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The new dispensation a replica of Mugabe era

01 Nov 2018 at 08:48hrs | Views
The narrative of the November coup which ushered in President Emmerson Mnangagwa  cannot be white washed and will remain in the  Zimbabwe's history.

I now plead with the indulgence of the audience as I chronicle some factual facts that are causing all this untold suffering of the majority. The power struggle and jostling of positions in  Zanu PF will continue posing more danger if no action is taken.

It all started during the ouster of former deputy President Joyce Mujuru who led the Gammatox faction and later the birth of Team Lacoste.

More time and resources are being spent on cementing these factions in preparation for the next following election.

The Zimbabwe's economy is plunging into a turmoil. There is not even a trace of hope that it will recover soon. We have been under the same type of leadership from 1980 up to now.  This so called new dispensation is a continuation and replica of the same hegemony from the ex President Robert Mugabe and to President  E. D Mnangagwa.

It is now crystal clear that Operation Restore Legacy was not meant to pull Zimbabweans out of the jaws of poverty and economic downfall but was for a cartel of greedy and corrupt  leaders. Factionalism is already showing it's ugly face within he revolutionary party as swords areally being drawn from the sheaths.

During President's Mnangagwa's campaigns many promises were made to the people. The party promised to create jobs and build houses for people. Two weeks ago at a graduation ceremony, the President made a U-turn and told the graduating students that they should create their own jobs.

The statement came barely two months after the people were promised jobs during the election campaign. From his statement it looks like the  government has no capacity to create employment for thousands of graduating students.

We have seen counter accusations coming from    the revolutionary party accusing the opposition of causing disharmony and instability in the economy. They are seen as the agents of saboteurs involving in the crippling of the economy and as  usual Zanu PF thrives on blaming others and does not want to shoulder their mistakes. The opposition is seen as the enemy of the state.

Recently we have heard of the Queen Bee who is is believed to have captured the state. They blame the opposition for causing economic downfall and disorder but that is not the case. There are fellow cadres within the government who also want to taste the sweetness of power.

Assault to democracy is the order of the day and that is the reason why opposition leaders are finding it hard to climb up and make a breakthrough.

Looking back during the formation stages of  MDC led by the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirayi , that is when Zanu PF started losing the grip of power and  lost many seats to the opposition especially in the 2000 election and ever since it did not win any election. The party is in leadership through the help of the military. The courts are militarised, the security sector etc.  There is prima farcie evidence that in all the elections held during the time MDC-T was formed, Zanu PF has been struggling to gain popularity and the trend is continuing unabated. The revolutionary party has lost its liberation ethos.

The rural vote has been intimidated year in and year out. Lack of information is a hindrance to the rural vote.

However with the advent of the social media, the most remote and rural areas are being positively penetrated and the communities are smarting up to the social media. Their deprivation of super information highway is fading away.

It is so sad that nearly four decades Zanu PF leaders have been so much obsessed with winning elections than development of the country.  It has never set up meaningful major  developments for example in the health sector, mining and  agriculture.  Since independence large sums of monies have been embezzled from government coffers ,  used to buy expensive cars for politicians, the Willowvale Motor scandal. They enjoy lining and fattening their pockets whilst the majority are left wallowing in poverty.

If we closely look at  Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport it is completely not state of the art infrastructure. Too much obsession with the control of power than development. The thinking of some government ministers really leaves a lot to be desired. No wonder we are lagging behind in all the economic spheres. Our government lacks proactivenes. That is why investing in Zimbabwe is like being led into a slaughterhouse where one does not even know when they are going to be slained.

Zimbabwe needs to put it's house in order and learn from countries like the once troubled Rwanda. Their economic model is fantastic. We need to build strong economic institutions.

Zimbabwe is very rich in minerals and the expertise but we need to improve the political will. We can't afford to be a  laughing stock anymore.
People have failed to notice any change since the new dispensation took over. There is still cash crisis and prices of basic commodities continue to sky rocket beyond the reach of many. Zimbabweans have been grappling with this challenge for a long time and have since given up. The 2 % tax being charged is still beyond the reach of the poor. People are heavily taxed in a government which is not producing.  The domestics debts are such an embarrassment.

The revolutionary party doesn't want to give space to new thinking and whenever it is opposed the culprit is either suspended or fired.  It's time for change and pave way for young leadership in order for the country to move forward.

Opposition is not the enemy of the government and we cannot close the democratic space for them. As it stands we are back into Mugabe's era.

Every business person wants to invest in the country because of very good and hard working human resources and moreover the peacefull environment prevailing.
However investors are likely to shun the country where the country is divided. Legitimacy must be restored and reconciliation must be a priority.

We used to see Green houses spoowing tons of vegetables and  exporting them. Unfortunately it has all vanished. Zimbabwe was and is still a favourite country conducive for any type of a business. Everything was done according to the laws of the country. The problem is that the country is being run by a mafia of crooks, a brand new type of looters actually. State capture is real and the country has been captured by greedy and corrupt leaders.

The Zimbabwe story needs another political version which is well vexed with modern day politics. The old version is no longer compatible with the latest one.

The revolutionary party has dismally failed to rescue the masses of people who are suffering. Every year we see thousands of university graduates roaming around the streets. Thousands of people are braving the crocodile invested Limpopo river running away from their country,  flocking to Mzansi to do menial jobs so as to survive. The unemployment rate has reached an alarming level.

I have been tracking people who are saying the President must be given time. The President has not been in power for three months as alleged by others. He was with Mugabe for more than 50 years and has the much needed experience and at one time was the vice President. He has failed miserably. Remember his 100 days promise. Remember his promises for all government officials to declare their assets? It takes hours to declare assets not days or months.

On corruption everybody thought the President was going to put measures and arrest criminals who were surrounding Mugabe. Wicknel Chivhayo is moving. Dr Parirenyatwa is moving. Ignatious Chombo is moving, Saviour Kasukuwere us moving Undenge is moving. Obert Mpofu is moving everyone is moving.

I am convinced ,we have plunged into an abyss until we stop the propaganda and sanitising criminal activities. We are expecting real application of the laws and reporting the truth on the ground or else our country will always be stuck in the dark ages.

I see weevils in the revolutionary party and are ganging up to effect another coup. The  challenges we are facing today have been all caused by this cartel.

What they are after is nothing other than money and control of power and resources.  Its a shame that some government ministers and officials spend five years doing nothing. They just see their posts as feeding troughs.

Investing in Zimbabwe must not be a hindrance through high taxation.  We are doomed because we put political issues first rather than development. We have prioritised politics of hate. Instead of coming up with contigent plans to build the country I was surprised to hear the President already talking about winning the 2023 election and yet there is nothing tangible he has done three months after he won a disputed 2018 election.

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