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Zimbabwe a country broken by a cabal syndicate

08 Jan 2019 at 17:31hrs | Views
What is going on in Zimbabwe is an imaginative Animal Farm saga typifying complete childish decay soaked in greedy that has overcome many Zimbabweans today because of a few who called ZANU cult. Sincerely it's the Mugabeism system disease now finishing the little of what was left broken down by the inner shenanigans  of the same by the same. It's the saddest development in the history of any nation more so to the God loved country of Zimbabwe a  motherland of many exiled.

The Diaspora cannot standby and be onlookers to our doom slowly enveloping everyone while the country is destined for soon Chinese control with this team of ZANU day sleepers digging in resolved to cause much damage at however cost as long as their pockets are oiled. Speak up and rise up with force of unbridled truth the masses of Zimbabwe and legitimately constitutionally claim what is rightfully yours wherever you are child of the SOIL.

I am Praying that the  current peaceful but forceful telling of ZANU leadership to step down and stop looting of Zimbabwe of her freedom and her minerals will make Emmerson Mnagangwa realize his weakness and failure to run a government. I Support peaceful protest against the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa 100% in view of ZANU record of failure for four decades. I pray many more Zimbabweans would swell the street in Harare and world over where ever we are to ask only one question: "Why ruin the nation with such a brilliant future by feeding to the insatiable greedy and the  corruption fuelled by ZANU poor governance processes? Why not do the honourable thing and resign in view of the incessant failure and the on going incapacity to dissociate self from corruption glut currently swallowing the nation like cancer?".

I urge Zimbabweans to speak up, write up and voice the brutal scenario inserting her hands over Zimbabwe once again after thirty-eight years of shame and suffering of no comparison except to that of a failing state position. Shade of cold comfort in the Diaspora and identify yourself with the truth against incompetence of the decayed ZANU leadership in Zimbabwe. Join the noble acts of the suffering masses in our country by using weapons of petitions, messages and WhatsApp texts to Emmerson Mnangagwa urging him to resign and to Constantine Chiwenga urging him to retire and to Commander  General V.Moyo to tell the army to go back in the Baracks. The weapon of speech is powerful more powerful than careless gunning of innocent citizens and can open any door in the world.

Keep going teachers, labour unions, doctors and masses in our motherland and tell the government openly of their incompetence for thirty-eight years past. Let's petition the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) to watch against decay and observe that no human rights violations are done to peaceful demonstrations by the suffering Zimbabweans now . It's too tough a price to pay for the benefit of a CARBAL who bribe a few through the use of corruption in order that they remain running the country.

Tell ZANU to Stop human intimidation, brutal beatings of innocent people, shooting of women from their days toil at work on the back while on their way home. It's too hard to forget such kind of unprovoked brutality.

We appeal to Canada Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau  to use his office and influence on the matter of a deteriorating Zimbabwe condition only this once.

Andrew Manyevere
Zimbabwe Diaspora, Canada

Source - Andrew Manyevere
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