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Chamisa and Biti's hypocrisy exposed

11 Dec 2018 at 07:14hrs | Views
The term "government of national unity" is a term used to refer to a case in which all the major political parties in a country are part of the governing coalition. This type of government occurs in parliamentary systems.

This period in Zimbabwe's history requires a legitimate and functioning government committed to implementing a comprehensive program of reform to empower the Zimbabwean public, thereby making the values of the Constitution a daily reality for the people of Zimbabwe. Stability of the country is strengthened by a genuine political partnership between the President the Cabinet, parliament and the nation under the authority of the President. Dedicated to political consensus, commitment to reforms, and cooperative decision-making, the national unity government will fulfill the aspirations of the Zimbabwean public for peace, stability, security, rule of law, justice, economic growth, and delivery of services, with particular attention to women, youth, and vulnerable persons.

Further, this agreement is based on the need for genuine and meaningful partnership and effective cooperation in the affairs of government, including design and implementation of reforms. National unity is as it says to unite for the sake of the nation. It must not be a unity to reward the opposition.

MDC A now pushes for unity but they are doing it on a wrong footing. Firstly their push of a GNU is fronted by the enemies of state. For them to legitimize their illegitimate plan they start by illegitimizing the government. They put across a demand that the regime shakes because it is built on illegitimate grounds. In other words MDC A is suffering under the illusion that them alone have the power to make an illegal government legal. They claim to have supernatural powers to make everything right as long as they are included in the plan. Their absence is perceived to be the cause of instability and only them will make Zimbabwe move. This is the quagmire the nation finds itself in. We have dreamers who are somnambulistic. They dream while they are walking. They need to be brought back to reality. The nation is not ruled by small dreaming children who believe that if they are not there nothing moves. Some one has to shake them back to life. Haidyiwe nduru mukuru mukuru.

So the cries of a government of Government of National unity must be changed to just national unity. If MDC really loves the country they can help from many government institutions they serve from. They must start by respecting parliament. Allowing it to function smoothly pointing out mistakes of the government. The student politics mentality which unfortunately grabs the opposition turns them to be booing outfits and singing cheerleaders in parliament. Zimbabwean problems can not be dreamt away. They can not be sang away neither can they be wished away.

The relationship between ZANU PF and the opposition cannot be described solely and entirely by this agreement, but must be defined by the commitment of both sides to partnership, collegiality, collaboration, and, most importantly, responsibility to the people of Zimbabwe. The President and Cabinet are honor bound to work together in that spirit of partnership and the opposition must be clothed in the same honor first.

In these difficult times Biti and.Chamisa are wishing the parliament to amend the Constitution and considering the proposal to create the post of executive prime minister. On the other hand they are preaching government cuts. This is the total hypocrisy which engulfs the opposition. Obviously this has a lot of takers. They are oblivious to the bigger picture. The reality is Chamisa wants to be in government through the back door so he uses the prevailing difficulties to potray himself as the only savior the nation has. He is preaching the gospel of prosperity.

Until now MDC has not forwarded a sound economic policy. All they sing is they will make the country better. But How. We are past dreamland Zimbabwe will not be miracled into prosperity it is not a church. No wonder why we are having too many churches and less industry. We should not be woodwinked by pastor Chamisa and doom prophet Biti.

Instead of spending time talking about GNU lets put our heads together and present a strategy to take Zimbabwe out of its problems.

The national unity government should committed to ratifying and enforcing a law on the organization of the basic organs of the state and determination of the boundaries and limits of local administration by legal means. If it is created but is it necessary.

• The above issues and other matters that are agreed to will be implemented on a schedule which demands money. Is it worthy it when the house is on fire. On the basis of the principles of national participation, fair representation, merit, honesty, and commitment to the economic reform programs of the national government the parties must be committed to the nation not to self.

The state is obliged to adopt necessary measures for creation of a strong and sound economy and realization of reforms in the administration system of the country.

Government offices are bound to carry their work with full neutrality and incompliance with the provisions of law. Not wasting time on trivial issues of who should be in the government.

The citizens of Zimbabwe must have the right of access to the information from the government offices in accordance with the provisions of law to see who is working and who is not. This right must have no limits, unless violation of the rights of the others.

The citizens of Zimbabwe are employed for state services on the basis of qualification without any kind of discrimination and in accordance with this nonsense of thebMDC claiming to have powers over citizens by trying to lead them through back door is preposterous.

The President is the head of state of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and conducts his authorities in executive, legislative, and judiciary branches in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution. So he must be respected not jeered.

Chamisa and Biti have realized that they are getting old and their chances of being presidents is withering. So they now want power at all cost.

They have created mistrust between the people of Zimbabwe and the institutions of the government. People now were made to believe that the constitutional court is biased. This is the mistrust created by the opposition and setting the people against those institutions. Chamisa had declared that any win which is not theirs is not a win. They have set the minds of their supporters against the authorities. This is a devious method to seek relevance by the opposition. It will be an insult to the Zimbabweans to have Biti and Chamisa in government through the back door. There is no evidence that Chamisa has powers to steer our economy forward. Zimbabwe must negotiate for a national unity NOT a GNU.

It is not in any way democratic for a losing partner to be brought into power through a GNU. Zimbabweans should be careful of Biti. One should ask why of all arested people why is it only Biti singled by the Americans for stay of prosecution. The plot against Zimbabweans is revealed by the hypocrisy of the Americans. They cry for the Rule of Law through Rule of power.

The discussions of GNU must be scorned at and never entertained. Zimbabwe does not need to be undemocratic. There is no democracy in usurping the will of the people and impose a losing person as a government patner.

Zimbabwe needs partners in economic development not those power hungry bigots. Zimbabwe is going through a phase. The good governance can not be measured by the queue of fuel. There is more to economy than the fuel. We must never have a GNU through false pretenses.

We must prioritize industrialization and investment. Zimbabwe has an economy to mend not some crazy buffoons who believe that they have the keys to economic upturn.

We must remember that it is us who must do something for the country not always wanting the country to do something for you.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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