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Mqondisi Moyo and Churchill Guduza can unite Mthwakazi

01 Nov 2018 at 08:29hrs | Views
The people of Mthwakazi in their various organisations have been seeking a strong Mthwakazi political force which will be able to tip the balance of power in the nation and wage a winning struggle. Without a shadow of a doubt the proposal which comes first and which has gained credence is that if differrent Mthwakazi organisations come together they will become stronger and bigger and they will invigorate the struggle. In this small piece which seeks to provoke and encourage debate I will focus on two factors, that is, leadership and what form the unity could take.

What form or shape should the unity take?
Many attempts at unity fall on their face due to the failure to address this question effectively and dispassionately. I propose that it is worth considering two forms, that is, a merger or an alliance. The advantages of an alliance are that the two or more organisations can come together without disbanding their organisations, however, in Mthwakazi struggle it will suffer the predicament of credibility and thereby lacking the gravitas to persuade or infuse the much needed confidence in people. A merger will see two or more organisations coming together forming one strong organisation, and the advantages of such a mechanism is that the people are mor likely to believe in it and are more likely to partake in the project or support it fully. What is its disadvantage? It is difficult to form a merger as the stakes are too high, egos involved will not allow to move from their position to a mutual position for the benefit of the nation. Some feel that this will kill the chances of developing a democratic state of Mthwakazi.

The hindrance to Mthwakazi unity is leadership.
Leadership fails in two ways, first, it may lack the vision needed to extricate Mthwakazi from the doldrums and second, the leadership may be overpowered by ego. Currently in Mthwakazi we have two prominent leaders who can bring about the unity of Mthwakazi political forces and these are Dr Churchill Guduza the current President of MLF and Mr Mqondisi Moyo the current President of MRP. These gentlemen have their core supporters, but if they come together they will win the confidence of the fence sitters or those who are indifferent. The question which needs answering which may be a downfall of the merger before it emerges is "who will lead the merger between Mqondisi and Guduza?". Without a shadow of a doubt these two gentlemen possess different skills and appeals two the people. The obvious ones are these, Mr Mqondisi's charisma, likability, presence on the ground and Dr Guduza will bring the much needed intellectual gravitas which will propel the struggle to the next level. So who should lead the merger? Here I propose that they should both lead, the leadership rotation mechanism will cut out all the disadvantages present in a merger. For example they may opt for 6 monthly rota or something shorter.

Source - Thulani Nkala
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