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16 days activism, so what?

10 Jan 2019 at 10:09hrs | Views
South Africa my motherland is in agony, Africa my home is bleeding. The agony carried by women and children in their hearts on daily basis. Each and everyday women and children are physically and emotionally abused. I say they carry this agony with their hearts, because what's too heavy to bear for the flesh and soul, the heart voluntarily takes over. Not because it can handle the burden better, but just because it can store it. And once stored it turns into anger, hate, grudge and discouragement. In short, it turns into agony because it's a pain that there are no enough words to describe it. The pain that digs deeper than a shovel, that eats deeper than a vulture, and a wound that bleeds more internally none stop.

The is no excuse for women and children abuse. The is no words that can justify such evil and heartless deeds. I am battling to understand or relate, with the fact of one abusing the one he suppose to protect and defend from danger. Why do man become so heartless and senseless?. How does one continue to hit and kick the defenseless. Who shouts for help, who bleeds to death, who begs you to stop. Are you a human being or an animal?. Can't you see her tears?, can't you feel her pain?, can't you see her agony?, do you have a conscious at all?. Even animals sometimes they do better, a male lion knows that it's his calling and responsibility to protect his pride, his family. Can't we do better as human beings?. Can't we protect our own?.  

We have 16 days activism against women and children abuse campaign yearly. So what?. What does it do to change lives?, how many has this campaign protected?, how many has it empowered?, how many has it saved?. Firstly we don't need a campaign to make us aware of what we already know. We want a campaign that will put an end to women and children abuse. Secondly 16 days are not enough. Women and children are abused daily. How can we win a battle against something that happenes 365 days with 16 days only.
Now as we speak the campaign ended on the 10th of December, but for the victims the struggle still continues daily.

Until we understand that to them is not just a campaign but a life style. They are hurting on daily basis. We need to make it a life style as well to fight this abusers. We have to stop them. I also can't understand why the 16 days of activism against women and children abuse is in festive time. Why do we challenge such critical and serious issue in a season were people careless about serious things except enjoying themselves. This campaign must be implemented at the beginning of the year and it should be 60 days not 16. Then mid year we enforce it, at the end of the year we Evaluate it. Since abuse stats goes up during festive due to alcohol abuse, immature excitement and negative influence.

We all have to be involved. The government must come up with laws that has serious repocations to this pepetrators. So that they should think twice before abusing anyone. I quote Mr OR Tambo; "We are not fighting against people, we are fighting against a system". Abuse is now become an order, a normal thing and we must fight it. Court officials must also make sure that the dignity of victims is restored, by sending harsher sentences to perpetrators. Police officials must not leave any stone unturned in their investigations and arrest this abusers without any hesitation. Community members must work together to form a protection mechanism and to create a strong communication channel within the community and police forums.

Private companies should also invest resources in educating the next generation about abuse prevention and introduce better ways to resolve conflicts. This will reduce the number of future possible victims and possible perpetrators. The media must make serious follow-ups on such cases to prevent dockets losses and cases becoming cold. And they must name and shame perpetrators without favors. The social department, must socialize with communities for moral and social support as the name says it all. Churches should go back in becoming the heart of communities and offer shelter and counseling to victims who have no where to go. Above all we must pray as a nation to the most high God to li the lamp of hope, love, joy, peace and unity in our beautiful nation.
I love you all, Stay blessed!

Source - Eric Shikobela
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