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Zimbabwe to brace up for tough times ahead as the economy continue to scream

03 Jan 2019 at 09:05hrs | Views
No sign of economic revival has been noticed since this new republic took over. It is just a fallacy.

It is now 13 months since President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa grabbed power from nonagenarian Ex President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and no signs of economic recovery have been noticed during his tenure in office.

Whoever masterminded the coup forgot to mastermind how they were going to boost  and reboot the economy which is a major challenge facing the coup masters right now.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is facing a barrage of challenges rooting from the bad economic performance which the former President left unsolved.

Political panthers will agree with me that winning an election is not solving or winning the economic war. The two are different and a lesson must be learnt. Winning resoundingly is not a guarantor to a resounding economy.

Political leaders must desist from focusing solely on winning  elections but should devise ways of solving the economic impetus.

Last month we heard of Zanu PF stauch supporters within their ranks agreeing on endorsing President Mnangagwa as the 2023 Presidential candidate. What more can people expect from a party which focuses on endorsing a President for the next election as if he has accomplished what he is entitled and supposed to do in his first tenure?

The future looks bleak and nothing is going to  change from now till the next  four years. Zimbabweans should brace up for tough times as the economy continue screeching to a halt. We are not expecting any major economic boom in the country. It is a continuation of where Robert Mugabe left. As long as we keep on lying to ourselves nothing will come out from that.

We have lied on the election results and we have lied on the Commission of Inquiry and we keep on lying that things are on the recovery path. Such kind of propaganda will not solve this economic crisis.

As we speak the government has no plans to improve the economic sphere. All sectors of the economy are lifeless. The industry is not working. Striking doctors and industrial actions. We have projects like the dualisation of Harare / Beitbridge road but nothing is moving everything hae been stalled. All the so called signed Mega deals were just a political banter.

There is no unity between the opposition and the ruling party. Signs of economic boom will start showing after we cut the junta amblical cord which is tightly connected to the civilian government.  People are working tirelessly but have nothing to show of their sweat. They are running away from the country seeking greener pastures in other countries.

Our doctors are on strike and not well remunerated after 13 years pursuing  knowledge to treat, they are told to withdraw 700 bond notes per month. This is really an assault to their intelligence. I fail to grasp the wisdom. What is Moyo the  Minister of Health doing?

A year has passed by and not even one criminal surrounding the former President was arrested or even brought before a court to answer charges of criminal nuisance. People have been used to the abuse of this government that they see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil and the leaders have got away with it. Corruption is still a cause of concern.

People should see beyond Zanu PF. The revolutionary party has lost the urban vote. It has lost the trust of teachers, educationists, churches,  doctors , university students, nurses, vendors and business people. Zanu PF has become an empty party still holding on to revolutionary ethos but has dismally lost touch with reality on the ground.

The ruling party has failed to govern and implement their policies. Their election manifesto was just a lie. They promised people a good health care system but people are dying in hospitals. There are no drugs.  Right now the cabinet is in darkness and doesn't know where to start from. The economic environment is playing a  reverse jive.

President Mnangagwa has cut short his leave to work closely with Vice President Chiwenga to make quick decisions to restore sanity to the health sector in light of the ongoing illegal strike by junior doctors as confirmed.

The issue here is not about cutting short his holiday but to address RTGS/bond notes. Bond note was a disaster from the word go.

Zanu PF must sort out this mess for everyone. Even  Delta Beverages are now charging in forex. What would you expect the doctors and ordinary people on the street to react? Zimbabwe will experience more strikes and demonstrations in 2019 with more companies closing and grinding everything into a halt.

Zanu PF must read and understand the political dynamics currently taking place. They can't resist the political transformation and stop the wave of change which it's time has come.
The government must learn to solve the root cause of the problem not the symptoms.

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