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When others are more equal than others

by Tondo
13 Jan 2019 at 09:51hrs | Views
Standing by the third till operator from the entrance to make my payment, like what many people do, I ask the youthful till operator if I can have 'cash back'.

A quick glance at me and the reply comes pronto, "not now". To reinforce his denial he goes on to jingle a few coins by his till to show there is no cash. Whilst packing my little purchase, the guy coming after me asks for same and is generously cashed back twenty bond dollar notes. Its not only today that I have witnessed this holier than thou treatment.

For the past three weeks I have made several attempts to get 'cash back' in futility. The other day the usual refusal was announced in reply to my request yet a young woman coming after me had the nice rare experience of getting cash back, admittedly she had every curve where it was meant to be naturally. That natural anatomical exhibition of assured fucundity. Indeed blood or is it friendship is thicker than water.

In my frenzied effort to be treated like anyone else, I approached a supervisor who assured me that next time would be my day, one would think he was a later day prophet proclaiming a 'false prophet'.

Indeed the next day came and went, no cash back despite being sent from post to the wall nonstop like a yo-yo. Are we not equal in the eyes of the Lord?

Do I have to look like Adonis or Cleopatra to get cash back? Maybe its only the squeaking wheel that gets the oil. Only at TM Chadcombe have I been treated like trash, waiting for another day.

Tondo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo
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