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Why do people now prefer to drink in bottle stores?

30 Dec 2018 at 10:22hrs | Views
THE prevailing economic situation in the country that now requires people to dig deep into their pockets for anything has not spared alcohol drinkers as they are now avoiding classy bars that cost an arm and leg for bottle stores where one can get it at half price.

It has become a norm in Bulawayo to see people crowded outside bottle stores risking arrest for public drinking, but the prices in bottle stores are irresistible compared to the ones in bars that imbibers can sacrifice to risk their freedom for it.

Sunday Life managed to go around popular bottle stores that attract large numbers in town and spoke to regular drinkers at those spots.
Nobert Ngara, one of the imbibers said he does not drink in clubs where the cost of beer is high when he could get the same product at a cheap price.

"Drinking out, especially in larger cities, is expensive and comes with hidden costs other than the drinks themselves, it is much better to park my car here, drink and go home without paying for extra things compared to when you are in the club," he said.

Even though it is said music is the language understood by all, others said after work they need peace of mind with less noise.

"You see here you don't have to strain to hear your friends speaking over loud music and background noise, after a long day one needs piece of mind and it is more ideal to buy and take it home or drink here," he said.

One of the regular customers at Linda's Bottle Store, Njabulo Moyo said drinking at bottle stores can help control the intake of alcohol.

"I think buying in bottle stores can control someone from drinking a lot because they will not be relaxed as you know it is a criminal offence to drink in public so if you have one or two bottles that will be enough but if you are in a club you can drink till tomorrow," he said.

As much as buying at bottle stores can be economical it comes with a lot of negative impact in the city as bottle stores do not provide toilets for drinkers thus resulting in people urinating on trees which itself is a serious offence at the same time polluting the environment.

Public drinking and litter are inseparable and most people that buy at bottle stores are not provided with bins to dispose of the empties.

Source - zimpapers
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