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'Mnangagwa bring back our husbands' Olinda Chapel fumes

16 Jan 2019 at 13:55hrs | Views
I am extremely confused Mr President. Who is this post meant to benefit . You have blocked the internet for all Zimbabweans and therefore they can't see this? Is this "optics" for the international community ?

Whom exactly are you speaking to?  We know your thoughts and prayers are with those affected in Zimbabwe. But your thoughts and prayers are may they suffer, let them feel the pain. Handinzwaro.

You have no bone of sympathy in you or even have an understating of what it means to be Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. You are a public servant of Zimbabwe. Your duty is to the people of Zimbabwe not to oneself. If you want to know what true power is then put a stop to all of this. Ask your armies to return to their barracks.

Ask the police to  return to their units and freeze all price increases until you have a dialogue with the people you serve. Attend to the people who have been injured. Console the families of the deceased. Return to Zimbabwe and put order in a country you were entrusted to serve. The key word being serve. Then at that point you will understand what true power is.

Not a power that is engulfed with fear. Let the people of Zimbabwe respect you not fear you. ! Because this will be your legacy when history is written. Be the president that liberated Zimbabwe not a leader that inflicted pain where we'd have been trying to heal 37 years worth of wounds.

Hatichada our souls and spirits have been broken. We have nothing left to lose. Because you have made sure there is nothing and you continue taking our dignity as human beings. Human rights law state the first right is right to life for every human being.

Takurarama hupenyu kwete life. You talk about how violence will not solve anything yet you are the one in charge of gun wielding armies. Dragging our mothers and fathers from the sanctity of their homes. You talk about peace and not violence and yet you are the one attacking a cornered wounded animal and expect it not to bite.

The people of Zimbabwe are hungry, jobless and finally without hope and you ask why do they fight ? Why do they destroy ? Why are they angry ? It's all because of you !!!! You are the reason. Bring back our husbands, fathers,  and brothers that were dragged out of our homes by the armies .

We haven't heard from them. You gave them so much hope and they placed you on a pedestal and you let them down so completely. After years and years of dreaming of the day Mugabe left. It was meant to be our calm after the storm. But you were the hurricane. FIX THIS !

Our voices are as loud as lions and we will roar. If you are saying the truth is forbidden then YOU are breaking all the rules. It's high time all the TVs and radios played our version of events. We shouldn't have a reason to be afraid. The people of Zimbabwe are a very wonderful people and they deserve better than what's currently being served.

We have finally found our voices and you try and gag us with armies. Arresting Pastor Evan Mawarire . You can't shame people that have already been shamed. The Zimbabwean people have been shamed and humiliated for decades. We have been stuck in a lifetime of silence, so this time our voices will not be silenced. We have the tongues and voices to change a nation. And it has begun with each and every Zimbabwean. You can't walk us silently into the darkness.

You will not sent us quietly into the night. We demand respect ! We demand what is rightfully ours. What our fathers who fought for this country were promised.

We demand peace ans prosperity for our children. We demand life. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Ityai mwari vakuru.

I pray for your soul. That the day you die mweya wenyu uyende kudenga kuna baba. You have the blood of so many on your hands. Ishe We no longer care for Zanu PF OR MDC , we care for Zimbabweans.

We care for gogo in Binga, for 12 year old Chido who is about to be married. We care for the widow that needs Arv's or the women that die in child birth. Ishe vakupei Nyasha me tsitsi dzamusiri kutipa. But hazvinei denga rinezano nesu vana veZimbabwe. Ndatenda hangu

Source - Olinda Chapel
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