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Elias Mudzuri to be uprooted from MDC Alliance

26 Nov 2018 at 23:02hrs | Views
Only people's voice is bigger than a political party and not Elias Mudzuri. Nelson Chamisa should tighten his political belt by accepting the party followers' wish to terminate Mudzuri. Mudzuri confessed that he met with the Chief Justice  Luke Malaba in parliament because he wanted to console him after been undressed by the MDC Alliance parliamentarians. Today, he made another blunder according to MDC Alliance supporters, Mudzuri put on his expensive suit and disappeared to the Statehouse where he was caught having tea with an illegitimate president.

I support the MDC Alliance supporters' wish to expel Mudzuri 100%. Mudzuri is now a political risk within the party and should not be trusted anymore. Mudzuri is the second in command in MDC Alliance, a man who is supposed to keep the rare secretes of the party jealously. I don't think that Nelson Chamisa should continue to trust Mudzuri, the party is at risk. Elias Mudzuri has shown disrespect not only to Nelson Chamisa but to the entire movement. Mudzuri was not even apologetic when confronted by his colleagues. What he displayed before them was an arrogance of power bestowed on him by the party.

This is an opportunity for Nelson Chamisa to clean the party ahead of the congress and 2023. It is now clear that Mudzuri has a hidden agenda against his party president and Chamisa should not take this for granted. A whip should be extended on Mudzuri's soul, it is a crime for party leaders to hug political enemies. Zimbabweans are suffering because of ZANU PF government but Mudzuri can get the guts to join them and eat porridge together.

I heard some ZANU PF supporters claiming that Mudzuri is right because he didn't break the parliament rules. Such kind of reasoning is not even within ZANU PF, Joice MUjuru  was terminated from ZANU PF on 3 April 2015 because of unfounded allegations that she wanted to topple RG Mugabe but they supported her termination from the party. Rugare Gumbo and D Mutasa were later expelled because of their attachment to Joice Mujuru. We all know the names of big politicians terminated from ZANU PF because of Joice Mujuru. Today MDC Alliance wants to chase Mudzuri and ZANU PF supporters now want to give Nelson Chamisa a lecture on parliamentary rules.

We all know everything about the termination of the then Vice President of ZANU PF and Zimbabwe ED Mnagagwa by RG Mugabe in November 2017. ED Mnangagwa was terminated because of allegations of disloyalty and had to skip the country via Mozambique border on foot. It was clear that the termination of ED Mnangagwa was unfair because neither the party members nor the politburo were consulted. Who are ZANU PF supporters to give Nelson Chamisa a lecture of the termination of Elias Mudzuri?

The termination of errant and stubborn members of the party is a common phenomenon worldwide. There is no one who is superior to the party and Mudzuri should be disciplined. It is now clear that he cannot be trusted with MDC Alliance's secretes and should be terminated from his position in parliament and as a Deputy President. If mercy is applied, Elias Mudzuri should only remain a senator or card carrying member. The disloyalty of Mudzuri against Nelson Chamisa is visibly clear than that of ED Mnangagwa against RG Mugabe and the MDC Alliance's leadership should consider this seriously.  

I am therefore appealing to Herald Newspaper and ZANU PF supporters to give MDC Alliance party time to discipline their members and clean their party. This is a right time for Nelson Chamisa to demonstrate his authority. I also have great respect for Hon. Mwonzora, he is an able Secretary General but should be submissive to the party all the time. The MDC Alliance leaders were elected by party supporters and not the Chief Justice or ED Mnangagwa. Mudzuri should therefore respect and fear party supporters ahead of any kinds of forces.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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