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Chamisa boils as the year end

23 Dec 2018 at 22:35hrs | Views
During the year just ending, Zimbabwe confirmed to the world, within a difficult context, the soundness of its institutions, the resilience of its economy and its attachment to national unity. Despite the pains we as a country endured the year moved and we are now seeing its end.

Indeed, our country demonstrated a remarkable capacity to meet the numerous challenges it faced in the security, economic or social domains. Our people have suffered but their suffering is bit to the end of these problems. The situation in Zimbabwe makes every Zimbabwean a Hero. Surviving in Zimbabwe now is a great accomplishment.

Credit for such accomplishments goes first and foremost to you, the Zimbabwean people! An overwhelming majority have always demonstrated courage, dynamism, patriotism and, above all, maturity. While the opposition poured send in the efforts brought forward by the government Zimbabwe managed to trudge on. Congratulations to you all you have made Zimbabwe a self sufficient state.

The adverse global economic situation due notably to falling commodity prices has negatively impacted economic growth and social progress in our country. It has also caused cash flow problems which have severely affected Government contractors, particularly small-and medium-size enterprises. It has affected every Zimbabwean regardless of his Status

As part of its efforts to address this situation, in the Government commenced an economic and financial programme which is tough but bears a future. This programme is expected to have a positive impact on our growth as from 2019.

To this end, Zimbabwe will maintain it's efforts to optimize public revenue collection and streamline public spending. Special attention will be paid to the trial of high profile corruption. This will help settling the debts and improving our access to bank loans.

Zimbabwe must also maintain its resolve to implement major projects, with a special focus on road infrastructure and our economy Community outreach services, notably water, electricity and health care must be given special attention. Production and turning the country into a producing nation thus creating jobs. As of now Zimbabwe is just a buying nation a consuming outfit. Our country's health map is getting horrible each day salaries are pathetic we need construction of about one hundred health centres, subdivisional medical centres and district hospitals. We need to control pharmaceutical prices the prices of drugs are so inhuman and clearly satanic. Zimbabwe must continue it's efforts to provide quality and universal health care to our population. Government must be instructed to finalize discussions on ways to progressively establish a universal health coverage system and implement all the mega deals. The transport system of Zimbabwe is appalling. Zimbabwe must reintroduce monopoly over transport and control the public transport system. Accidents can be avoided. This year 2018 Zimbabweans died on our roads the number of the dead is higher than those who died in a war zone. So the nation must improve the roads they have become death traps. Remarkable progress has been achieved in implementing the projects and policies we have promised during elections. We Must foster true social progress within our communities.

The Government must take action to increase the number of schools and universities make Zimbabwe a major pool of quality human resources in Africa. Similarly, Zimbabwe must step up efforts to create jobs, particularly for our youth. Being truthful to election manifesto opens up bright prospects. Once Zimbabwe settles it will be rightly hailed for the resilience of our economy and our performance in implementing the programmes and surely to put us back on the front peddling. This, you will agree with me, augurs well for our goal of achieving the middle class status by 3030. On various walks of life worldwide, our flag was raised high and our national anthem resounded. There are expectations in the air.

The ZANU PF conference went well The Zimbabwean Nation, extends its hearty congratulations to the commissariat and indeed Mjr General Rugeje. ZANU PF is now a new party we must never forget the hard workers. Zimbabwe's slogan of Open for Business will avail us an opportunity to offer our guests Zimbabwe's warm hospitality. With the investor's coming im Zimbabwe the population will rise to the occasion and showcase Zimbabwe at its best. Those who demand shares in the companies of the investors and those who demand money for taking people to the State House must be named and shamed.

Our country now yearns for a better economy and good leadership skills. We must make a commitment to that end. Zimbabwe also scored remarkable victories combating corruption taking our policies seriiusly. Zimbabwe must step up efforts in that regard, and relentlessly track down the criminal groups involved in corruption.

We all witnessed the seriousness of the spillover. The symbols of the Republic were desecrated. Our children's education was compromised by criminal arsonists who did not hesitate to burn down schools shops and indigenous markets. Economic and social activities were disrupted by irresponsible burning down of infrastructure. We suffered from calls of sanctions and suffering imposed on the population through threats, intimidation and violence. Bomb attacks were carried out on our President. Some of our compatriots lost their lives in violence perpetrated by those vari kudira jecha. Members of our defence and security forces were assassinated in cold blood in the line of duty at White City.

We must always remember that it is our duty to ensure order, social peace, the unity of the Nation and Zimbabwe's integrity.

The police must make sure that all those who have taken up arms against our economy who perpetrate or encourage violence should be fought relentlessly and held accountable for their crimes before the courts of law.

Zimbabwe's defence and security forces had shown the bravery, determination, restraint and professionalism they have demonstrated that on their works. They have overseen a peaceful transition and worked to maintain peace. We must see a light at the end of austerity measures. It is in the same light that, at the onset of the crisis, we requested the Government to engage in a constructive dialogue with Doctors to seek solutions to their demands. The Government must take action even going beyond the initial demands. Make our health system work again. Others are ongoing or in the pipeline but the pipe line must be short. it must be very clear that, dialogue has always been and will always remain the best means of resolving problems, so long as it is strictly in line with legality. The striking doctors deserve better but must not kill the nation. our fellow citizens desire greater participation in managing their affairs, especially at the local level,which will boost the devolution plan. Government must fast-track decentralization process will enhance the development of our Regions. The year 2018 was an important election year. All necessary measures were taken to ensure that elections are held in peace and security. As you can see, our Nation is facing multiple challenges which we should address together in fraternity, with due respect for our institutions and in a spirit of national concord. We must consider Zimbabwe first.

In this light, Zimbabwe wil be a precious legacy for each and every one of us. Let us remain worthy of our legacy, of a united Zimbabwe standing tall, proud and jealous of its freedom. In the coming year lets ask ourselves What can I do For my Country. God bless ZIMBABWE

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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