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Release Pastor Evan Mawarire & others unconditionally

16 Jan 2019 at 13:49hrs | Views
What is president ED Mnangagwa doing in Russia while the acting president Chiwenga is murdering innocent civilians at home? The purpose of this piece it twofold, to ask Zimbabweans to join me in condemning the latest VP Chiwenga-brutality of innocent citizens and requesting president ED to come home immediately. I am informed that embassies of Zimbabwe across the globe are under protest, surrounded by Zimbabweans in diaspora. Zimbabweans in diaspora should make sure that ED won't be able to attend the on schedule Davos conference.

It was VP Chiwenga who killed the six innocent civilians on 1 August 2018,  because his thirst was not quenched, Chiwenga  instructed the army and the police to kill innocent civilians from 14/01/2019 up to present. There is no doubt that VP Chiwenga should be charged with murder in future because of these atrocities against the innocent blood, he will be tortured psychologically too. I therefore want to inform VP Chiwenga that the voice of the people cannot be blocked by fake power or money. One day, he is going to pay for the blood he spilled, he organized the coup and decided to take Zimbabweans to Bagdad. Shame on you Chiwenga, why killing/torturing your brothers and sisters please stop this now.

Pastor Evan Mawarire is the champion of the struggle, he is ready to die for this cause. Pastors are always preaching justice, you may torcher or kill Poster Evan Mawarire but he has already disseminated the holy spirit of the struggle to every one of us.  The struggle for change cannot be blocked by guns. The only solution is to negotiate. You cannot take Pastor Mawarire as a traitor because he is on the forefront of fighting for justices. To Pastor Evan Mawarire, they may kill or torcher you but we have already inherited the double potion of you struggle's spirit.

I don't know why president ED is refusing to come back to solve the current stalemate at home? Why did he leave the blood thirsty Mamvura on steering? The current VP Chiwenga is not in good psychology to be an acting president, he sounds to be mentally sick as reflected by his gestures. He should seek for mental tests before being asked to act as a president.

The Zimbabweans in diaspora should make sure that ED won't be allowed in Davos when his VP has injured and killed plenty of our brothers and sisters. The diaspora brothers and sisters should make this possible. VP Chiwenga should resign and president ED Mnangagwa should cut short his trip and come and bury the murdered innocent Zimbabweans. Poster Evan Mawaeire and others should be released unconditionally. They may block the internet from citizens but that won't change their resolve, the illegitimacy should be legalized or ED should resign. This is the struggle for citizens against the government. Blaming MDC Alliance is only a stupid scapegoat.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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