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A classical example of a pot telling the kettle: 'how black!' who will be counted in the Trump Era

27 Sep 2018 at 18:44hrs | Views
Be it Mnangagwa giving Donald Trump land in abundance in Victoria Falls or Chamisa dreaming of Las Vegas in Victoria Falls, it is just tasteless. Now when Chamisa ridicules Mnangagwa about his golf course offer to Trump, it escapes him that he wanted to have Americans invest a Las Vergas betting mall in Victoria Falls. African will be onlookers of their country's heritage while the western citizens enjoy the rich heritage of our forefathers and mothers. Indeed we Africans are hewers of wood and carriers of water.  

But Mnangagwa should know better than Chamisa what land means to the African people. All liberation movements in the African continent fought the war of liberation to get their land back from colonialists. Mnangagwa was in the liberation war, how he could make such a tasteless offer to a political leader, from America, offering the most sacred thing that the African peoples holds in absolute reverence; the African lands disturbs the mind!!! "I had offered President Trump ground to build a state-of-art golf course so that as he plays, he can be able to see the big five," said Mnangagwa referring to wildlife such as lions, rhino, elephants, buffalos and leopards.

The College of Human Sciences characterise the land as the greatest heritage of African people: the health and wellbeing of the people is intertwined with the health and wellbeing of the land. Both the land and its people are spiritually inseparable. Mnangagwa and not Chamisa should know this better because he fought the war of liberation to get the land. Is it inferiority complex that President Mnangagwa suffers to give away the most sacred part of the African people?  

How many times has President Donald Trump insulted the Africans openly without ever retrieving his insults? Who said not long ago: "Africans are s***t holes?" Did Donald Trump not gloat to all and sundry that most of his friends went to Africa to get rich and came back? Has Mnangagwa forgotten all that? Why should Trump the racist be given the best part of Zimbabwe sights: Victoria Falls?  

Chamisa can be exonerated for his Alice-in-Wonderland wishes of having Las Vegas in Victoria Falls. Chamisa never fought the liberation war and I am dead sure that Chamisa does not attach any reverence to the lands and hasn't the slightest idea what the land means to us Africans and the heritage we attach to it. Professor PLO Lumumba was right in many of his quotes: he says those in positions power do not have the best of ideas about the continent of Africa. The calibres of leadership we have are mostly self aggrandizement because most leaders are so detached from their own people; they begin to match themselves with European leaders in western countries and the colonies to feel better.

 It is a question of time; we shall wake up with one sad reality in Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa does not have the slightest idea about how to mastermind Zimbabwe's economy. We shall not be surprised if he asked UK government to come in and assist in the governance of the country because he will have failed dismally. If Mugabe did it: why can't Mnangagwa did it! Immediately after independence Mugabe asked Lord Soames to assist him in the running of the newly acquired independence. Mugabe could not trust Nkomo to help him in the running of the country because it had to be a white person who knows better according to Mugabe.  

President Mnangagwa is inviting President Donald Trump to come and invest a golf course in the Victoria Falls in order to rub shoulders with Trump and be part of the Trump-Era in the sense of the word. Never mind that Africans will be cleaners, wood carriers, golf bag holders and cooks. We see this invitation as a repeat of a colonial style of life we know too well in our own lands, invitation done by African leaders to perpetuate further the colonial mentality about an inferior African and Africa.  

Be it a Las Vegas or Trump Golf Course, both projects in Victoria Falls: such investments leave the African indigenous people as Hewers of wood and carriers of water for the Bwanas (western Europeans) of the new Millennium: In Zambia: they said "Bwana go Home" and in Zimbabwe we say: "Bwana come back." Africa is indeed under a curse whereby we shall never be released from our colonial bondage. Zimbabwe is open for business: Is that legitimate economic policy for a country so dilapidated like Zimbabwe: fiscal bankruptcy, dilapidated infrastructure in roads, schools, hospitals? We suffer from diseases of medieval times; cholera and typhoid in 2018. Zimbabwe is a country with abundant natural resources that can lift us from abject poverty anytime if we had proper leadership at place.

