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Blame Zanu PF for the Crisis

11 Jan 2019 at 06:32hrs | Views
It is very easy to blame the MDC for the current economic and political situation we find ourselves in as a country. We want to blame them for participating in an unreformed electoral system but are we absolutely certain they willingly partipated. Yes they were warned strongly and repeatedly to stay out but I remember the late Mr Kofi Annan, the leader of African Elders that came to Zimbabwe telling Nelson Chamisa not to boycott the 2018 elections. He told political opposition not to make unreasonable demands and to seek legal recourse if they felt the electoral system was unconstitutional. To which courts was he referring to, is the question.

In the stste captured Zimbabwean judiciary system? In a direct reference to Chamisa's comments to boycott the elections Mr Annan warned opposition political leaders not to incite people. Kofi Annan was a powerful man - ex- UN Secretary General, Laureate Peace Prize winner and has led teams of experts in many peace initiatives round the world. You want to say you would ignore his call. I'm sure you don't. In the earlier battles for electoral reformation by the MDC, Professor Jonathan Moyo had already warned that zanu pf would not be seen to be reforming themselves out of power. Robert Mugabe was not entertaining any talks about electoral reformation or any sort of reform. For the 2018 elections Zanu pf could have easily gone with the Madam Khupe faction for plural  participation certification in the absence of the Alliance and claim that they were the legitimate MDC afterall and that would suffice. You see it is easy for any one to pick up a pen and write blaming the MDC for all this, yes we are all angry but does that solve our problem. The MDC don't hold the card here, zanu pf does.

If zanu pf decides that they want to put things right today, at whatever hour, they know what to do and within a week we can be smoothly sailing to Canaan. It's that simple. They just don't want to do it and this bad situation we are in is deliberate. You are President Emerson Mnangagwa and you are looking at people dying in hospitals everyday because of lack of drugs and medical doctors and you know that by starting obectively serious negotiations with the MDC the hostility will cease and you want to put silly and egocentric conditions for such talks. People don't let me regret being black. Is this the kind of leadership that we sing praises for in rallies and where ever they go? Leadership that will let us die in hospitals to maintain their hold on power. What will he benefit from the make belief oath of being called a legitimate president when he refused to  implement reforms before the elections. Is he saying we are blind, deaf and dump? Come on people, Zanu-PF is the political disease we have and we need its eradication pronto. As far as I can see, no amount of prize will make Emmerson Mnangagwa cede power.

Clement Moyo
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clement Moyo
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