are now aiming for a zero tolerance on the abuse of all women in Zimbabwe. We want zero tolerance on sexual abuse on babies' toddlers, young girls and young women. Its high time Zimbabwean men learnt to respect female-gender of all ages. Zero tolerance means taking steps that will have an impact on these misogynistic Zimbabwean men. Every month we shall publish all those names of men who abuse women. If they think they can go scot free then the fight begins now.

 We shall start with Nelson Chamisa, the so-called leader for MDC-Alliance. Movement for Democratic Change, what is so democratic in this movement that has low regards for women? Here is a political leader who has insulted so many of our women ever since he assumed leadership office by hook and crook.

1. Nelson Chamisa (Advocate)

This is Chamisa with his diarrhoea-like outbursts, a mouth that lacks everything decent. To call our Minister of Sport and Recreation as "Umdhidhi" is out of this world bigoted but last. Just when we thought he was going to slow down with insults on women, after that humiliation defeat of presidential elections, he vents his frustration to our iconic Kirsty Coventry: a woman who carried the flag in a world's stage of prestigious events: The Olympic Games. The honourable Minister deserves respect from all of us who value the calibre of this woman, young as she may be: her sterling contributions to make Zimbabwe counted make all of us proud, and proud to be Zimbabweans.

Chamisa is bigoted and insensitive to women who carefully entered the cutthroat Zimbabwean national politics. He has so far demonstrated extremely dangerous tendencies within his party; on several occasions he uses incendiary language that incites the use of slurs to spit women: he called Thokozani Khuphe "Tokoloshi:" is that a man to be trusted with highest public office in the land: to be the top civil servant in Zimbabwe - hell no.

 In the height of farm invasions that took place at the Millennium, Kirsty Coventry who is from the same minority group that was politically purged and punished for supporting MDC, she went to the Olympic Games not once but on several occasions. She lifted the Zimbabwe flag high, she won several gold, silver bronze medals for Zimbabweans and I included. Her contributions to the nation are not a mean feat, but extraordinary achievements. Her appointment as minister is well deserving and respecting her sterling contributions, ability and capabilities as a sports person. Does she deserve to be insulted by little Chamisa who failed his constituency in Kuwadzana and he failed to win elections? Let's talk about a library in Kuwadzana that is still not completed to this day: he still wants to be president with o meaningful achievements on the ground! Chamisa's prayers and mine were answered by the same God we believe in.

Chamisa is bigoted generally and his arrogance does not deserve the highest office in the land. Chamisa proudly told the UK Diasporas during his visit that he can bate with his sister if Mnangagwa won elections by 5%. He excitably put his sister for bait: if Mnangagwa got only 5% of the presidential vote he is ready to give him his sister. But now Mnangagwa exceeded that 5%, was he playing Alice in Wonderland again with us all, why is the poor girl not sent for a free marriage to oldie Mnangagwa: whether the elections were rigged or not, Mnangagwa exceeded the baiting percentage of 5% and he won the bait. Here again is how our women in Zimbabwe are barter-traded like slaves for sale. If Chamisa has such a low regard for his sister, his sister, what about other women! Is

The VP of MDC-T Thokozani Khuphe escaped death by the grace of God, having been pushed inside a grass thatched hut to be burnt alive Gugurahundi style at the behest of Chamisa himself. This Pastor has a secret army that does the dirty work for him. Having nearly got killed Thokozani lost the leadership to Chamisa who assumed leadership without the party voter: discarded her into a political dustbin: he went on to purge all those women he perceives a threat to his leadership.

 Chamisa learnt that bigoted language from Robert, the former president Mugabe who resorted to uncouth language if he is faced with leadership challenge. While the Supreme Court was tabling a case between Thokozani Khuphe and Nelson Chamisa, his supporters outside court were shouting derogatory slogans and continued to sing vulgar language to shame Thokozani.

