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Chamisa hangs on the balance

26 Nov 2018 at 07:32hrs | Views
If there is anyone who is going to learn the hard way the consequence of improperly arranging words, it has to be MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa, as he riles ever listening to the demons which misled him to fan and promote violence in the run up to the 30 July harmonised elections and thereafter.

Chamisa's oracles of doom which are now playing out in the open leaving him with no option but to dramatically withdraw off balance, and tempted to swallow his words. Given the rate of accuracy in which the political violence has unfolded amid the ever increasing banditry, CHAMISA has since pressed the panic button and now trying every trick in the book to disown his machinations. The first signs of his desperation shook the country when he called his supporters 'stupid'.

The poor choice of diction later saw MDC officials going through all sorts of pains trying to sanitize and redefine the word 'stupid' to save Chamisa's face. However, an arrow shot is a fly which has gone, the damage had already been done.

Another flimsy attempt to duck responsibility and possibly divert attention was when he staged a nauseating attempted abduction which again left him with an egg on the face. Various theories emerged thereafter as the Toyota Harrier in question ended up being alleged to be belonging to MDC National Chairperson, Tendai BITI.

However, taking into account the obtaining political and economic environment it is just too difficult to exonerate Chamisa from the ills that are boggling every Zimbabwean. He promised to make Zimbabwe ungovernable and indeed the attaining problems are all but manmade and leave a trail of sabotage and destruction. Indeed a mini hell has been brought to Zimbabwe by means of the fires that are breaking out wildly at centres which are mostly faces of indigenisation i.e. Glen View Complex and Siyaso in Mbare.

MDC-T Dr Khupe faction Spokesperson, Linda MASARIRA, gathered the courage and let the cat out of the box when she linked the fires breaking out in Harare to MDC youths whom she claimed had received training in insurgence and banditry. When the Army raised the flag over the 1 August 2018, everyone thought perhaps they are attempting to hide behind the finger, but alas a mini war could be indeed currently underway in Zimbabwe. The Vanguard can no longer be underestimated.

Chamisa and the MDC however, solidified this narrative by themselves when they hired one of the accused, Jim Kunaka, to try and smear members of the Commission of Inquiry into the 1 August 2018 disturbances. Kunaka was the main character behind the attack on ZANU PF Harare Provincial Headquarters. The guys is just, but a political and violence mercenary who is trying to find a new political home.

Empirically, MDC lacks tact and continues to misfire due to this deficiency. Their machinations and shenanigans to smear ZANU PF and Government are not plausible at all as they chip-in on their reputation amid growing mistrust from the generality of Zimbabweans.

Just to think outside the box, could a sane Government set up a Commission of Inquiry just for ritual purposes and overlook the risk of being exposed? There is certainly a story behind a story and when the Commission finalises its findings, most Zimbabweans will be left in awe. The MDC knows this and if anyone remembers well, just after the setting up of the Commission, while addressing an MDC rally, indicated that he was not interested in the Commission, but would rather concentrate on the economy. This was untypical of the MDC given that we all know how they crave for political mileage. Why they would want to ignore the deaths of six people when Government is allegedly responsible raises a stink of suspicion behind the disturbances.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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