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MDC tripping itself

14 Dec 2018 at 09:16hrs | Views
The MDC continues to refuse to recognise the legitimacy of President Mnangagwa despite various Elections Observer Missions having largely endorsed the conduct of the polls. As is usual in many elections, the Observers pointed out various areas which they recommended for improvement, which recommendations Government has committed to giving consideration.

The MDC intransigence in refusing to recognise the President's legitimacy is also against the background of the Constitutional Court's judgement which upheld his victory. The MDC has not disputed the results from the Parliamentary election, thus raising questions on the strength of its arguments as the Presidential and Parliamentary elections were held under the same conditions. How can it be that Chamisa accepts the Parliamentary poll results while disputing the Presidential results?

It is therefore surprising that the same Chamisa refusing to recognise the President is calling for dialogue with the same President Mnangagwa. Chamisa told journalists during a school ground breaking ceremony in Kuwadzana yesterday that "we have talked about the need to talk, but we have not seen any movement. It takes two to tango and ZANU PF should show willingness." Such pleadings by Chamisa have rightly been dismissed by President Mnangagwa who has categorically stated that "when you hear them saying we want a GNU, you should ignore them. They are day-dreaming. As ZANU PF you should not even think that there would be a GNU. We don't have plans for a GNU in our party as ZANU PF. They challenged the election results at the Constitutional Court and lost. They did not ask for the opening of the ballot boxes because they knew they would lose again. Now you hear them making all sorts of noises, but you should not be bothered about that. That is what losers do."

Even former Deputy Prime Minister, Prof Author Mutambara has criticised the MDC for making noises without substance. Mutambara criticised the MDC for a confused plan to deal with its electoral concerns, saying "when you say you want a National Transitional Authority, who is going to call the meeting? How does Mnangagwa call the meeting when you don't recognise him, as who?" This points to MDC confusion and lack of a coherent strategy.

It may be that the MDC is playing to the gallery or is surely crippled by immaturity and lack of political strategy. It is struggling to strike a balance between the imperative of keeping its restive supporters convinced that it remains politically relevant, while at the same time, facing the reality of its loss and the resultant need to engage ZANU PF. Striking a balance between the two without losing political face has crippled decision-making in MDC, to the extent that the party is sending conflicting signals. Just recently, Chamisa spoke through his spokesperson, Jacob Mafume that he is not interested in engaging ZANU PF. The very next day or two, he is telling journalists in Kuwadzana that he is eager to talk to President Mnangagwa. In an attempt at being clever by half, Chamisa wraps his quest for political accommodation with reference to solving the prevailing economic challenges. He attempts to portray himself as a statesman concerned with the citizens' welfare.  But voters are not forgetful that it is the same Chamisa who declared that he would spoil the ZANU PF victory through his now infamous "tozvidira jecha" mantra, literally that the MDC would sabotage Government's policies.

It is inconceivable that President Mnangagwa would enter into dialogue with Chamisa, given his anti-people stance. He would rather concentrate on countering the "tozvidira jecha" campaign. The President has declared that the 17th Annual Conference would be focusing on economic issues. The Conference is being held under the theme "Zimbabwe is Open for Business: In Unity and Peace Towards an Upper Income Economy by 2030", underlining ZANU PF's pre-occupation with the economy.

Chamisa's youthful energy and enthusiasm need proper guidance and handholding for positive contribution to national development. That's the greatest challenge facing the MDC at the moment.  Patriotic and strategic leadership deficit.

Source - Bevan Musoko
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