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ZAOGA: Celebrating 70 years of Non Stop Preaching

19 Oct 2018 at 07:09hrs | Views
The seventy years of non-stop preaching have necessitated the birth and establishment of a great ministry called ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries International.

ZAOGA FIF has various ministries and departments which were birthed by God through the Servant of God Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti.

Every ministry is designed to either bring souls to Christ or to strengthen and build the already born again believers with the Word, packaged in a way that appeals to age, gender, marital status, academic status, social standing and social group.

The church has numerous ministries and departments which are intended to complement each other in the church's quest to lead people to Heaven. This vision of ministries and departments has played an integral role in consolidating Apostle Guti's mission in the seventy years of non-stop preaching of the gospel and bringing many souls to Jesus Christ.

For the young ones, there is the Child Evangelism Ministry which caters for the children up to the age of fourteen. They are taught to give to the Lord at a tender age, with the support of their parents.

The proceeds of their projects go towards the upkeep of orphans at the ZAOGA Orphanage centres. To make sure that they are conscious about the Great Commission, the Child Evangelism Ministry frequently organises teams of crusade teams comprised of the children, who periodically go around the communities, preaching the gospel, with the manifestation of signs and wonders.

There is also a complementary ministry for the children called Kingdom Music and Dance Ministry, which specialises in Christian music, dance and teaching of the Word of God.

There are quite a number of several other ministries and departments which accommodate the teenagers and the young adults namely;

Forward In Faith Youth Ministry,
Girls Fellowship, Boys Fellowship,
ZAOGA On Campus (ZOC),
ZAOGA FIF Post Graduates Fellowship,
FIF College and High School Ministry (FIFCAHSM) and
Mature Girls Ministry.

Through these ministries, many young people have been helped to live holy lives and to be the salt of the world, particularly to their peers.

There is a general perception that the pastors' children are the naughtiest of all the children found in any church. In these seventy years of ministering, Dr E. H. Guti has managed to set up a ministry which has a heart for the pastors' children. the ministry is called, Sons and Daughters of the Prophets (SADOP).

The work done by this ministry has proved to be effective since the church has quite a number of pastors' children whose lives have been greatly impacted on, in a positive manner.

Families Builder Ministry (FAMB) and Gracious Women and Husbands Agape Fellowship (GWAHAFI) are complementary ministries which deal with marriage and family issues but have different target groups of base.

FAMB's focus is on families within ZAOGA FIF church, while GWAHAFI's spectrum is more of interdenominational. Both are ministries which have one visionary, Apostle E. H. Guti; and which were established within these seventy years, and having the same mandate.married men and women are not left out; since there are ministries tailor made to suit their challenges.

Men have the Men of Integrity Fellowship while women have the Go Quickly and Tell Ministry.

There are many ministries under the banner of ZAOGA FIF all of them having a single common mandate which is, 'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.... (Matt 28:19)'.

Some of the ministries are:

Travelling Teachers Ministry (teachers who reach out to ZAOGA churches teaching the Word of God),
Blind and Sighted Integration (projects for the blind and spiritual support),
Single Women's Ministry (singles empowerment teachings and programs),
AMFCC Bible College (full time and part time Bible students/pastors training),
Ezekiel Guti Evangelistic Association/EGEA (crusades),
Lunch Hour Ministry (lunch hour ministry),
Full Time Intercessory Group (round the clock prayer group),
Disabled Helping Hand Association (projects for the disabled),
Chaplain Ministry (for chaplains),Africa Christian Business Fellowship/ACBF (for those enthusiastic about business matters),
Ezekiel Guti Saints Relief Fund (relief for the less privileged),
Missions (sending missionaries to other nations),
Prisons Ministry (visiting and encouraging prisoners),

These are some of the many ministries which were all birthed within the seventy years of Apostle Guti's ministering.

Some believers are now strong in Christ after coming to church through ministries which they did not know were under ZAOGA FIE As part of celebrating this milestone achievement, ZAOGA FIF worldwide, will be holding special church services in all its centres this weekend, and an invitation is extended to all to attend. Also, as way of contributing to our local communities in the fight against cholera, selected community points have been identified, were the ZAOGA memebers shall hold clean-up campaigns, as we demonstrate how godliness is closely connected to hygienic standards.

The clean up campaigns are to be held on the Sturday of 20 October.

To date ZAOGA has reached every corner of Zimbabwe and internationally, the church has been established in over one hundred and forty nations and states. Indeed the 70 years of preaching have borne tangible fruits.

At an age of ninety-five years, the Servant of the Lord Apostle E.H. Guti is still physically strong and continues to claim more territories for Christ like Joshua who did not consider his advanced age. He ministers alongside his wife Apostle Dr Eunor Guti.

Source - Brian Mutembedza
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