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War Veterans now Hated like Armed Robbers in Zimbabwe

13 Dec 2018 at 09:31hrs | Views
Imagine living in a country run by Armed Robbers. The President, the Ministers, the Police, the Judiciary all being armed and ready to pull a trigger to defend their positions of power at any cost? This is what we find ourselves in after being told that the War Veterans were fighting for our freedoms, security and prosperity in the seventies.

When our War Vets get demoted from looting positions by other War Vets, we see them coming back to the people to seek for support. We saw the likes of Victor Matemadanda telling the Nation that War Veterans were pained by the lack of democracy by Mugabe in 2017. Matemadanda said these words after Mugabe had removed him from the looting club. These were the same words of Mutswangwa also. Mahiya and Mnangagwa also all of a sudden reverted to become the defenders of the suffering people of Zimbabwe once they were kicked out of the looting club.

Chiwenga lifted our National Constitution on the air, aiming to earn the hearts and minds of people who were oppressed by Mugabe at all costs. This was after Mugabe wanted to prune him out of Loot Club.

There was nothing anyone could do to Armed Robber Mugabe. Because of that privilege, Mugabe used his guns to silence every living thing in Zimbabwe. He stole elections broad day light and went on to confess at a rally, that Tsvangirai garnered 70% win in 2008 but the armed club retained him as President.

This afternoon, Matemadanda has changed tone, he is back in the Armed Robbery Club of ruthless looters, and announces that the Looter's Club will change the Constitution to block Chamisa's popularity.

The Armed Robbers control and man the Law. They control and man the Bank. They control and man the Government. They control and man the army.

Those employed to man these positions are Zanu and they only constitute 12% of Zimbabwean voters. 88% of Zimbabweans see Zanu and its instruments as Armed Robbers.

 With an Armed Robber, you just follow orders religiously, and that does not mean that you worship the Armed Robber but just that you are trying to survive until the robbery operation is over.

Zimbabweans have no hope now. Even demonstrating against Armed Robbers could mean death, as we witnessed on August 1 after rigged elections. At the end of 2017, Mnangagwa was kicked out of Government very humiliatingly. He was then warned of death and he had to flee the country just like all ordinary Zimbabweans who have been seeking asylum since 1982. Mnangagwa engaged Zimbabweans and told us how bad Mugabe was. Now that he is back as President, Mnangagwa is behaving worse than Mugabe. He is now the Commander of Ruthless Armed Robbery in Zimbabwe.

The only loved War Veterans of Zimbabwe are those who died during the War. Those who survived have shown us, over the last 39 years that what we thought was a Hero, is actually a dangerous Armed Robber. The Armed Robbers, masquerading as esteemed War Veterans, allocate all the good of Zimbabwe to themselves. Mnangagwa exchanges his Bond Notes at the legal 1: 1 exchange rate with a US Dollar. A primary school teacher in Binga who earns much less, cannot do that. Mnangagwa has a farm in Kwekwe which he did not pay for. Mugabe has 21. The teacher in Binga does not own a farm. Victor Matemadanda and all those who defend the Government of Poverty, are beneficiaries of the Looting Club. They are first on any queue. They are first to get fuel, first to be served in a Bank's winding queue. First to receive donated aid food. First to have their children enrolled in best schools. First to be transported to South Africa for medical needs. Only a Veteran who died during the War trying to liberate me, is my Hero. These surviving ones have worked very hard over many years, to prove to me that they are selfish Armed Robbers who have no Nation at heart.

"Down with Armed Robbers!!!" They are our worst enemy. Our future is bleak because of these heartless creatures. We have become the most backwards Nation in a Civilised World because of these Armed Robbers. They can't remove a system which benefits them.

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