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Acting President Chiwenga is a 'dangerous cancer' which needs to be suppressed urgently.

29 Dec 2018 at 00:50hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa has been on record telling Zimbabweans to be patient as his government continues its brutal policies of killing innocent citizens by the means of economic hardships which has led to high unemployment rate , fuel crisis, price hikes of basic commodities plus deteriorating conditions in the health sector which has led to the striking of both junior and senior doctors.

Zimbabwe's crisis can date back to Mugabe's era but the current crisis can only or solely be blamed on Mnangagwa and his second in command Chiwenga. Kembo Mohadi is more of a ceremonial Vice President just like his predecessor Mphoko,however though Mnangagwa is the president it is solely clear that Vice President Chiwenga is the defacto leader and when it comes to critical issues the former military leader has been taking the front seat. Zimbabwe is not just in an economic crisis but leadership crisis as well, if I may say so. The current crop of the Presidium is just a clique of boys who really don't know what they are doing. For starters Mnangagwa promised to restore the economy soon after his inauguration but since then the former Zimbangwe legislator has been globetrotting to the extent of visiting countries like Guinea which are almost struggling like Zimbabwe, surely our President needs direction, but who is really to blame for an economic madness which the country is experiencing now.

After wasting the tax payers money by hiring Motlanthe to chair a useless commission of inquiry, which inquired nothing at all but rather wasted the precious time of the expectant Zimbabweans. Chiwenga just like what he did in the previous stalemate with the nurses, this time around he had to flex his muscles by suspending  junior doctors. How on earth can you do such a move. Instead of channelling the money that was wasted on the  Motlanthe Commission to the doctors and procurement of essential drugs, the acting President actually blasted the innocent doctors through political gimmicks of trying to protect the right to life. As much as the right to life should be protected, the lives of those who labour in protecting that right their rights should also be considered.

As long as Chiwenga is still in charge of bulldozing government critical issues no investor will dare to waste his time coming to Zimbabwe.  Chiwenga's  mind-set is fixed on becoming the next president not on fixing the economy. The ex army leader is better of as a soldier than his current position. His indecisiveness  and poor timing plus lack of political philosophy has caused our economy to stumble from one hurdle to another. Mnangagwa is more or less a captured president who seem to have a good will but the defacto president in the capacity of Chiwenga might be his major stumbling block towards resurrecting a dead economy. Zimbabweans thought the ouster of Mugabe would bring back the former glory days but it never rained but poured for the eagerly anticipating and long suffering innocent citizens. The country has been hit by an uncontrolled price hikes which has also seen the bond note devaluating every passing second. Surely were is Mnangagwa and Chiwenga taking Zimbabweans?.

Knowledge Hakata is the cofounder of Demos Cratos a Human Rights Organization and an independent political analyst. He can be contacted on or

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