This land offer to Trump to establish his golf course appeared as if it was a joke of the day because Mnangagwa got excited when he saw the Swiss Alps Mountains and the white snow. But when Mnangagwa offers Trump land two times and three times, it ceases to be a joke. Mnangagwa's intention was to impress Trump: Trump was not impressed, he continues to call African A**Holes all the same, Trump calls Africans, people with lazy traits. There is nothing to respect in an African if their leaders can treat their citizens like game animals in a game park as wildlife attractions. Can you sincerely still blame Trump with his overall lack of sense and blatant disrespect for Zimbabwe and African nations included?

Independent Zimbabwe appears like pseudo independence but it is a white man's paradise: the bubble, invited by the African leaders themselves: Mnangagwa and Chamisa included: at best to be described as politically bankrupt leaders. No elaborate and glass clear political and economic policies at place except to be the underlings of the first world leaders: they would engage with stupidities of inviting Donald Trump to invest in Zimbabwe by so doing, giving Trump the most valuable land in Zimbabwe: The Victoria Falls: Mosi o Tunya.  

We also know the excitement of Chamisa when he lied to the nation about the 15 billion dollars he was promised if he won the elections. Just to be inside the Capitol Hill, for Chamisa it was tatter mount to have personally seen Trump himself. Mnangagwa and Chamisa appear to compete with each other: who is appealing to the western civilisation more than the other? Ideologically Chamisa is not far from Mnangagwa: those neo-liberal policies are no panacea to poverty elimination and its eradication. This excitement about the "election rigging," without looking at what is offered by each of these two political parties is a sad development for this country. It appears as if the people supposedly educated, are ignorant of each party's economic, social and political policies they offer: Politically, economically and socially speaking: If one subtracts Mnangagwa from Chamisa its zero sum, the reverse is the same.

According to the definition of inferiority complex, they say it is a mental disease where a person, for some unfounded in irrational reasons, accepts that he or she is inferior to some other persons or other race. The definition explains further: it could be the race issue, their colour skin, their sex, their status in society, their educational background; it goes on. In Mnangagwa we can see race, colour of skin, and of course Donald Trump is a billionaire, Mnangagwa wishes in his inner self to be a friend to Trump and they play golf together at the Victoria Falls Trump Golf Course. Mnangagwa could be a billionaire too but he lacks the white colour skin and Queen's English accent and proficiency. With Trump in the Trump Victoria Falls Golf Course will at least be like him.

 In his inner self Mnangagwa is terrified of Trump's wealth: it belittles him to the point of offering a country's heritage: he thinks land at a prestigious site like Victoria Falls can be attractive to Trump to open up his golden purse. Mnangagwa wants to be accepted by this racist Trump because he thinks he is a better African from all other Africans and African leaders. To shed all that much of his self worth and value, going so low: but the land is our self worth we fought for the land from colonialism and nothing else. By playing with Trump at the Trump Victoria Falls-Golf- Course, he is going imbibe Trump's identity in the process and act like him! It could be a typical African trait to imitate white race. Most Africans inherently wish they were white and Europeans.  

Be it Mnangagwa or Chamisa, are not the best brains for this country to move forward and reach its glory. It did not matter how much time you can give Mnangagwa; he does not have the leadership potential to bring about change in this country. His simplistic thinking is galling and almost stupid, unimaginable by common sense. The national revenues used to bring Mrs Grace Mugabe from Singapore at a cost of millions to moan her mother; those cost revenues could easily have gone to fighting cholera epidemic currently costing many lives. Stupidly he still wanted to get a mere "thank you" from his mentor Mugabe. This gesture is equally as stupid as to ask Trump to come and take the best land in the country for a mere TRUMP GOLF COURSE. When they say African are stupid we cringe, but we are indeed naïve and stupid! Zimbabwe is open for business is a mantra wholly out of the realms of good sense.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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