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It's the economy sick not presidential age limit Mr Matemadanda

05 Dec 2018 at 21:35hrs | Views
War veterans are the vanguard of the liberation struggle and must make sure that democracy prevails in a society and  tolerate divergent views.

Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Cde Victor Matemadanda at it again. This is not a second time he has uttered such words that the presidential minimum age must be increased from 40 to 52 years.

Such kind of utterances are geared to dash the hopes and aspirations of most young political leaders both from the ruling and opposition parties. Leaders such as Nelson Chamisa,  Jacob Ngarivhume,  Kasiyamhuru and others will be heavily affected.

Such utterances are out of order and not fit for purpose. In a democratic country we expect more critical, fusion and fertilisation of ideas regardless of one's political and and ideological status quo. Matemadanda's sentiments are wholly outdated and not sellable to a crop of this young generation and do not represent the wishes of all progressive Zimbabweans.

Our war veterans are just a bunch of most shameful mafia group  tactless, visionless and clueless. In such times like this, Zimbabweans cannot be held ransom by a few greedy individuals who think that they have the title deeds to this land of Zimbabwe.  Such statements from war veterans are really unfounded and in bad taste. Mr Matemadanda is just losing respect as a leader of  War Veterans. This is likely to cause division amongst the young people and the elderly in the country.

What offence has really Nelson Chamisa committed which warrants such a reactionary and subjective thought?

Is it a crime to be a young person and challenge the game. We do not condone  such kind of thinking which can turn  Zimbabwe into another Somalia and the once troubled Rwanda. Very soon we might become a bed of civil wars if sucheck loose statemens are allowed ton breed in our midst. Such reckless statements are very dangerous and detrimental. They can easily ignite instability at a time we must find peace, tranquility and development.

Zimbabwe is a failed state. The country is so divided. We have endured more hardships to such an extent that thousands of people have fled the country,  running away from marauding poverty creeping right at our door steps. We dont see through each other. The people have never tasted  good life and are always surviving  from hand to mouth. Our people are starving and finding it hard to make ends meet and our war veterans cannot even encourage the opposition to unite with the ruling party but are so much obsessed with sowing seeds of division.

The majority of people thought that Operation Restore Legacy was a sigh of relief to the Zimbabweans who were yearning for a change but it was just an internal fight where a cartel of politicians wanted to taste the sweetness of political power and felt that they were missing out in looting the country's resources.

The aim was to join the gravy train. Well done Team Lacoste we can now see all your plans when you engineered the ouster of hapless Joyce Mujuru. This was not all about saving the nation from the jaws of Mugabe's dictatorship but an extension of cult politics. It was through greediness and insatiable appetite for power.

Mr War Veteran Zimbabwe does not need militant and strong men but we need to built strong institutions with strong economic policies.

Africa is a very youthful continent which constitutes about 65% of the young people and they must be given the right to decide their own destiny.

Mr Matemadanda must stop making a fool of himself by venting about Presidential age. Can he tell the same nation what should be the retirement age of a President?

Does he know that a President cannot run a country alone. We must not allow our heartless war veterans to sanction our own people by denying them a leader of their choice.

Mr Matemadanda is being too emotional and vitriol. Corruption is rampant and he cannot raise a red flag on that.  Sanity must be restored in the economy. Presidential age limit will not improve the ailing economy. Even if you bar Nelson Chamisa and others , and fail to bring legitimacy things will worsen and remain as static as forever.

Its a shame that we fail to realise our own mistakes. We need external ideas that will create a unique and beautiful strong nation. Zimbabwe is endowed with plenty of rich mineral deposits and natural resources therefore we utilise them in order to achieve our goals. If we can think outside the box and allow free flow of information and following tenets of democracy Zimbabwe be a great nation and become a torch bearer of other nations.

War veterans must stop meddling or interfering with party politics but should rather be peace brokers  between political parties through offering them advices. They must not to be partisan like what they are doing right now. Opposition political parties are not enemies of the ruling party. They are Zimbabweans with different ideologies and should be respected like as well. They are as good as the ruling party.

The Presidential minimum age limit has nothing to do with the screaming economy which needs to be rescucitated.

The young people have been fighting very hard , fighting for the exclusion in running the affairs of the country. Such discrimination which is a violation of Section 56 of the Zimbabwean Constitution is a total embarrassment to the whole nation. How can we justify constitutional ammendment based on the hallucinations of one person? How many times do we need to change the Constitution just to please a certain group of political hoodlums?

When it is time to march and attend rallies the young people are frog marched. When it comes to running the affairs of the country they are sidelined and are told that they are tomorrow's leaders.

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