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The most treasonous act you can do for your country is to support Zanu PF

17 Nov 2018 at 17:19hrs | Views
If you support Zanu, you will be helping future Zimbabwean children to become perpetual slaves of other Nations while armed thieves in Zanu exponentiate their wealth.

Imagine a country where you work very hard to earn your money, only to exchange your real money for a useless paper called a Bond Note?
For those who live in Diaspora, most of who, ran away from Gukurahundi in the eightees. You toil the ground on foreign lands, earn real money and send it home to sustain your family which lives under the Zanu yoke. Your real money, a Pound, is converted into a Bond paper and given to your family. Your Pound is channelled to Zanu PF chefs with titles like Queen Bee.

Queen Bee then takes his cut and divides the remainder to the "Chinhu Chedu" Club.

The "Chinhu Chedu" members are protected by the Army, the Police, the Judiciary, the Chiefs, the War Vets, and Zanu grassroot members.

In the cut, there is no portion for road rehabilitation. No portion for improving the Health Sector. No portion for managing Air Zimbabwe. No thought of modernising the Railway. No attempt to manage the disability welfare allowances. No imagination of funding research into homegrown energy initiatives. No thought of increasing the fiscas. No dream of investing for the future. No desire of funding Graduate projects.

All that the "Chinhu Chedu" group are interested in is strengthening the Army to guarantee the continuation of protection gain of club beneficiaries.

The club beneficiaries are less than five thousand members. The majority of two million card carrying Zanu members are just low IQ Citizens who are incapable to see the problem with Zanu for 40 years.

Chinhu Chedu club can never be beaten in any election because they use National coffers to overwhelm the desire of Zimbabweans. They are truly armed. They field the Courts, they direct the Army, they command the Police and they declare, broad day, that the gun has more power than a poor man's vote.

Zimbabwe has a majority of educated people. But, education does not increase IQ, meaning that education does not increase the ability to reason.
So, the majority of Zimbabweans are incapable to reason. A person who is able to reason cannot vote for Zanu twice in his lifetime unless he is a "Chinhu Chedu" beneficiary. We know that "Chinhu Chedu" club are less than 5000.
The most treasonous thing a Zimbabwean can ever afford to do is to support Zanu PF. If you remember how the National Railways of Zimbabwe was in 1981, and you get a chance to inspect it today, you would know what treason means.

Treason is when you turn the Cold Storage Commission from what it was in 1980 and bring it to what it is in 2018.

Treason is when you reduce the Zimbabwean Dollar from what it meant in 1981, to what it is today.

The after-effects of treason are more elaborate when you stand with a Kenyan friend at Heathrow Airport in London, to watch how many Kenyan Airways land there, compared to zero from Zimbabwe.

Treason is elaborate if you are old enough to remember how Nations of the World were applying for a visa, to find work in Rhodesia, versus the six million Zimbabweans who have left the country because of Zanu Pf Chinhu Chedu mismanagement.

In the last 38 years, we have been blaming Mugabe as the lone lameduck failing our country. The moving in of  Mnangagwa and Chiwenga and the subsequent opaqueness of elections followed by the brutal shooting down of disgruntled citizens, stands as testimony that siding with Zanu PF is a treasonous act.
We are a country in fear. Only a confident country is capable of growing the fiscas. Frightened citizens are prisoners and prisoners cannot invent ideas. The role of a frightened citizen is to wait to get a work visa in any foreign country in the World, where one can go and exercise the right to be a human being. A right to perpetuate an imagination and turn it into a sellable product. Who, in his real consciousness, would want to sell his product in a country that turns your real money into useless paper? Who, ever  thought that Zimbabwean Barclays Bank could end up bought by the Nyasaland?

After realising that Mnangagwa and Mugabe rule the very same way, if not worse, how would someone described as an educated, reasonable Zimbabwean, continue to perpetuate Zanu?

I was there when Pungwe was formed in 1977. I was a devout Zanu protagonist when the Zanla guerrillas like Mutswangwa, Shelton Chidoro, Victor Matemadanda were education us, midnight, in 1978. They taught us that Zanu meant FAIRNESS, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, SHARED CITIZENRY AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL. It now sounds like it is Ian Smith who was teaching us that.
Just five years after Independence, Zanu cruelly sent Gukurahundi to maim me for it's own Army's desertations.
I learnt then, in 1983, that the prints of an apparent honest face of a Zanu leader, is the worst deceit a country can ever inherit.

Who remembers just twelve months ago, how ecstatic we were, as a Nation, when Mahiya, Matemadanda and Mutswangwa, were promising us that no Zimbabwean would ever again say "down with a Zimbabwean"?

How many times has Mnangagwa repeated the  "down with a Zimbabwean" cry?
Isn't that how eight Zimbabwean enemies were shot down by a trained Zimbabwean National Army on August 1?

Our National Army is trained to defend Zimbabwe from enemies. Our President identifies the enemies and the Army shoots the enemies to protect the country.
So, thus how eight Zimbabwean enemies were shot on August 1 2018.
Can it be possible that the Army could shoot into a meeting of 5000 Chinhu Chedu Club? If the Army can only shoot outside the 5000 Chinhu Chedu, so, could we be dull enough to see the definition of enemy as repeated by our President?

If you are just a card carrying Zanu member and you are not in the Chinhu Chedu hierarchy, or simply, you do not own ten millions USD, you are just a "mhandu" enemy. Your poverty is a threat to the club and the army keeps a sharp eye against you. The courts are also waiting to lock you up.
If Zimbabweans were 17 Million as l suspect, it means 16.95Million are enemies of our country.

A South African President rules upon diverse and respected South Africans while a Zimbabwean President rules upon enemies.

Enemy money is turned into useless Bond Note, while Chinhu Chedu members exchange bond note at 1:1 with a US Dollar at Bank. The enemy cannot get that exchange rate at the RBZ, but, the Law says the exchange is 1:1.
If you question the Law, it is obvious that you fall under the enemy territory and the Army is ready to act, and the Police and Courts too.
This is what the Zanu of 1977 has degenerated to. They walk out with multiple farms, multiple foreign properties, multiple foreign Bank Accounts, as long as they are Chinhu Chedu. The enemy is dehydrated, empoverished, poor, hungry, desperate, patriotic, and painfully frightened.

It is treasonous to support Zanu PF.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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