He tramples on the bunions of women without remorse, according to Chamisa the world revolves around him and his lust for power is just unquenchable. We thank god that he/she heard our prayers. Advocate Jessie Majome, one of our female bright luminaries in the land, was undermined by the MDC-alliance to make it possible to push her out of the party altogether. Indeed she was sent packing, Chamisa fears intelligent women around him. Jessie was purged because of her high standards of performance professionalism. Personally, I am glad that our iconic Jessie is not part of the mob-nonsense going on in Harvest House.

How Justice Chigumba was treated before and after the harmonized July elections by Chamisa and his mob mentality: the Vanguards, and of course all those hard-core misogynists in the Harvest House? Chamisa's arrogance and bigoted language and rudeness towards Justice Chigumba were abhorrent. But he did not care, since he is the man, he is capable of insulting and was openly sending incendiary language to threaten the sitting Judge with violence. "We can make this ZEC office unworkable, a threat that incites the use of of slurs against targeted rivals. Even if there were altercations between the two, she did not deserve that "Hure" word by any stretch of his imagination. Chamisa's knowledge of law escaped him long back and when it left, it did not say goodbye!

The list of women who were abused by Chamisa is just too long. Most of these abuses were even highlighted by men who were concerned about the about the abuse of women in public spaces: We thank God for this collective gender fight for women emancipation, respect and dignity.

2. Tendai Biti (Advocate)

To call Her Excellency: Ambassador Catriona Laing "kapvupi" is bigoted and hurtful. Tendai is using derogatory language to belittle the honourable Ambassador, at best an antidote of arrogance and rudeness. He forces into her some derogatory language to make her shortness as something to amuse him with: is the British government not the very hand that fed them the past 15 years? Tendai Biti and all the MDC people once benefited from the British government with their donor funding. They bankrolled most of their general elections since year 2000. The British government could not continue to support a forever losing institution; their interests were not served by the millions of cash they poured into the deep end. They had to change the way of doing things: never to support losing parties. They changed course: (vakachinja maitiro se MDC: guqula izenzo)

The British realized early that MDC is no longer as democratic as when they started the movement. Again there is a thin cigarette line between Zanu PF and MDC, their doing of things and methods are the same. They are both very violent political parties, corrupt with little or no semblance of democratic values and principles. They both are neo-liberal in their ideology. Does it matter really who won the elections? Either of the two parties would be hunting for loans to resuscitate the economy, be it "Look East or West" their methodologies of resuscitating the economy is the same. At the end of the day be it Chamisa or Mnangagwa both have neo-liberal outlooks, a darker future for Zimbabwe!

Again Biti as an advocate must know that Ambassador Catriona Laing represents the Queen of England and its citizens in Zimbabwe and must be treated with respect. Attacking somebody with her anatomy, to joke about it and laugh about it is unacceptable and stupid, it is stooping to low record levels: a lawyer as such. To try to rubbish the Ambassador and make her feel small did not succeed, instead the British Ambassador went higher when she realized the whole advocate was going low. She could have turned tables around and asked Biti if he can look at himself at the mirror and see if he is the prettiest man among all handsome men in the land: she did not, if she did, she would have stooped low and be on the same page with Biti?

3. The War veterans

Zimbabwe's men-dominated society is inherently a culture that uses sex to shame women. Sex is sneaky and as a result, Amai Joyce was been judged as a whore by her very comrades who were with him in the struggle for liberation. Is it not the struggle that abducted teenage Amai Joyce and many other girls of her age from the village and made her a sex mule? When the commanders were busy with young girls, they got killed by the enemy Smith Special Branch or soldiers. Today we hear that is was the fault of the then teenage Amai Joyce. It can never be the fault of men, the whole commanders who lacked discipline in the fighting for freedom of the country. How does a whole commander still envisage sex pleasures with a minor first, and second, in a war zone? George does not see anything wrong in the commander but in the vulnerable girl who was a minor then.

