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Come on people nothing wrong with First Lady's intervention!

07 Jan 2019 at 20:24hrs | Views
Dear Zimbabweans,

Dear people are we so hateful that we cannot appreciate something really good? Honestly i don't see anything wrong with the First Lady trying to break the impasse between the hard working doctors and their cash-less employer. Those who are against this intervention simply buttress the opinion that these strikes are more political than anything else. Any reasonable mother, person must be very much concerned about the unnecessary loss of life due to this industrial action than anything else.

I remember Father Mkonori mediating during the soft coup and nobody raised a red flag. Now what's this nonsense all about? I am now more convinced that there is a third force behind these strikes. I admit all is not rosy but we must be patient and reasonable especially when it comes to saving lives. Surely someone is using these strikes as a weapon.....of mass destruction.

The employer/government must be reasonable also by getting its priorities right. What's this nonsense of compensating war collaborators when Rome is on fire? We all participated in the liberation struggle, one way or the other. Our poor parents sacrificed a lot feeding and clothing the guerillas. Though young, I was sent on numerous and very dangerous reconnaissance missions to check on the enemy's ammunition and the number of white soldiers.

They are plenty of ghost workers and thousands of useless government workers who are milking this dead cow. Adopt the rand and do away with this confusing multi-currency especially the useless but overvalued bond note.

True Patriot

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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