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Mphoko-Choppiesgate scandal reflects a deep-rooted corruption In ZANU PF party & government

12 Dec 2018 at 09:20hrs | Views
It is known by the public that ZANU PF party and government comprise of thieves and evil spirits masquerading as leaders. They deliberately organized their land grabbing to steal from the citizens in the name of black empowerment. They shared the spoils amongst themselves and the end result was hunger and economic collapse. The land that they grabbed failed to satisfy their selfish ego and crafted another controversial law that forced the foreign owned companies to seed 51% stake to the locals (Zimbabweans). The aim of the indigenous law was for ZANU PF officials and war veterans to steal the future of the future generations.

This piece seeks to demonstrate that the Mphoko-Choppiesgate is a reflection of what has been going on in ZANU PF party and government over years. Corruption is like cancer in ZANU PF and government, former Vice President Mphoko and the owners of Choppies should be arrested for breaking the country's laws. We are been led by the leaders who break the laws that they created, Zimbabweans should say no to ZANU PF leadership. It is unethical for a country to be led by corrupt and evil officials.

Former president Mphoko's woes are not tribally-driven like what some analysts are claiming. The truth is that, Mphoko just like ZANU PF leaders is a dangerous thief that should be taken to jail immediately. It is true that Mphoko did not pay to Choppies a single bond for the stake that he is claiming to be his, he was give 7% stake in order to protect Choppies from ZANU PF indigenous laws. We should all agree that former Vice President Mphoko violated the laws of the country and has a case to answer. The owners of Choppies should not be spared as well, they should be put to task, their admission that Mphoko was used as a front is scandalous.

If the Mphoko family paid for 7% or 51% stake to Choppies, they should provide receipts and transections that they made before the courts and not the media. I saw some certificates of ownership published by the Mphoko-family to the media. They are nothing but fake, what we want are the V11s of payment of the stake to Choppies. There is no doubt that the Mphokos are now looking for a public sympathy and I want to urge the family to carry their own cross.

ZANU PF party is no longer fit to rule, the party is not only blood theist but corrupt. They crafted the land grabbing policy to benefit the ZANU PF leaders, the land reform program was a total failure because Zimbabwe is currently importing basic food products. At least all former and current ZANU PF MPs, ministers and other war veterans leaders grabbed land. They are not utilizing it effectively, something should be done. The Mphoko-Choppiesgate scandal is a vindication of corruption in ZANU PF and government. How can a Vice President lead by a bad example?.

ZANU PF government should take responsibility for the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. Land grabbing and indigenous empowerment (51% stake) contributed immensely to the fall of our economy. I am confident that Mphoko was not alone in this, that is why the President ED Mnangagwa has not taken any action against him.

Mphoko and family do not deserve a public sympathy, they should be prosecuted for violating the country's laws. The owners of Choppies should be also put to task over this scandal. ZANU PF government should no longer be trusted. Appointing a robber to manage a Bank is very dangerous and risky. The Mphoko-Choppiesgate scandal has exposed the corruption in ZANU PF party and government. ZANU PF is now pushing for 52 years-stake to be a prerequisite for one to be a president of Zimbabwe, the international community is watching the development.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods specialist can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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