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Prophet Walter Magaya's Aguma can rescue 'Mnangagwa's' sick economy

01 Nov 2018 at 08:42hrs | Views
What a moment of madness that have been paraded by Mnangagwa's government, instead of embracing the prominent preacher's HIV AIDS and Cancer cure medicine called Aguma, as usual the government have rather pounced on a defenceless Prophet Walter Magaya. Zanu Pf is a well decorated government and party that have been offensive whenever they is an alternative to its malnourishing poor politics that has caused the suffering of millions of people in Zimbabwe even during the yesteryear of former President Robert Mugabe. The former rhumba artist now a defacto spokesperson of Government Mutodi had this to say  "I can confirm police this evening raided Prophet Walter Magaya offices to recover samples of his aguma medicine which he claims cures HIV. The raid marks the start of an investigation into this matter. Health experts say there is no cure yet." Ernergy Mutodi is a psychopath who don't even understand politics and economics at all, recently he garnered for Acie Lumumba's ouster now it's Magaya. I really don't understand what's wrong with Zanu Pf especially Munangagwa, when the people protested against ZEC election malpractices the army was released to pounce on defenceless citizens.

Did Magaya commit any crime?

As far as I'm concerned they is nothing wrong in inventing the cure of HIV virus in fact the government was supposed to embrace this clergy man and test his Aguma medicine before pouncing on him. Zanu Pf has failed the people of Zimbabwe and it should be disbanded and let able people govern the crumbling state, what was the purpose of raiding Magaya's offices surely ED and his cronies need to work up, these guys are busy focusing on issues of lower politics than of high politics, the economy is burning, while Queen Bee cartel is destroying Zimbabwe and ED is busy ambushing an innocent Magaya. How on earth can ED's government improve health delivery when it is not accepting its local scientist like Walter Magaya's Aguma .The recent strong denial and resistance towards Magaya's Aguma reminds me on how Robert Mugabe reigned also on Daniel Chingoma an engineer who strongly needed the support of his government to market his skills, but Mugabe could not tolerate a poor Chingoma. The government should have given Magaya a chance and test the medication if it really supress and cure HIV and Cancer.

Mnangagwa should capitalise on Aguma

Only a fool will resist change especially if it can rescue his or her life from the jaws of death. With Zimbabwe's economy in tatters while in the hands of a military cabal and a cartel of Queen Bees the Aguma medicine was going to put Zimbabwe at par with Dubai. I don't doubt that if Magaya's medicine is to be tested surely the world can be rescued from the jaws of Cancer and HIV. Mnangagwa should embrace this Aguma thing and within a split of a second people will be flocking to Zimbabwe to seek medical help and by so our sick economy will be resurrected from the dead. Zimbabwe's economy has been on a freefall and the discovery of Aguma can turn around our dear economy. Let's give Walter Magaya a chance.

Knowledge Hakata is a political analyst and the co-founder of Demos-Cratos he can be contacted on

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