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The difference between Rhodesians and Zimbabweans is on the love for their country

31 Dec 2018 at 09:09hrs | Views
It is quite a shame that we want to come out with many theories on what is wrong with Zimbabwe and why Rhodesians managed the economy.

Rhodesians where shroud economists and had the country at heart. Everything they did they did it for Rhodesia. That's why today the spirit of Rhodesia still linger in countries like America and Australia. Rhodesians where a dedicated bunch of individuals who put the country first. Their only crime was sidelining the locals. The Rhodesians incorporated the educated Africans into their system. As early as 1902 African agriculture boomed as the Africans sold their produce to the whites on Mines and other settlements. It is then that the whites parcelled land to repay those who formed the pioneer column. After 1935 Rhodesian native agriculture boomed again as white commercial farmers where doing tobacco. Rhodesiahad drought soon after the second world War and had to import yellow maize from Kenya. After that native agriculture remained buoyant and manage to sustain the country up to the late 1990s.

The coming of independence brought with it a myriad of problems. Corruption, over expenditure by government as it relied on massive donor support. The DDF flourished with donations from Japan, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Every other department benefited but these donated resources where abused and looted with impunity. The nation became over dependent on these balance of payments. The corruption became a part of Zimbabwe's body politick. It became endemic. Worse still Robert Mugabe's government failed to deal with corruption. The only persons to be arrested for corruption was George Paweni and Charles Ndlovu aka Webster Shamu who where jailed in 1982.. Paweni for stealing a train locomotive and selling it to Botswana. Thereafter Mugabe condoned corruption. The  willogate scandal produced no arrests but only took the scalp of Maurice Nyagumbo who committed suicide only to be repayed by being declared a national hero. The Sandura  2 commission report results where not published as rumor suggest it touched Sally Mugabe who got buses from Dahmer and company to Ghana her home country. To prove that Mugabe had a soft spot on corruption he  on Nyagumbo's graveside speech becried why he took that route of suicide since no one had been arrested for the crime.

Those in the top echelons of power then realised that corruption was not punishable and they upped up their stealing stakes. The current deputy minister of information, Energy Mutodi stole a lot of money from civil servants promising to build houses for them. The writer of this article and his late wife where victims. Energy Mutodi was taken to court and the case died a natural death. He has been rewarded by a ministerial post what a shame.

 How they arrest each other after one's falling out of favour with the system clearly shows that these individuals are a bunch of thieves who are not Clean. We need to exorcise the government of such individuals.

The problem with Zimbabwe now is lack of honest leadership which has the nation first. The leadership is greedy, lazy and aiming at personal aggrindizement rather than service. The type of luxuries demanded by war veterans, chiefs, members of parliament and ministers clearly show that Zimbabwe is still very far away from civilization. We have crooks and thieves governing us without impunity. The bond note was just created to still from the hardworking poor. The minister of finance despite acknowledging that the bond note is bad currency he is stuck with it in a clear sign of negligence and carelessness. If the government was sincere in its dealings with the economy it has to address the currency issue first.

Zimbabwe is not a basket case it is only being managed by clueless compradoes who are selfish and does not care for the citizenry. If we are to do better our leaders must put Zimbabwe first.
The love for Zimbabwe is not the scarf. The love for the country is shown by being sincere to the country by adopting and listening to what the people need. How can you become a listening president when you continue propping a system that is rotten. Shame on us. We are indeed cursed.

Henry Madiro writes these articles in his personal capacity as a Zimbabwean who want a good future for his country

Source - Henry Madiro
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