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It's cold out there Jonathan Moyo

11 Jan 2019 at 06:39hrs | Views
Those living in glass houses should not throw stones! This should have been a guiding adage to Prof Jonathan Moyo before he tried to expose the so called skeletons in Strive Masiyiwa's closet.

In a typical proverbial cat with nine lives style; a traitor, thief, homosexual, political prostitute, mad professor and coward, Prof Moyo has added cyber bully to his long list of multiple personalities.

We thought when he promised to release a thread of the so called hidden acts of Masiyiwa he was going to give us something worth our time. But alas it was a thread of rubbish, amateurish and half- baked facts.  Surely a whole professor telling us that Masiyiwa is a Bond Note billionaire? Maybe a simple question to Prof can suffice, when did Strive start his business? Were we in a Bond Note era?

At least Masiyiwa is a true definition of a hard worker, someone who sweats for his supper unlike Jonathan Moyo who used politics as a conduit to siphoning tax payers' money. There is not a single incident where Strive was fingered in fraud and thievery unlike Jonathan who is a renowned thief at macro level.

Strive is a recorded philanthropist, he dishes out scholarships, cares for the needy through Higher Life Foundation, a major employer who is arguably second from the government only. What is there to show for Jonathan Moyo besides the bicycles he bought using stolen ZIMDEF funds. These funds are actually part of the reasons why Moyo is in self-imposed exile.

He is now a keyboard analyst and I am sure, he so dearly misses home. Prior to the resounding victory posted by Zanu PF in 2018, Moyo was determined to see Zanu PF demise but the gods had other plans. His so called political nemesis, His Excellency, President Mnangagwa is running the show, further sending goosebumps in the Professor's being.

Coming back home remains a pipeline dream so Moyo resorted to waging into wars with anyone who displays a progressive mind in supporting the incumbent. These are the likes of Masiyiwa, Trevor Ncube and many others. Moyo never thought these guys would ever support Zanu PF. He is now realising that indeed it is cold out there, quoting from his own words when he was expelled and later re-admitted back to the ruling Party back in the days.

Well, it is always good for one to display a straight personality rather than being chameleonic like what Moyo is. By comparison Strive and Moyo are worlds apart, the reason why Jonathan is now opting to find fault with Masiyiwa where there is none.

Those are echoes from the mountains by a bitter person who changed political allegiance more than any other known Zimbabwean. He was a fierce anti-government critic who never saw anything good in Zanu PFback in the days. But just in the twinkling of an eye, he became Mugabe's main cheerleader forgetting all sorts of derogatory adjectives he used to describe the old man then.

It didn't take him time to try fitting himself into the slightest of opportunities that would arise, positioning him for the craftiest political mind games under the sun. Little did we know that his links were with CIA that wanted to destroy the Revolutionary Party from within. Jonathan himself once wrote that, "If you want to destroy Zanu PF do it from within.

The "within" project failed and the guy is now trying other means, trying to victimise those whoare sympathetic to the party as a way of perpetuating his never ending regime change agenda. Leave Masiyiwa alone!

Source - Brightface Mutema
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