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Jim Kunaka's life in danger

24 Nov 2018 at 11:03hrs | Views
If Jesus Christ managed to forgive and took a robber/murderer on the cross to paradise, MDC Alliance supporters should forgive Jim Kunaka too. Jim Kunaka is a courageous and religious man who accepted to swallow his pride just like Saul and apologized/confessed before the world that ZANU PF is a team of murderers/criminals. Jim Kunaka exposed that the torture, murder and other human rights abuses perpetrated against the late Morgan Tsvangirai and the opposition members from 2000 to 1 August 2018 were engineered by ZANU PF leadership. The smart sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe because of ZANU PF's history of human rights abuses. It is my hope that ZANU PF party will follow Jim Kunaka's way by apologizing before the world as well.

If Jim Kunaka was ED Mnangagwa or RG Mugabe, Gukurahundi massacre-apologies should have been given in the late 1980s. The ZANU PF party refused to close the chapter of their evil hand in Gukurahundi and the same spirit of murder had to cause a serious havoc to opposition supporters from 2000 to August 1, 2018 in Harare where 6 (if not 10 innocent civilians) were murdered by soldiers in cold blood under the watch of Vice President Chiwenga and President ED Mnagagwa. Just like what they did on Gukurahundi saga, the soldiers/ZANU PF government refused to take responsibility of their murder in Harare CBD.

The claim by Jim Kunaka that ZANU PF is a violent, evil and blood thirsty party did not come to me as a surprise. The deaths of Chitepo (1975) and Tongogara (1979) are still unaccounted for. ZANU PF has failed to give explanations to the deaths of these two heroes since 1970s up to November 24, 2018. The murder did not stop with the emergence of the Zimbabwe's independence in 1980 because there was no independent inquiry and closure of pre independence deaths. If the circumstances behind Chitepo and Tongogara's deaths were known and settled, Gukurahundi massacres could have been avoided. ZANU went on to murder 20,000 innocent civilians from Matabeleland and refused to take responsibility/apologize up to present.

Jim Kunaka was on spot when he declared that ZANU PF party has a tendency of 'eating its own children'. Professor Masupula Sithole testified to this in his book 'the struggle within the struggle'. Just like Jim Kunaka, he gave V11s on how ZANU PF murdered its own people from pre to post independence. Because the Gukurahundi saga was not settled, quite a number of ZANU PF officials died mysteriously from 1990 to present. None of us know what happened to Moven Mahachi, Chris Ushewokunze, Edwin Nleya, Boda Gezi, Elliot Manyika, Solomon Mujuru, Zororo Duri, Paul Armstrong Gunda, Edward Chindori Chininga and others.

The ZANU PF Youth Chairperson Pupurai Togarepi has already predicted the death (by suicide) of Jim Kunaka because he spoke the truth about ZANU PF's evil work before the commission inquiry of the 1 August murder of 2018. Pupurai Togarepi has been quoted by the media saying, 'He (Jim Kunaka) is someone who is on a suicide mission without necessarily appreciating it because he has people behind him who are using him like a puppet' There is no doubt that Jim Kunaka's life in in danger, if Pupurai Togarepi is not a prophet, he should be a 'ZANU God' he has already predicted a suicide assisted death of Jim Kunaka. We should all condemn Pupurai Togarepi's prophecy. Pupurai Togarepi should be accountable to anything that is going to happen to Jim Kunaka. Togarepi Pupurai's suicide death wish of Jim Kunaka should not be taken for granted and police should send a strong signal to him. They may kill Jim Kunaka today but the message has already been sent and the struggle for justice will not die mysteriously like ZANU PF officials.

Jim Kunaka was invited by the commission to give evidence on the 1 August murder, but ZANU PF officials like Pupurai Togarepi are already calling for the arrest or death by suicide of Jim Kunaka. The Commission should come forward and defend Jim Kunaka. Simon Khaya Moyo has already said, action against Jim Kunaka will be taken after the commission's work is accomplished and the meaning is that, Jim Kunaka's life is now in the hands of the commission and ZANU PF. In my previous piece, I informed you that the main aim of the commission is to arrest Nelson Chamisa and team. This has been vindicated by Pupurai Togarepi and Simon Khaya Moyo's responses on Jim Kunaka. If Jim Kunaka is arrested, ZANU PF should be arrested too because he was working under the instructions from ZANU PF leadership.

The only solution for ZANU PF is to ask for forgiveness for all the atrocities that they committed since independence. This should be the time for reconciliation in Zimbabwe. If a commission of inquiry was set to investigate the deaths of 6 innocent civilians, what about 20,000 Gukurahundi victims killed in cold blood? The ZANU PF government should disseminate the findings of Chihambabwe commission to the public and allow reconciliation process to kick off. Closure is needed for ZANU PF to stop killings. My next piece will be on how Mthuli Ncube's 2019 budget will trigger rebellion against the ZANU PF government.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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