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Global warming crisis & the possible death of life on earth

07 Dec 2018 at 12:06hrs | Views
I do not subscribe to the view that global warming is a direct result of human activities/industries. I believe that global warming is a product of nature or natural processes, that the phenomenon could have there even if human beings and industries were not on earth. I wrote quite a lot of pieces challenging the Paris Climate Deal of 2015 which I classified as a global lie. Therefore, this piece seeks to defend a school of thought that global warming is a sign that the earth is getting tired and becoming hostile to human existence.

Planets closer and far away from to the sun cannot sustain life. The global increase of temperature is a threat to life and human existence. There is no doubt that the coming generations will find it hard to survive on earth. Expectations are that, the rainfall and ground water levels will continue to decline. Cyclones and depressions will become the order of the day and volcanic eruptions/earthquakes likely to cause havoc than before.

What is the cause of global warming? I don't agree with the view that human activities are to (directly) blame for this global temperature increase. It has been proved by research that, global warming started biting well before  the emergence of industrial revolution in 1700. The agriculture revolution is also said to have emerged from Britain during the 16th century. It has been verified by research that both industrial and agricultural revolutions were proceeded by global warming.

The world's largest hot desert (Sahara) is said to have originated 600 million years back. That was a period that global climatic change started to be felt. I don't know whether human life was in existence but I am sure that human activities like agriculture and industries were not there. There is archeological evidence to show that animals like elephants, antelopes used to live in places now classified as hot deserts when the climatic conditions were conducive. There is evidence that thick forests used to exist in the places that we now call hot deserts. The animals and forests disappeared when temperature increased excessively.  

The world political leaders who came up with the so called Paris Deal should be educated. They seem to have shallow knowledge on climate. We should be told of the major causes of global warming before the agriculture and industrial revolutions? I strongly believe that global warming is a natural process, inevitable even if human beings were not in existence. I believe that industries are only a catalyst to global warming and should be blamed for less than 1% of global climatic change. 99% blame to global temperature increase should be directed towards the forces of nature because global warming started more than 500 million years before agriculture and industrial revolutions.

Every object on earth has the beginning and the end but what vary is the time. The animals have their life expectancy so as human beings. The earth is a powerful system just like other planets but has its own life expectancy extending to billions plus of years. The failure of rainfall, increase of cyclones, increase of temperature, frequent/heavy floods, decrease of agriculture outputs and desertification are manifestations that the earth is fast becoming tired of taking care of lives on it. If the global temperature continues to rise, life on earth will eventually disappear and the entire globe is likely to be a desert.

I tried to ask questions to the leaders who attended the climate change meeting in Paris but have not received answers up to now. I asked them; 1. How much is the volume of greenhouse gases in atmosphere? 2. How much is the quantity of Chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere?  3. What caused global warming before the agriculture and industrial revolutions? 4. How do they expect the global temperature to remain constant by only stopping the emission of greenhouse gases? 6. How are they going to remove toxic gasses already in the atmosphere?. I believe human beings are not able to control nature but they are only able to regulate their bad ways of handling their activities. The Paris Climatic Deal sounds to be an ambitious project being championed by kindergarten pupils.

What is the way forward? I believe that human beings will not be able to reverse the global temperature increase/effects because it sounds to be a natural process. The only way is for humans to try to adapt to the global climatic conditions by reducing the world's population. The world will eventually no longer able to sustain billions of its inhabitance. The world's population should be reduced by more than 50% within the next 100 years for a state of equilibrium between resources and people to be reached. Countries of the world should consider reducing their GDPs, a point that the Paris Deal should have captured. You cannot  reduce the industrial emissions without reducing the GDP of all countries in the globe. Global economic competition is the major cause of this dirty emissions to the atmosphere.

What will be the earth like one million years from now? Play your part for the safety of generations to come. If the earth becomes tired , unable to sustain life that will be the end of it. I also believe that another planet may start sustaining life.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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