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Sam Wezhira; where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise

02 Oct 2018 at 19:10hrs | Views
Your today's article on Bulawayo24: Bread and sugar will kill you anywhere was to the best article I could ever read today. Our approach to civilisation was when we started eating bread and drinking tea with sugar in the morning, then we defined our values of civilisation as those of white population that brought these items and introduced them as acme of sophistication and civilization. Does it surprise us that the inflation rate is measured by the cost of bread, sugar and milk and beer?  

How right you are dear Sam: Bread and sugar will kill you anywhere: you should have gone further and said; stop buying those items anywhere because mankind was not made to eat those products in concentrated form. The consumption of highly processed carbohydrate is the demise of mankind. So many civilized diseases emanate from eating sugar and bread. Sugar is a killer; bread made of wheat is a killer.  

Let's think about the products coming from wheat flour and sugar in our supermarkets. Sugar is present in most food products, think of the sweet industry, we have thousands and thousands sorts of sweets, the processed foods are stuffed up with sugar, we are literally chocking with sugar all around us in our foods. Sugar has dominated our eating habits to the point of being addicted to sugar and wheat products. A happy child is the one that has a sweet in her/his hand.  

Wheat flour makes numerous by-products, starting with bread, biscuits, rolls, buns, cakes, breakfast cereals all packed with sugar to taste sweet, you need to go to the supermarket to inform yourself about the products of wheat flour and other grains of course, a thousand of them and are selling well: very well. In industry countries, at every corner there is a bread shop and bread is always available. The Sugar and wheat industry is one of the most lucrative profits in the world. Yet they are the deadliest product in the world equally. The rise of serious life-threatening disease today in the civilized world is the result of sugar and carbohydrate consumption processed to give sweet sugar content. The moment one enters the supermarkets, you go and see the cereal department alone, it's not amazing but crazy, very crazy. Carbohydrate and sugar industry could not believe their innovative skills better than to produce that what mankind loves most; sweet-sugar in carbohydrates, a perfect combination to kill you slowly and surely.     

Research about the hazardous effects of eating sugar is that sugar is responsible for about 50% of all health care costs. Ask yourself why are governments not concerned about this serious development to mankind? Lobbies and lobbyists are in business too. This is a story for another day. The disease cancer feeds on sugar literally: There is sufficient evidence that shows the link between sugar and cancer disease. Sugar does not only fuel the growth and spread of cancer in our bodies, it is known to be the primary source of various types of cancer diseases. Diet with high sugar obviously causes obesity, obesity and overweight that causes insulin resistance. Alone eating fruits can have sad effects in obesity-related diseases as a result of overweight. (this will be explained later in the article) Sugar is present in fructose, wheat products, and corn syrup. Sugar and carbohydrate both turn into glucose when they are digested in the stomach There is no hormone that removes fructose from our bodies and the body cells cannot make use of it, when fructose enters the body, it is converted to fat straight away hence so many people are obese and overweight.

Sugar is known to cause cardiovascular disease leading to early deaths. When we eat high sugar diet, our body releases insulin from the pancreas. The higher the level of excess sugar or glucose the higher the insulin it shall be released to remove glucose from the blood. But the sugar that is supposed to be present in our blood is just 100, and beyond this 100 you are diabetic. When insulin is chronically high, it causes inflammation in the body and that will then further damage our blood vessels leading to several kinds of illnesses including diabetes mellitus. The medical world, because they work hand-in-glove with the pharma industry, failed short of placing sugar as the main culprit for insulin resistance and full blown diabetes mellitus. Serious studies have shown the direct link between insulin resistance and high sugar diet.   

Diabetes mellitus disease is when there is so much glucose in the blood and the cell-membrane will have become resistant ever to allow glucose to get in as energy source, the key to enter the cell membrane is the insulin. The current medication on diabetes mellitus exacerbates the disease instead, does not cure it. A diabetic patient will be told to eat 60 grams of carbohydrates and then take medication to cure the carbohydrate intake that will have converted into glucose to feed the cells with energy: a devil's cycle begins: a life's long dependency on both carb- and pharma industry. Just changing lifestyle overnight will make the disease pack and go forever: if a diseased stops sugar and carbohydrate intake as food or fuel.

Research recently has established that the precise cause of Alzheimer disease is sugar. In some cases Alzheimer can mimic diabetes mellitus that selectively involves the damage in the brain cells and has molecular and biochemical feature that overlap with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Again the deadly sugar is capable of shrinking the hippocampus, some tissue found in Alzheimer patients.  

Curiously, people think that liver cirrhosis is the cause of alcohol abuse; it is not always the case. Sugar can also cause liver damage that can lead to liver cirrhosis. Liver is the only organ that can break down fructose, too much of it will continuously punch the liver unendingly resulting in the liver developing into a "fatty liver."  It is the damage of the liver that appears to look like a fatty liver optically, indeed alcohol, fructose, high glucose do a lot of damage in the liver and not fat. Again the liver is the only organ that can cure itself 100% if it's damaged; there is no other organ in the human body that can heal completely from any damage.

The fruits that we think may be healthy, in retrospect it is not. Sugar, wheat and some fruits have in recent years been subject to gen-technological manipulations to get more yield than the original wheat production. Wheat is manipulate to yield more, sugar is gen-manipulated to taste sweeter, and fruits to make them taste sweeter and look better, it goes on. In western countries, if we look at the banana, we can see that it is not natural anymore but has gone through gen-technological processes to make it bigger and sweeter and attractive to look at, the same with mangoes, paw-paws, and some other fruits in the high fruit industry.

This gen-manipulation of several food chains have serious effects on our DNA. The DNA damage leads to several illnesses, the Pharma industries, together with the food industries do not want the general people know all these facts. They work together to make profit at the expense of our own health. The food industry produces food: carbohydrates and sugar: and on the other hand the pharma industry will produce drugs to cure incurable diseases related to civilized lifestyle. There are lobbyists in governments that will make sure the government does not put a lot of attention to the criminal activities of food and pharma industries.

Carbohydrates are not essential foods we ought to eat in the first place. Eating carbohydrates is a civilized development we do not need. There is nothing like essential carbohydrates. Our early ancestors lived on meat, plant foraging and fat from the wild animals they hunted. I have made several tests with my own body, how I correctively eliminated a supposedly a chronic disease: I had full blownb diabetes, and turned to non diabetes by a dietary style called a keto diet. Keto is a diet that is based on plant, protein and fat subsistence, no carbohydrate, if any then the plants foods we eat: e. g. vegetables have the carbohydrate we actually need in our bodies.  

Dear Sam Wezhira, I thank you for this article you wrote today. It's high time our population know the truth about sugar and wheat. It is sad to realize how we African are just copies of the western world's civilization: the way of life our colonial masters brought with them is now the standard that defines civilization and backwardness: we thought drinking tea in the morning and eating bread is a civilized way of living.

I have seen some stupid comments on your article some of which display ignorance of the highest order. Please just ignore those comments that have no reflection of knowledgeable and informed people about civilized lifestyle. We still need to trace our roots and try to live the way our ancestors lived centuries ago ever to reduce the illnesses due to civilized lifestyles. This article you wrote to day was really good stuff; please keep it up, kudos to you dear citizen.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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