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03 Jan 2019 at 14:07hrs | Views
What is the use of commisions and some government institutions in Zimbabwe? Innocent people have either disappeared or  have been murdered right in the eyes of the Peace and Reconciliation Commission and it has done nothing about it. Zanu pf has continued to do things that disturb peace and the commission has just set and watched. May be they should ululate that this country is enjoying peace. Really? They are even failing to deal with the well documented Gukurahundi issue. May be they are there to make sure that it is not dealt with because after the challenge by Chief Maduna (Vezi Mafu) of Fulabusi they should have been attracted and started some dialogue with him and his companion. In sanity minds, Chief Maduna's contribution to this issue carried much more sense than any that has ever been put on the table. Ignoring his contribution is an insult to the only way ever of resolving this problem. I'm sure Justice Sello Nare knows that. With all due respect his lacks independence and could be a decoy for some political game as it features only in launches but is nowhere on the ground.

The Corruption Commission has only managed to arrest Jonathan Moyo and Psychology Maziwisa. Are these the really corrupt people that have looted and shoved this country to the dustbin or it's a case of falling out of favour with the most powerful gurus of this country. Come on zanu pf, people have eyes to see and ears to listen. It seems the system of operation for this commission is reacting to a call from above to pick up and lock in so and so.

The Electoral Commission has worked hard contributing to uncertainty and a blink future of this great country. In my view they have not protected our political rights and differences of opinion. It's composition compromises transparency as characters in it are like they were selected by a blind folded person. Just know the history of these individuals and their daily lives and you won't stomach it.

The Judiciary Services Commission has had some decisions and sone final judgement that are either partisan or have shown lack of the independence that is required in such an institution. Are the Chief Justice and the Judge President card carrying members of a certain political party or my thinking has been captured otherwise? Food for thought for the really patriotic. I'm sure things would be different without certain characters here yet again. Tendai Biti's case was done at presentation of heads of argument and questioning of first key witnesses and it was hammer on the table and "discharge". Come on the key accusation was shot down by revelations in the electoral act and lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of the same by the arresting offier. So, what else?

The Zimbabwe Electricty Supply Authority(ZESA), a very important organisation for the country which needs high profile management and unquestionable professional uptitude. It should not at any time have some of its employees playing a poker game with the wire poles. It's a dangerous arena boys and girls. Zesa should never be managed the zanu pf play boy way. They have one of the worst public relations I have ever witnessed like they are hiding something. They will switch off electricity in any area for days without letting consumers know the reason. It is right to switch off electricity for maintenance reasons but you must have a system of immediately informing the consumer about the reasons for your actions and the estimated period of time the black out will take. This is not only courteous but it maintains trust with the consumer as he is able to take care of his stuff that would rot if his refigerator is out for a long time. I here Chinese miners around have established a black market for electricity? Well, Zesa is the only supplier I know. Yes, surely, I hope not. Always make sure you know who your challenger is next and that you are ahead on performance points. The SOLAR system is next door fellows.

What does zanu pf discuss at its expensively hosted congresses? The MDC?

Clement Moyo
+263 712 708 284/77 662 090

Source - Clement Moyo
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