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ED the change that exist not!

13 Jan 2019 at 21:38hrs | Views
We have wondered for so long how the events of November 2017 will unfold on the liberation of Zimbabwe's economic front. Is this change still on its way or we are waiting in vain? Are we really open for business? If so what sort of business? How long should we suffer for the mantra- we are open for business? What is the point of spending tax payers' money on trips that yield agreements and signatures forged but nothing fruitful for the common man? Now you announce fuel increase without any substantiation ad we are just suppose to swallow it and move on. No ED you can not play with our life at will like that. I heed that you listen carefully and very carefully to our advices. Among many is STAY within the borders of our nation and let your trips be from one village to another instead of globe troating. Face the reality on the ground and be one of us. Taste our suffering and rethink your decisions twice before you announce.

Its unfortunate you inherited the love of travel from your predecessor and you seem not to learn a lesson. Travelling has led you to be reduced to a useless and nuisance begger. We don't need beggers we need visionary and active leaders, we need hard workers and those that reward hard work. Besides, it is far much cheaper to send a representative abroad in an economy class and let them deliver your message. We cannot afford any business or first class seats because we don't have the resources but your mission is misplaced ED. Show your servant leadership and let your followers in government follow suit. Hospitals are dry, doctors, nurses, teachers ..... all people are struggling to make ends meat but you put your shadow on all these problems the common men and women are facing.

How dare you announce fuel increase by two times the original price yet the salaries of civil servants that are already below poverty datum line are increased by a meagre 10%. This is insane and a mockery to all people of Zimbabwe. Worse still you act as if you dont know your place in Government, you announce fuel increases as if its something to boast about- where are your ministers- scared of the shame behind unthought measures.

ED you have failed to combat corruption and mischiveous leaders of the black market. Corruption still exist and seems to be getting worse by day- why only a few are under investigation and not that many have been brought to justice. Show us some seriousness and be a doer. You sing -we are eradicating corruption, zero tolerance to corruption... really? This animal 'corruption' combined with greediness and selfiness continues to destroy our country and worse still the poor men and women in the remote areas suffer a great deal.

The question now is- Is ED really a walker of his talk? I have not seen anything yet besides the command agriculture which is yet to benefit the poor and marginalised. The surrogate current which was imposed on us is even worsening our daily lives. How can it be inflated on their watch and yet they continue to smile and boast that the economy is doing well. To who? Figures on paper with no reflection of the ground issues of bread and butter - how can you tell us we are doing well? There is no money in the banks, we have become plastic money users and worse still you are failing to give confidence to the nation to allow proper circulation of money though legalized channels.

Your government seem to think that they can instil force as a means to silence suffering demostrators as demostrated recently by your acting president. This clearly shows that you quickly forgot where you came from and how you ended up in power. Its not that so long, we can still repeat the same on you. Our lives are not yours to toss with. Living standards are getting worse and worse day in and day out and you seem not to notice that. Their is no confidence you are giving to any external business men or women, when you can not figure out strategically how to solve the impasse in our nation.

The biggest creature inhaling our nation is poor leadership, failure to excercise full democratic authority that comes with the job in choosing the right people that can move this country forward. Your party is clueless and truth be told you will not make it with this tortoise pace. You need to lead or revert to being a follower and let us lead. We need doers in the government and not speech givers. This is not the time and moment for speeches. Our patience is running out and soon we will let it speak to you loud and clear. Don't get too warm on that chair for those who fail to respect the ones they lead will be asked to step aside and the nation will choose a better leader.

Source - Takesure Tazvishaya
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