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Chamisa insulted the demonstrators that could have taken him to Zimbabwe state house: Hate speeches once more!

15 Nov 2018 at 22:58hrs | Views
It can be said with 100% certainty that the demonstrations would have been a game changer for Chamisa if he was sincere with his opposition leadership. Chamisa is abusive to many other people and not only women; he uses people for his own personal and political gain. Chamisa does not have Zimbabwe in his heart, mind and thought but him personally. Chamisa would sell his sister to get his political plate of sadza, he is that capable. Chamisa recruited and used soldiers who deserted or were demobilized from the army as his military Vanguards; he would practice to inspect it every morning in preparation for presidency. Is that an action of a normal person dear ladies and gentlemen?  

 It is these youthful demonstrators he used and abused previously; he uses and abuses all the time to square up his leadership challengers; now he is discarding them as "stupid rats" because it is those demonstrators who are now in trouble with the law. They have to testify before the commission, after the commission, they will be prosecuted for the criminal activities meted during the demonstrations. Chamisa, to get himself cleansed from the brutal killings resulting from the demonstrations, he is discarding them, they are "stupid rats," he said at the Marondera rally. Is that not callousness of the highest order?  

What is this Chamisa convoy of 16 security cars for? This is indeed what makes Chamisa starts to hallucinates and thinks he is president; he begins to see ghosts where there is none either than his shadow. Chamisa does not need that security because it gives him a false impression that he is the president of the republic of Zimbabwe. Those Vanguards he inspected for his takeover of power from Mnangagwa gave him some false taste of power he did not have and does not have to date. Chamisa is not the president of the republic of Zimbabwe but he acts like one most of the time, because in his imagination he is the president. His behaviour does not reflect signs and indications of an astute academic nor is there any trace of an educated lawyer in his actions and multiple gaffes he has committed so far.  

Demonstrators and rallies are the Chamisa life-line: they are in his vein-running: he hopes to take over from Mnangagwa using demonstrations. To insult them that filthy, calling them stupid rats, and again as if it's not enough, Collin Bhajila insults our intelligence, tells us to forgive: hell no, we are not that gullible dear Collin.  These are youthful demonstrators in their many, who can be used as pawns, as cannon fodder to settle a political score and be discarded if it so suited Chamisa to do so anytime. Is that how Chamisa uses our children for his political ends? What and who is Chamisa to tell us that our children are stupid rats? Is it the reason why Chamisa was not present in the 1st August demonstrations, he wanted the "stupid rats" to do the game-changing for him: after all he gave them alcohol as upfront payment.   

Mr. Collin Bhajila, at best please be silent and never insult our intelligence. We heard it clearly Chamisa calling demonstrators stupid rats! Are there also other rats that are not stupid and who are they? Chamisa is wholly dependent on those mod-crowding and demonstrators in his rallies and he is solely dependent of mob demonstrators who are going to make country-wide demonstrations that will unseat President Mnangagwa. Whatever game-changing that is going to happen, Chamisa depends on those crowds who will brave the bullets and demonstrate against the Zanu PF government. Did these demonstrators and rally goers hear that when Chamisa called them stupid rats?  

Chamisa is cognizant of the fact that those demonstrations that took place on the 1st of August are his brain child: It is true that demonstrators that gathered at Harvest House for the purpose of sparking wide spread and uncontrolled demonstrations was intended to bring the whole country at a stand-still. Chamisa and his boy-scouts said it loudly that they will mix mealie-meal with sand and make sadza uneatable. We know all that. We know too that prior to the demonstrations, some so-called vanguards were given alcohol of all kinds to drink and "smoke" to bring them to drunken state to create havoc in the cities. You have been sighted several times; Chamisa and Biti, that on the 1st of August you were at Harvest House feeding intoxicated drinks to youth so as to cause carnage destruction and rendering country ungovernable.

So many passer-bys saw this with their own eyes that Chamisa and Biti actually orchestrated that August 1st youth demonstrations: wholly complicit in the act of state destruction, gave so much alcoholic drinks to the youth to do the dirty work for him so that HE Chamisa becomes president. By your imaginations Chamisa, you were sure the poor and gullible youth you tried to use as pawns would bring down the state. Your vanguards are known how militant and lethal they can be: evidenced by the way they treated Thokozani Khuphe and others on her side at the funeral of Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. The poor woman and others were nearly burnt to death. But because Chamisa is drunk with power, Thokozani's death was not going to mean much to Chamisa. This is the danger we have with leaders of Chamisa dictatorships, his traits not very far from former president Mugabe.  

There is no other weapon of mass destruction that Chamisa has either than the youthful demonstrators: the youth demonstrators he insults without thinking: they are "stupid rats" he says. We are gradually persuaded to believe that there is some crime Chamisa is hiding; he fears it can be spill out in the findings of the commission. The questions that visit our minds time and again is: why did Biti make such a stunt that dwarfs any Shakespeare plays;  running away from his home country Zimbabwe to Zambia to seek asylum cover, running away from his own shadow? What happened to him when he was extradited back to Zimbabwe? Was he harmed by the state machinery when he was surrendered to the police on the Zimbabwean side?  

We are becoming very suspicious still about unfounded claims that Chamisa was nearly abducted on his way from Marondera to Harare last Saturday. We begin to put issues together and we smell the rat. However the smell of the rat is not the "stupid demonstrators" in this case. These two people Chamisa and Biti have a chase to answer to the commission because they are complicit with the demonstrations on the 1st of August that led to the subsequent deaths of 7 citizens, regrettably. It is for this reason Chamisa wants to distance himself from the truth. Demonstrators are his life-line; he can rely on them and discard them again as he sees it fit, or to protect, recues, remove, and distances him from prosecution. He did that calculative as he sees that there can be a case to answer regarding the deaths and demonstrations of the 1st of August.

By discarding the youth demonstrators of the 1st of August as stupid rats Chamisa is absolving himself of any guilt before he goes to testify before the commission. It is now even compelling for Biti and Chamisa to go and face the music with the commission and answer those questions relating to the demonstrations they wanted to stage so well: kudira jecha muhupfu, so that nobody can eat sadza. It is wholly unfair to see the youthful demonstrators of 1st August go to Chikurubi for the sake of Chamisa; some twisted MDC-Alliance leader who thinks the whole universe revolves around him and nobody else. Chamisa is narcissistic, knows one thing, to use young people, other people's children as pawns, gives them alcohol to drink, the alcohol he does not drink himself. Please young people wake up and see that this man called Chamisa is just using you, he does not care about your welfare.  

Some of you will go to jail for violating the law, looting and plundering the shops and property worth millions. The youth must realize too that when those Ciceros the cobblers that died on the 1st of August, not one member of MDC-Alliance top politicians were seen at the funeral. The MDC-Alliance leadership will only attend funerals of Ciceros the politicians. You young and youthful demonstrators, who are now called "stupid rats" by Chamisa himself, please smell the coffee and stop attending Chamisa's rallies because he is just using you for his own personal gains.  

You will put yourselves in serious trouble if you continue to attend Chamisa rallies, putting your own lives at risk for nothing. When you die or go to prison, you will suffer personally, your families will suffer too: and not Chamisa, not Biti, not Welshman. Do not be at the service of greedy politicians. Do not allow yourselves to be cannon fodder for any of the politicians.  Chamisa is not a politician to die for, to die for him is the cheapest death one can think of.  Mnangagwa is not a politician to die for either. Chiri mumusakasaka chinizvinzwira: Chitupa hachiwachkwi!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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