George Rutanhire's utterances (MHSRIP) were dehumanizing Comrade Joyce Mujuru. He saw her as a slut, ka Hure, a slag, a woman who engages in sexual activities with multiple men. He tried to rubbish her so that she feels small: Chihure! Ask all those women who went to the freedom struggle, they will tell you that sexual intercourse with male freedom fighters was through coercion: no women and girls had choices to make when men needed sex at that time. The war veterans are supposed to be ashamed of the way they treated their women folk during the war. This freedom war we all boast about, it's the women who paid the highest price!

Instead of being ashamed of him, George (MHSRIP) used painful situations where women in the struggle had it rough, and to dehumanize her further if he thought he had a bone to chew with her is ruthlessness, bigotry and arrogance. George Rutanhire sees sex as natural weapon he has against Joyce to put her in her place, shame her! Why are those men who abused under aged girls not ashamed of paedophilic activities they crafted in the war? Did these, then girls and teenagers, not become goalkeepers, standbys to men's sexual demands in the struggle including George Rutanhire?

It is again the war veterans on the side of Lacoste in those bitter wars between the two rival groups: Lacoste and G40. The war veterans tried to inflict pain on Jonathan Moyo by uttering trumped up cases regarding the death of Jonathan's daughter's death: Zanele Moyo. They claimed that Jonathan actually murdered his daughter. Several citizens condemned this uncouthness of life and rightfully so. As if it's not enough that the nation lost a young life, Zanele was just 21 years old. It escaped the war veterans that children and young women of all ages are children the nation's precious and country's human resources and not an individual family ownership. The succession battle stooped to darker low: it was a dog-it-dog and by so doing our young women was drawn into the battles whose both sides were barbaric, had lost all that is human and indeed our philosophy of UBUNTU was thrown through the window.

As mothers, we refused and still refuse to see our children, dead or alive to be drawn into unreasonable and dirty political fightings. We demand respect as mothers never ever subject our children to abuse as pawns to score any political fights. Jonathan Moyo could be the biological father to Zanele Moyo, he should be told that her daughter belongs to Zimbabwe, her death is still as painful as those who perished by abductions: one of them is indeed our Itai Dzamara, till today we do not know what ate him: who is responsible. There are many more that disappeared and we shall never know what happened to them, as if that is not painful enough for mothers to cry ourselves to sleep.

4. Former President Robert Mugabe

"Mujuru will rot in jail." Those were words coming from former President Mugabe when he was facing leadership challenge from Mrs. Joyce Mujuru. Speaking at an African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Mugabe said; "women can never be on a par with men. There are primary roles women have to do: to look after the children and babies. You see, we men, we want children. We make the very women in power pregnant. You see and we remain so. It is impossible: women empowerment stood in the way of male's own natural desire to pro-create." Mugabe has never had any respect for women for once.

The purging of Mai Mujuru is one of many classical examples of how Mugabe hated women. He attacked Amai Mujuru's anatomy, mocked, joked and laughed about it. Mujuru's sin was to have successfully campaigned for the congress so that she has the mandate to be the elected Vice President of the party and government. With the assistance of his wife Grace, he crushed Joyce Mujuru's wishes and ambitions. Having realized the power she had to mobilize 10 provinces, eight of which she had pocketed, it did not go down well with the Fuehrer. At that birthday party that was attended by children of all ages, he could still allow himself to use uncouth language and physical threats that even overlooked the law of the land, because Mugabe had become the law unto himself. When Jonathan Moyo tells us that Mugabe is an iconic and founder of the revolution, it disturbs any healthy mind.

Not one citizen could condemn this act of bigotry from Mugabe. No citizen could stand up to him to condemn the incendiary language as a public office bearer, a language full of hate and very inflammatory; nobody except Itai Dzamara. We all know his demise, he paid with his life. We do not have Itai Dzamara with us today. Mugabe used threatening language about putting all those who challenged him by wiping them all out of his political space. It is this bigoted language that modelled Chamisa to be what he is today. Chamisa uses Mugabe's script to resort to inflammatory and dangerous language to deal with his opponents. Chamisa demonstrates extreme and dangerous tendencies to be a full blown dictator, those traits he religiously learnt from Mugabe.

