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God's Answer to Zimbabwe - UCARDGPZ Christmas Message

24 Dec 2018 at 18:23hrs | Views
Peace, love, true democracy and goodwill to Zimbabweans and all mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Zimbabweans; with that greeting, I bring you good news from the lord and best wishes for this Holy festive Season of Christmas and New year 2019.

I wish to recognise that you Zimbabweans are this year observing the crucial holiday season against the backdrop of one of the most difficult economic years, where majority have had no jobs, no earning power and no hopes for a brighter future. Those in diaspora who are working tirelessly to support relatives back home, have had eroded remittance values in the face of continuing decline in our economy. Zanu PF regime continues to rig everything in a bid to retain power in perpetuity.

The year 2019 is bound to be yet another most difficult years in our modern history unless and until God intervenes. Zanu PF regime is illegitimate in toto. Recognising them as a true government would be ignorance or failure to remember that the 31st July 2018 elections were rigged in broad day light amongst many other rigged elections in the past. In all our prayers we have been asking God to help us as we surely do not know what offence we committed to deserve this treatment by Zanu PF. How could God let us fall from one dictator Ian Smith, to another dictator Mugabe and now to a worse dictator Mnangagwa?

Given that reality, we all have to appreciate that this struggle indeed is not for one person or political party. Those who personalise the challenges we are facing unfortunately are moving against the tides. This struggle is for all us. We all have the responsibility to influence change as soon as we can (Iwe neni tine basa). I urge you all to therefore rally behind anyone with a vision to deliver Zimbabwe. The power and means to do so is within all of you. Waiting for 2023 is legitimising the Zanu PF perennial rigging. We have to demand for our rights now so that the lord can help us.

Here is what God through prophesises is saying about Zimbabwe (God has allowed UCADGPZ to lead the formation of a transitional government to replace Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe):
1)    Through your unconditional support, UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe (UCADGPZ) shall soon lead the formation of the next government. This is good news for all Zimbabweans. The power to end the current problems are in the hands of all of you. Unite and value all those fighting for you and UCADGPZ will get the mandate from you to lead in the formation of a good starting point that will lead to total stability in Zimbabwe.

2)    Zimbabwe shall soon be a true democracy and is set to be an example of shining democracy in Africa if not the whole world.

3)    Our Zimbabwe shall be a country for all people (all tribes, races) and everyone who calls upon Zimbabwe as their home. No more fighting in our nation.

4)     Many ways of transforming our economy from where it is to a first-class economy within a short space of time are at hand.

5)    Zimbabweans scattered all over the world shall soon return home bringing with them the much-needed skills and resources.

6)    The time for Zimbabweans to enjoy in Zimbabwe has come. UCADGPZ, together with many other opposition parties shall bring normalcy to all problems in Zimbabwe.

7)    Zimbabwe shall soon become a major tourist destination for the whole world since the government shall bring about transparency, peace and tranquillity.

8)    A real New Capital City right at the centre of Zimbabwe near Chiundura incorporating Kwekwe and Gweru shall be constructed from scratch. Many investors shall flood into Zimbabwe to invest into this New city. This New capital city shall unite all tribes and all people of Zimbabwe. No Zimbabwean will feel left out of development as the New city shall be the centre of development for all people. It shall be a modern city with all modern facilities. It shall be environmentally and all weather friendly. Zimbabwe shall achieve first class development status within a short space of time, similar to what happened to South Korea, Singapore and many other examples. Sorry to those embarking on building a parliament in Mt Hampden (We are aware that China shall bug that building with the aim of getting to know the contents of all Parliamentary discussions).

9)    Zimbabwe shall follow the path of, and achieve sustainable development so as not to destroy the environment at the expense of our children. Experts from different developed countries shall be invited to partner us in the development of skills in terms of the vision of the people of our nation.

10)     Wide enough roads shall be built radiating from the New Capital city to all our borders. Soon it shall be time to say bye bye to congestion, bye bye to potholed roads.

11)     There shall be employment creation in Zimbabwe.

12)    A villagization programme for all the rural communities shall be embarked on. Rural communities shall be resettled in modern villages with electricity, water facilities, tarred roads, modern civic centres, with fields to grow their crops and paddocks for livestock grazing.

13)    There shall be a council of professionals from all sectors that shall advise government on day today operations. There shall not be at most 12 Ministers and that minimising Government expenditure.

14)    The army shall be transformed into a professional service that shall be away from politics. They shall get into production of both military equipment, vehicles and other goods for sale throughout the world. The army shall be transformed from a spending government organ to a productive sector.

15)    There shall be zero tolerance to corruption. A number of measures shall be put in place so as to curb corruption and other malpractices.

16)    No one shall be above the law no matter what. National leaders shall be subordinate to the people through Parliament. The bossism and chefism shall never be allowed as that is what breeds dictatorship.

17)    Government shall work towards achieving gender equality across all sectors.

18)    Education sector shall be transformed into one that produces entrepreneurs more than just employees. This shall be done through introduction of practical activities from Grade zero to University. Students shall study through taking part in activities more than just mere regurgitating or memorising stuff.

19)    All the health institutions shall be modernized and that shall be a priority area.

20)    The farming sector shall be reorganised by experts in a productive and none partisan manner. A good tenure system shall be formulated and all people regardless of race, tribe, gender, political affiliation shall have access to land and all such benefits.
Even in the most difficult times like now, we as a people will not despair nor lose hope. We urge you all to start working with the rest so as to achieve all the above. Yes, it is difficult and challenging. But with our faith and our collective will as a people, we know we have the potential to turn things around. This is time for us all to look forward to beyond the "2018 Sorry Christmas season" and to beyond the pain and the hurt. The coming New Year will certainly provide new opportunities to restart all of our lives.

As a politician, my role, through the grace of God and inspired by the aspirations of you the suffering people of Zimbabwe, is to offer a leadership that ushers a renewed hope. God will give us guidance as we walk along the path. I promise you that I will not misuse the mandate that you will give me to lead the whole interim system as all will be through the example of the Christ Child about humility and service.  Even in the rough and tumble of politics, Christ also taught us all about forgiveness.

My solemn commitment to you in this season of love and tomorrow as I take up the mandate from you, is to strive to be a better person in the leadership I offer to our nation, understanding the power of both revival to our economy and redemption. While we might not have material things than normal this season, the greatest gift we can give each other is Love and encouragement to work with the best. The most difficult times should not make us forego our legendary sense of community, of neighbour reaching out to neighbour. That is the Zimbabwean spirit that is most embodied at Christmas time.

Let us use the season to look out for the least among us, the most destitute, the sick and for the lonely. And we must, as a people always be forever thankful for the other gifts we have been given.

Zimbabwe is a proud nation with multicultural society which we all can be proud of.

The party which I lead (UCADGPZ) has revived its organs, refreshed its leadership and has positioned itself to be in the leading position of the next Government. Therefore as we observe this season of Christmas, let us deepen our faith in our God and our nation, and let us move forward together as one.

As Leader of UCADGPZ an Opposition political party to the Zanu PF illegitimate regime, I want to wish every Zimbabwean, at home and abroad, the very best for the season.

We all look forward to even greater things in the New Year and most importantly to the coming of a new UCADGPZ led government.
I refer you to Psalms 34:14 which says, "turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." Doing away with an evil regime is one way of turning away from evil. Removing the Junta, is doing good. With a Zanu PF. Government, there is no peace. Let us fight for peace.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I thank you very much,

Albert Matapo (Founding Leader)
United Crusade for Achieving Democracy Green Party of Zimbabwe (UCADGPZ)

Source - Albert Matapo (Founding Leader of UCADGPZ)
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