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Mvurwi's six Nyaus, a place shrouded with mystery.

11 Oct 2018 at 12:29hrs | Views
Givestar Kamuzonde
Mysterious fire erupted at six nyauz of Mvurwi (Umvukwes) with an ear splitting sound. This happened not long ago. Nobody could explain the origin of the fire. The vegetation was reduced to nothing. People believed it to be the will of the traditional spirits.

This is a supernatural occurrence altogether with other mysterious things deter ever animals from getting close to six nyaus. Animals which get as close as fifty metres from Six Nyaus normally stampede away with their tails raised up as if they are being chased by a pride of lions.

Six Nyaus is indeed a sacred place. It is a no go area. Anything that encroaches will just mysteriously varnish. Traditional leaders gather now and then to appease the spirits in line with the area's cultural beliefs. Also the congregants gathering at a hill close to six Nyaus for church service. Some of you may be wondering what six Nyaus is. It is actually a place shrouded with mystery. It is located about 10 kilometres from Mvurwi along Mutorashanga road.

It is said six Nyaus or gures, horses and their rides, mysteriously disappeared and sunk underground and were never seen again. In addition to that, a driver driving a tractor with its trailer was again swallowed underground, tractor and trailer and everything went missing.

What exactly is happening at this place? A lot of unanswered questions are being asked. Traditionalists say what happens there is the work of the spirits while some believe that six Nyaus is a site of quicksand but the truth remains unknown.

Source - Givestar Kamuzonde
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