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Calls for diaspora vote at ZANU PF conference

11 Dec 2018 at 11:08hrs | Views
The upcoming ZANU PF conference is a perfect stage for ZANU PF to demonstrate that it is reshaping and recreating itself into a modern party that is worth a sit at the table of global powerhouses.

Conference must come up with tactical and strategic resolutions that will form the road map for government in its quest to create a middle income economy by 2030.
The numbers on Zimbabwe are mixed, some aspects we are doing well while other areas need a lot of work.

ZANU PF needs to set the tone for development and attract FDI. This is important because analysts are watching Emerging markets which are set to be a bright star as the dollar is projected to tumble in 2019. Analysts are interested in developing nation sovereign debt, and emerging markets currencies are looking attractive. Zimbabwe needs to capitalize on these trends and joining the Rand Monetary Union would make a lot of sense. The party must consider these factors as they deliberate on resolutions for 2019.

Conference must propose speedy and significant reforms to help the country score better points on the Ease of doing business, we are currently ranked 155 among 190 economies, we are 128 most competitive nation in the world and that needs to improve to double digit levels. Our competitiveness index is at an all time high 42.61 points up from previous of 42.01, this shows that the new dispensation is doing something right but we need to do more.

In terms of corruption, we are currently on 22.00 points which is 4 points higher than our lowest index of 18. 00 which we attained in 2008. These are figures based on Transparency International research. Conference should recommend that government has serious discourse with Transparency International and come up with a robust anti graft road map that will help the nation improve its rating on the corruption index.

Zimbabwe has 32 Bilateral agreements which need to be leveraged on and conference must task government to fully utilize each and every bilateral agreement that we have. These agreements are not for display purposes and should be used to help the economy.

Conference must push for the 51% in diamond and platinum mining to be dropped to 20-25%. At best we could completely do away with this indigenization threshold  and negotiate percentages per contract or per investment.

Conference must advocate for a free market. Open up the economy to all players in passenger bases, taxis, car hire, grain milling, bakeries, dairy processing etc. This will help bring competition and improve standards or pricing.

On ZIDERA conference must deliberate pass a resolution to push for the diaspora vote in 2023, conference must urge parliament to be swift in aligning our laws to the new constitution, conference must press the government to effect sweeping electoral, political and economic reforms. The strategic position is to meet what ZIDERA demands and change the narrative when it comes to sanctions. Conference should push to deliberately move from anti sanctions rhetoric to lets get our house in order, let's do things by global standards and let's match other countries. Conference is an important organ towards stimulating political will to address issues raised by ZIDERA.

Conference can also invite senators Bob Corker, Bob Menendez and Marco Rubio to come and assess progress on reforms and they can be invited to also attend our independence day celebrations in April 2019.

Conference must move from the confrontational and bravado attitude to an attitude of engagement and willingness to learn from the global community.
On our part as Fidelis Fengu and Aasociates we will engage the likes of Anthony Scaramucci former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon and Rudi Guilliani. We will endeavor to bring these gentlemen to Zimbabwe as they are persons of influence who have Trump's ear.
Conference should also move to compel government to pick up its feet regarding the Commonwealth. Britain will need a stronger single market due to Brexit and this gives Zimbabwe leverage. Let's help our former colonisers. Let's assist them in their points of need lets create a special place for them in Zimbabwe and they will help champion our cause against sanctions.

These are our recommendations to every delegate, every official, Politburo member and central committee member. Consider these as we head to conference and see the difference.

Source - Fidelis Fengu
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