6. His Eminence Archbishop Pious Ncube

"What makes everything tasteless about your sex scandals is the fact that you targeted the most vulnerable women in the community where you served in the highest office of the Catholic Church: Archbishop of Bulawayo! As a Catholic Feminist, I am entitled to know if those sex escapades were done wholly without any exchange of money as an incentive. Did you pay all those women you had sex with? Can you sincerely tell me that you loved all those women you had sex with or was it sex per se, pure enjoyment of the body and never beyond any emotional and financial connection?

Did you pay for sex Your Eminence? Why did you target married women mostly? Is it because it's safe to have affairs with married women? If they got pregnant you will not be responsible so to speak? If what is written about you in the media is anything to go by, you had sexual pleasures with several women, did you use condoms so that you remained in good health you boast about to us gentiles, lesser mortals, that good health God gave you in abundance, taking into considerations there are numerous sexual transmitted diseases in Zimbabwe: the only STD we still do not have is Ibola. We thank God for that; we thank your prayers for it.

I would like to make it known to you, Your Eminence, that I as a Catholic, am very angry about your recklessness. We banked on you so much in our regime change efforts. We sincerely thought you were our Moses. You spoke tough; you were fearless in your approach to matters regarding genocide in Mathebeleland. You were part of the committee that compiled incidences of violence and murder and rape: put together the documentation we now call "Catholic classified files on Genocide in Mathebeleland and Midlands" that have all evidence of genocidal crimes that Zanu regime committed in the Gugurahundi atrocities between 1983 and 1987.

We placed all our hope in you: sure not only the peoples of Mathebeleland and Midlands put all their trust in you: all peace loving peoples of Zimbabwe saw in you a saviour who was going to lead in front, face bullets of the crude regime of Zanu PF. We had every reason to believe you were going to lead the revolution and you scandalously left the political stage just at that opportune time, when you had shown Zanu PF regime you mean what you say. Your platform as Archbishop of Bulawayo was powerful enough to liberate us all the people of Zimbabwe from Zanu PF.

Why were you so blind about your ability to effect regime change in Zimbabwe? Your courage was unparallel, even Richard Morgan Tsvangirai does not have the courage you had. You were eloquent politically and you told Robert Mugabe in no uncertain terms whatsoever, you said Robert Mugabe was evil dictator and rightly so. Now Your Eminence, surely what is sex in comparison to the freedom of millions of citizens who yearn for it almost every day, you were wholly capable of sacrificing your life to liberate Zimbabwe once more? You said this on many occasions that "give me our freedom or death." How did sex drive take precedence to the emancipation of your people; a noble cause that will have given you a Noble-Peace-Price easily?

You jeopardised a lot of chances the country could have benefited in your service as Archbishop of Bulawayo. We depended on you on many issues regarding genocidal atrocities that took place in Mathebeleland and Midlands as you have first hand evidence of these very painful historical events. I wish to make you aware of the fact that in your leadership, Zimbabwe will have benefited most and this is a fact because you are one of the most courageous people we have ever had as a nation. You threw all those people's hopes and people's expectations away by mere sex affairs with many women, some of which are married making everything adulterous.

You are spiritually in good form you said in the interview. Mrs. Sibanda admitted her guilt before she died. Your interview makes me want to believe that with time: two years from now or more you are going to deny your sex scandals. The high office you held as Archbishop of Bulawayo and your position as Archbishop Emeritus Pious Ncube does not permit you to still insult our intelligence and think we can believe your lies.

You betrayed all values and principles of the Holy Catholic Church. You betrayed the faith and Catholic vows you held most nobly albeit on stage and show, apparently never in your Catholic conviction. There is no moral high ground for you to preach righteousness to us. At best please be silent forever, never insult the already insulted! Never brag about your good health whereas Mrs. Sibanda is six feet deep as we speak, died of undisclosed illness!

(This was taken from Nomazulu Thata's articles online)

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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