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Nelson Chamisa's insults regrettable

16 Nov 2018 at 10:54hrs | Views
People are allowed to demonstrate as enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabawe but calling demonstraters stupid is uncalled for.

I have been following the political and economic events currently bedevelling our beuatiful nation and I can conclusively say our political leaders both from the ruling party and the opposition are not genuine leaders neither are they our Moses but are political demagogues.

I note with concern the unpalatable suffering of the Zimbabweans both local and abroad. We have been subjected to leaders who are selfish and do not even care of the struggling masses. They are merchants of selfishness and find pleasure in advancing their political interests pregnant with insatiable appetite for money and power.

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa is slowly drifting away from its founding core values, thus to represent the people's voices. The recent utterances by MDC-Alliance leader Chamisa at his presser yesterday are regrettable.

Politicians must cease forthwith to take Zimbabweans for a ride. Chamisa at 40 still has a lot to learn, but it takes humility to accept a coach in public speaking and people skills.

I got a shock of my life after he uttered such words when the people of Zimbabwe are quite expectant of a bright era where we could see cross pollination of prospective ideas and people uniting from all the walks of life for a common cause. His insulting was not at least expected from a leader of his calibre. Chamisa was wrong and must apologise to all his supporters. It does not take years for one to destroy or kill their political future. If the leader continue with such kind of behaviour surely his political career will quickly fade and it will be too late to recover. Chamisa is hanging by a thread.

As a young leader he is expected to do more and represent the aspirations of the most Zimbabwesans who have lost all the hope of finding a new Zimbabwe. Calling people who demonstrated on the 1st of August 2018 stupid was in a bad state and must be condemned with the strongest term it deserves. He owes people an apology.

The MDC- Alliance Presiden needs to walk back on what he said by simply rephrasing and explaining what he actually wanted to say. Was this a political gaffe, I presume?

Previously we had the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi who led the opposition with good accolades, served his people whole heartedly and did not exhibit any signs of immaturity when dealing with his political foes, neither did he attacked his own people. I think it's high time MDC -Alliance should introspect and choose another leader who must be brave enough to take over the struggle and make sure that Zanu PF is gone by 2023. We now call for astute and genuine leaders who must handle pressure and stand by the people if the tough gets going.

In other words his statement was supporting the killings which occured on the 1st of August 2018. How can he support such nonsense? He allowed innocent MDC supporting individuals get killed. He has failed to respect the dead and showed no any sign of remorse. Nelson Chamisa must improve on choice of words. He must avoid being too emotional when delivering speeches. He could have delivered his statement through the department of MDC Information & Publicity. Was he afraid of the subpoena he got from the Commission of Inquiry? I was actually looking foward to seeing a great leader in Nelson Chamisa unfortunately all the hopes have been dashed and he has just disappointed his staunch supporters.

Inasmuch as I would like to balance this equation, Nelson Chamisa has the vision but he lacks critical guidance and powerdul advisors for his career to be a force to reckon with. His leadership qualities need to be polished, sharpened and must avoid talking too much to the media as he risks exposing his political immaturity. Some of his messages must be conveyed through party Spokesperson. Chamisa needs a lot of mentorship in this regard.

His statement on demonstrators leaves a lot to be desired. He was absolutely off side and I will not hesitate to raise a flag. I don't condone such kind of barbaric behaviour from a leader who has more than two million followers. Morgan Tsvangirayi was an astute leader. A great politician of our time, a man of integrity. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Its so sad that Advocate Chamisa instead of sympathising with the bereaved where more than 6 people were killed by the army, adds salt to that injury. How can the word stupid appear in his vocabulary?

I saw Chamisa as a great young budding leader who did very well in this last election putting pressure and raffling feathers on Mnangagwa's Zanu PF. Will he stand up and be counted amongst the greatest politicians?

Nelson Chamisa blundered. He is slowly digging his political grave and very soon he will be buried. The truth is that supporters must not try to defend his acts as this will create another Mugabe. Time for bootlicking and hero worshipping political leaders is over. We must call a spade a spade after all politicians are like diapers. Leaders are subject to scrutiny and should be answerable to the people.

Imagine if he calls for a demonstration, how many people will listen to him or heed the call? People would be afraid to die and will think twice whether to participate or not though its their constitutional right. He has just lost credibility. Is he trustworthy? Can people have faith in him? A leader must not abondon his people even if they pass through the valley of shadow of death. A leader must not throw supporters under the bus when the tough gets going insyead he must get disciplined. I start to question how strong our opposition is? Is a third force a panacea to our challenges? True our opposition is very weak.Ordinary citizens were crying for a change and demonstrating is their democratic whether the party called for it or not.

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