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The stupidity of the Majority - Zimbabwe Post Election 2018

29 Sep 2018 at 15:42hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is fast becoming a nation of idiots who consistently vote for a party that has tormented them throughout the years since independence in 1980. There are various groups of these shallow-minded idiots who have helped to keep this shambolic system intact.  The system is Zanuism at all costs no matter what becomes of country and peasant.

The Rural Voter
This group comprises of the biggest fools who are content on short-termism.  They will vote for anyone who gives them rewards that do not last. A 2kg packet of rice, a pack of traditional beer, a bucket of maize, a Zanu t-shirt or scarf is enough to buy some people's votes. This group of people is made up of the poor, shabby, half educated fools who are happy to be praise singers for a brief period at election time before taking a long pause while waiting for the next election in five or so years. They do not hold the party or government for failing to deliver on their promises because they never paid attention to any policies proffered in the first place. So how do they survive between elections? They scrounge, they beg and they steal in a dog eat dog environment such as is the economic situation in Zimbabwe. It is not unknown for this group to start contacting their significant others in paid jobs or running business asking for help in cash or kind. This is where those in urban areas and those driven to the diaspora come in. The urban dwellers and those in Joza, Botswana, UK, Australia and the US and other diaspora regions become inundated with pleas for support from struggling relatives and friends back home. At this point they totally forget that they voted for a perennially failing government. If reminded of their voting pattern, they are quick to defend their party, their government and their lame president. The blame is laid on the evils of white monopoly capital, sanctions and so forth. Idiots!

The Urban Voter
 Largely comprises of a group of a relatively stable electorate (yes stable up there unlike they are unhinged rural counterparts!). These are people who understand things because they read the situation a bit better than the rural population. They know what policy, policy implementation and accountability mean albeit at a superficial level. However, their level of understanding is good enough for them to qualify as informed decision makers. This is the group that challenges the status quo, votes for vibrant opposition parties and are sometimes hoodwinked to support mickey-mouse parties that may seem to waste their vote. Fair play to them, they understand that it is their democratic right and are sure to exercise it. So how then do we still classify them as fools? They stupidly ignore their rural cousins and allow themselves to be disconnected from them. They forget that their less informed rural cousins need a bit of hand-holding to understand the complexity and implications of voting. They neglect their duty to inform and educate them to vote for issues rather than the person who is campaigning for their vote. Smart as they seem to be, they have absolutely no influence on their rural folk who happen to be the majority and, therefore, always determine the outcome of elections. These are the urban fools who allow the rural voters to call the shorts.

The Professionals
Then there is a group of elite potential voters who are well educated and fairly well-off.  They observe the whole circus with bemusement as both the average urban and rural voters queue up to vote. They know it is all pointless because they have scrutinised the policies of various parties including Zanu and drilled a thousand holes per square centimetre. They may or may not vote themselves.  They are damned either way. Examples are the university lecturers, lawyers, judges, doctors and company executives. They gather in posh joints and whisper about the folly of it all while speaking in posh accents acquired in private educational institutes or overseas somewhere. They look down on the people who scramble to vote at election time as if they are unaffected by events that unfold right where they are. The selfish imbeciles!

The Politicians
At whatever level from council to parliamentary candidates they all smell of the same desperation for power and ill-acquired wealth. They will lie through clenched teeth to get one's vote. They will kill those who stand in their way to wealth and power.  The source of their wealth can be traced directly backto the source of poverty that prevails in their constituencies. They will cajole or threaten the voters to vote for them if need be. They will sell their loved ones if the price is right. Beware of them as they are the most devastating of the lot. They will steal until there is nothing left to steal. They are as big fools as the rural voter as they destroy the country's economy and institutions in the process. Examples are idiots like Robert Mugabe and Obert Mpofu amongst others but the same applies to the majority of politicians in Zimbabwe.

Whither Zimbabwe?
Admittedly, each group cited above is by no means homogenous. The truth holds largely for each group although there is a sprinkling of those who do not confirm to the descriptions given above. In conclusion, it is fair that Zimbabwe is a nation of fools where high levels of education achieved has had no impact on the behaviour and political maturity of its citizens rendering them as not so sophisticated. By continuing to allow Zanu to do as it pleases, the future of Zimbabwe is uncertain and thanks but no thanks to all those fools who are called Zimbabweans. No wonder some now want to disassociate themselves from this madness by subscribing to the notion of extricating themselves from Zimbabwe and revert to a different country and governing system. Lafa elihle!

Sibusisiwe Tshuma who can be contacted at She is writing in her personal capacity.

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Source - Sibusisiwe Tshuma
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