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Omega Sipani Hungwe the woman who fights like a man

24 Nov 2018 at 07:34hrs | Views
We are heading towards our historical conference; this is historical because it is the first one in the new dispensation. It is a special conference because it comes after our victory as a party and indeed after our legacy was restored and protected. Our hero comrade Mugabe saw his exit because of a woman, but our victory in 2018 cannot be complete without mention the heroine who as well made it possible. The heroine who is so humble dedicated and ever so sweet. She worked and defied all odds. Walking with a limp and having painful legs she stood up and was counted among heroes. Omega Sipani Humngwe a quiet but vicious performer. She is not an attention seeker but you cannot put her down. She is committed to her party and she rose above the odds and against the .odds Politicians and celebrities steal the headlines, whereas there are many others out there who have impacted on humanity in their own modest ways. Senator Hungwe squarely fits in the less mentioned but immensely relevant.

Her contributions as the Deputy National Commissariat as well as impacts she has made on the success of the party and lives of other cadres mark her out as the unsung heroin of the universe.

One such unsung hero is Senator Hungwe whose contributions went beyond what she did for her immediate family but also for what she did for those who came in contact with her during the election campaign and in day today running of our revolutionary party.

A productive life does not come by accident, but one has to deliberately work it out to make it happen. To really exercise the power of God, one has to start emphasising the great power of His that transcends beyond human understanding. Winning has been described as one that does not start around you but one that begins inside you. So, a winner is someone with that inner joy that nothing, whatsoever, can take away. Such is Omega the bulldozer.

The greatest treasure in life is found in the results of the work you did, some people would gunner for personal glory but Omega gunned for the best interest of the party.

Unsung heroes often experience their moment of glory or greatest level of appreciation only once their journey on earth has passed. We often take for granted the contributions of many who, together, are responsible for building the WALLS OF OUR PARTY. It is only upon reflection of their contributions with the finality of their passing that we begin to feel the true weight of their loss. We cannot wait for the unfortunate to happen; we must reflect and acknowledge the work Omega Hungwe did in her capacity as Deputy National Political Commissar of the party. She worked with such dedication that is very rare in many. Gender did not disturb her; she had shown her love for the party and her focus and need to succeed.

She did not push forward for a reward she out all she has for the good of the party.
Omega Hungwe devoted her time to the development and recognition of women in the party. She is a silent but effective soldier; she blends well with the efforts of her boss General Rugeje retired.

A rigorous campaign process which demanded her presence in all most all rallies saw her addressing five to seven rallies a day which will be dotted all over the country. On the side lines of the rally she managed to solve problems which came up in the structures. No one would go to her office or meet her on the road and remain the same. Omega has worked with no personal pride but with the love dedication and focus. Unlike most people Omega was not spared the G40 assault which was exerted on many members. She was served by the operation restore legacy, because a rally which was penned for Harare Senator Omega Hungwe was lined for public embarrassment and ridicule by the former first lady. She was for warned that mother wanted to strip her in public.

Public spat was not a funny thing, Cde Charamba and Kazembe Kazembe will tell you the heavy hard cloud which brutally squashes your ego when madam Stop It directs her evil lough and vomits words to you in public.

She has worked with Kasukuwere deputising him in the commissariat were she was not respected but held on for the sake of the party. In spite of the achievements made by the commissariat Senetor Hungwe remained humble and showed the world what a hard working lady looks like.  Senator Omega Hungwe remained deeply concerned about the future of the party and she worked tirelessly with her team to achieve and attain the victory we did. Senetor Hungwe is devoted to the philosophy that hard work kills stress and its fruits is success and is written in your heart forever.  Hungwe begins with a conversation with the cadres on one on one basis and only ends with a long-term management plan that includes follow-up which makes an individual to feel at home in the party. She is an advocate of her people and her priority is doing what is best for their care. She subscribes to the strong slogan that "with no people we have no party"

Senetor Hungwe is an inspiration and guiding force for women and for many others she trained over the years. Those not familiar with her may not recognize her name and herself but we have all been touched or benefited in some way by her many contributions. She is an unsung hero of our party. She is a mentor to many, a colleague and mother Mwana we mu Hera.

As we come to the conference we must remember our unsung heroes who live with us but we have not recognised them. She is not a person who cries for attention, attention cries for her.

The commissariat will not be the same without her strong will and hardworking culture. We enjoy the fruits of her dedication and the warmth of her heat while she burns with work.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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