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Tribalism is when E.D funds Mugabe and persecutes Mphoko and Moyo

08 Dec 2018 at 14:32hrs | Views
Being a Karanga myself, I can see that President Mnangagwa has a problem with shaking off the demons of tribalism in the manner that he is destroying Mphoko and Jonathan Moyo, while sponsoring Mugabe luxuries.

Sometimes I possess a belief that the best and neutrally tribal Citizens of Zimbabwe are found in the Midlands. People in the Midlands are, by far, tribally neutral and for nearly 200 years, we have lived and intermarried across tribal barriers. We produce genetically perfect Zimbabweans who are both Ndebele and Shona irrevocably. In my case being a Karanga from the Mbire Dynasty, from as long back as 1870, my grandmothers are all Ndebele. My mother, my brother's wife and my wife, are all Nguni. This is what Midlands can produce.

We have people like Welshman Ncube who also acknowledges that his Grandmother was Shona. You can hardly meet anyone who originates from Midlands and does not have a Ndebele relative.

Tribalism in Zimbabwe increases as one's location moves further away from Gweru Central Post Office. If you meet a tribally minded Zimbabwean, ask them how far their home is located from Gweru Central Post Office?

President Mugabe would need to pay a lot of transport money from Gweru Central Post Office, to his Zvimba home. That is why he will forever be known as President Gukurahundi Mugabe.

 President Mnangagwa would fall asleep for a long time, being driven from Gweru to Zvishavane. Mqondisi Moyo of MLF would need two roadside breaks, driving to his rural home from Gweru.

In the Midlands, we get disgusted listening to the mind warp of people who come from the far peripheries of Zimbabwe, labelling other Zimbabweans in tribal terms. If such people come to Gweru, their behaviour is just unacceptable. In 1963, we had people like Edgar Tekere and Robert Mugabe coming to cause tribal wars in Gweru. It was hard to believe that these people were Zimbabweans at all. They exhibited the mindset of Mzilikazi's 1830 days.  

In Midlands, we have Khumalo's Mabhena, Mthetwas who can't speak Ndebele. We also have Dzimiri, Rangarira, Chingovos who can't speak Shona. We are something next to perfect.

It is hard for us to understand why President Mnangagwa, who was mistreated by Mugabe, Sekeramai, Jonathan Moyo, Grace and Mphoko, is willing to easily forgive those of Shona origin, but can't forgive Mphoko and Moyo.

Coming from Midlands, we know exactly the problem of our President, his location of birth is far away from the Centre Of Zimbabwe Unitarity (COZU).

Next time Zimbabwe needs a tribally fair leader, the voters must consider how far the candidate was born, away from the Gweru Central Post Office which is the flag point of (COZU).

Tribalism is a tool of backwardness which every leader must exemplarily cast away. If we fail to do that, we will remain a poor country and I beg President Mnangagwa to act like a perfect Karanga and charter a plane to bring back Jonathan Moyo to his Gunhill home. I beg him to provide all help needed to Phelekezela Mphoko and pay him his pension.

 Personal grudges must not define the President's Office. There should be a difference between an individual called Emmerson Mnangagwa and an Institution called President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In reality, these two are very different people. Emmerson Mnangagwa should privately have his grudges against some families who mistreated his mother in 1955. But, President Mnangagwa, who is not an individual, but an Institution, should provide such families with every protection which our Constitution dictates.

Sometimes he must do so extraordinarily to prove the disparity between individual Emmerson Mnangagwa and Institutional President Emmerson Mnangagwa. If Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa behaves like an Individual called Emerson Mnangagwa, then Zimbabwe is still too far from civilisation which is why we must try a forty-year-old contemporary thinker.

We do not want to be the Africa of 1940's thus why we voted Nelson Chamisa in big numbers. We no longer need leaders who have got tongues which are sour because of 1947 grudge intuition. We are looking for a genuinely fresh page. Zimbabwe would have confidence in itself if former vice President Mphoko ran his business free from opportunistic interferences from past political enemies.

Zimbabweans want to meet Professor Moyo and enjoy to see him a free Citizen after the Mugabe pomp. That would make a good percentage of our citizens trust the Institution called President's office, especially if we saw Moyo happily free under the care of our Institution called the President's Office.

That Institution is a father to the good and the bad equally. Every country in the World will always have good and bad, it's perfectly natural and must not be avoided. The Office of the President is the same Institution that we will petition to forgive Former President Emmerson Mnangagwa in year 2027 for shooting ten Zimbabweans after an election in 2018. This is the Institution which allowed Ian Smith to remain in his farm many years after Independence. This is the Office, our Presidential Office under which Smith, Muzorewa, Banana, Mugabe, Muzenda, Nkomo, Msika, Mnangagwa, Mphoko, Moyo were born under, and will inevitably leave for generations to come. It's a National Office which must be respected and handled ethically and selflessly for all to see. This is the Office which shapes Zimbabwe and excites its atoms of continuity or stagnation.

 The Institution called the President's office is not expected to be run using a common human mind. It must show evidence of uniqueness and think in godly terms. God shines his sun to the good, as much as he does to the bad. If someone prays to coerce God to punish his enemies, God disappoints. Sometimes he does the opposite. As suffering Zimbabweans, we prayed for the death of Mugabe, to our surprise, God instead gave him more years so that he could see Chiwenga being Deputy President and not Grace.

So, President Mnangagwa must re-arrange his Presidential Institution to accommodate the good and bad Citizens of Zimbabwe equitably. That is what we know as perfection in the Midlands.

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