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'The Negotiations'

21 Dec 2018 at 17:30hrs | Views
The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance's new method of keeping sanctions on Zimbabwe, while pretending not to support sanctions is to keep on demanding "Negotiations." Nelson Chamisa said, "I am ready to lead Zimbabwe out of crisis", "but President Emmerson Mnangagwa must come to the negotiating table and resolve all hanging political issues." Chamisa talks like the election process was a farce that didn't need to take place - it's like it was a waste of time for the people who went to the polls to make their choice for the President and the Members of Parliament.

Tendai Biti said, "Firstly let us agree on what we are going to discuss. Number one, we should discuss on the issue of legitimacy. We have also to discuss the issues to do with structural reform agenda specifically focusing on electoral reform, legal reform, constitutional reform specifically focusing on state capture and militarization of the state." Maybe it is that fantasy mania that is clogging Biti's view. Those issues raised by Biti, as noble as they are, do not require negotiations between MDC-A and ZANU PF to jumpstart the economy; they require all stakeholders—all.

Jacob Mafume said, "….You cannot seek to govern people by force, they will not comply. They are facing resistance from the people and the economy." You know, like the saying, "when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything around you starts to resemble a nail." MDC-A is facing its own negotiation issues to normalize the Alliance yet are seeing negotiations all over the map to solve the Zimbabwe economy, how hypocritical.

MDC-A's incessant demand for "Negotiations" tends to suggest there is something magical called "The Negotiations" that will magically fix the economy. In all their public pronunciations, MDC-A leaders are not showing any interest in the affairs of Zimbabwe but in gaining political power.

In running a country, having sound policies is essential, but sometimes, once you ascend to the leadership throne, polices become useless. In our case, I suspect Mnangagwa got the shock of his life. Even though we claim he was part of the system, the reality is he was not part of the system that he is now trying to transform. Listening to Mnangagwa chastise corruption, I am positive this vice gave ED the shock of his life; the extent of corruption is so deep and wide that I suspect ED will not find an answer to it. Corruption is entranced in our society. Transforming a corrupt society dotted with greedy leaders and unwittingly clever youths moving 120 steps ahead of policy initiatives requires more than "The Negotiations."

This is not the first time we have had an aggrieved opposition in Africa, it is almost always that African elections are disputed. My advice to the MCD-A is to move on with life; no one is stopping them from providing economic solutions to the country. Do not tell me that you need to negotiate with Mnangagwa to bring out your economic ingenuity. If MDC-A has a room somewhere full of unlimited free cash, why not bring it to the country so there will be economic relief - maybe people will remember come next election and vote them into power.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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