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What should happen now in Zimbabwe?

07 Jan 2019 at 20:18hrs | Views
The problem with every dictator is arrogance and cowardice. They all have fallen after having been factually and truthfully warned and have even been advised on what to do to avoid embarassment and catastrophic results. They all just dont heed to such calls. They have always chosen the harder paths, that of either running away to some other country in exile, eliminating the complainant or have blundered until they are arrested or killed. They are cowards who hide behind guns bodyguards and guns. You know it takes a brave man/woman to say to another I'm sorry', and that usually carries a great reward in return. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is riding on thin ice and he knows that and the consequences for it. At times life becomes so sweet when the historical past is addressed in a participatorily inclusive manner because history can in fact properly shape the future.

I think the Predident should resign to some authority and the junta and its powers must be decimated. The authority must include socio political organisations of influence and popular political parties. It's mandate should last for two years during which time it should do away with 'command' everything nonsense, implement reforms, dissolve parliament(because is useless and expensive for nothing), retire securocrats bosses, do away with the Peace and Reconciliation Commission and find a new path, put up real corruption and mines commissions, a new judiciary services commission and come up with a transparent electoral system with an uncaptured electoral commission. They should clean up the reserve bank, the land committees, Zesa and Zimra. After cleaning up the voters' roll they should host a general election open for observation to all interested parties internationally.

What should be obvious to all honest Zimbabweans is that asking our current President HE Mr Emmerson D. Mnangagwa to do a good job of the above is hypocrisy of the highest order and so let's just stop wasting our time. There are people in this country who have thrived through corruption and got very rich and are influentially powerful and they are not very many. Doesn't the president know them since you and me know them or is he afraid of them. Who is protecting them? Have they got an army? Normally in life every living thing will put up a shield where it's interests are vested. It looks like the control by the army is undemocratic, anti investment and therefore counter productive. Can the President do away with it. For obvious reasons No. So what do we think we are doing. There is also the talk of white supremacism and imperialists influence as being weapons of the  opposition. People don't feed on all those phoney ideologies that propagate stupid philosophies of opportunists. People want jobs to be able to put food on the table and send their children to school. Does it look like the President is trying to conjure up a politically conducive environment for that right now? We need a solution and we need it like yesterday and delay will usher us into an even worse horror than the one we experienced in 2007-2008. We are likely to wake up from sleep one day with Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga claiming the presidency Emerson Mnangagwa having resigned and that will be by design by the way. We are rated the richest country in Africa natural resources wise, but then why are we so poor.

What should happen fellow Zimbabweans? When today passes comes tomorrow and today becomes yesterday - tik tak tik tuk  kriiiiiiiiiii! You see 'a single bee is often ignored but when millions come.together, even the bravest run in fear.

Clement Moyo
Mediariln for Peace Centre
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

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Source - Clement Moyo
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