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Mvundlana Homestead pictures, why we quest?

31 Oct 2018 at 08:07hrs | Views
Brilliant Zimbabweans use sour situations to sweeten their lives. Where we are faced with dire hardship, we climb at the back of that hardship the hardest way and hammer it into a magnificent and attractive product.

Where we were told we were useless Bobojaans by Rhodesians, we crossed the oceans to Cuba, Russia, China and Romania, to seek for explosive energy to blow away our Bobojaan tag. We are now human.

When we were abducted at dawn and thrown into disused mines in 1983, we crossed boarders and  seas in quest for a better and more productive life. We then build homes for our children in Zimbabwe.

We manage to do these things by sharing information. While in Diaspora, we created our own information tools such as the Bulawayo24 Online Newspapers. We use these tools to service us, as opposed to  traditional newspapers like Chronicle and Herald which only service those who lead and oppress us.

Statements like "Mugabe is Cremora", "Ngomo Father Dhizidhendi", "Zezuru unconquerable", "ED Pfeeee","Tsvangson Teaboy", "Queen Bee is irresistibly sweet", are all statements designed to contain and shrink us into loosing belief in ourselves, and pinning empty hope that maybe the Queen Bees will help us.

The repressive state wants us to believe that the Blue Roof in Harare was built out of ones hard work. We are forced to believe that one man with 21 farms, is a hard worker.
Our true money is taken and exported to enrich a few in the cartel of thieves, while we are given printed valueless paper token to exchange as money.

So goes the saying, "as man has learnt to shoot without missing, Amalinze, the bird, has learnt to fly without perching".

Our people use the little they have, to build homes for their children in rural Zimbabwe.
Instead of accepting the forced poverty that Queen Bees and their handlers force upon us, we are building our dream homes in rural areas.
It does not matter how inferior they are compared to Queen Bees, but those are our true hard work Blue Roofs.

Yesterday, this paper, our Diaspora paper which services us, had an article about an attractive Mvundlana Homestead in Tsholotsho, we want to see pictures of that Homestead.

The fact that the Homestead never used to be there, and now its spoken about, it is clear that someone has sweated. One of us, who is not a Queen Bee beneficiary, has sweated to change the geographicity of Tsholotsho.

Since we have always survived by sharing ideas in Diaspora, the Mvundlana Homestead will be replicated in Gwanda, Khezi, Chipinge, Gutu, Nkayi or Mbembesi if we see the picture. That is what we call Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans are scattered all over the World and online papers like Bulawayo24 need to notice that they are now more valuable to Zimbabweans than the Herald or Chronicles. What makes them more valuable is because they talk about us, we started them so that we can use them for our own good while the Herald must keep concentrating on Queen Bee and his armed handlers who loot from and oppress us to build Blue Roofs.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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