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The evil hand of civil society, MDC-Alliance

16 Jan 2019 at 19:03hrs | Views
This week, Zimbabwe's opposition MDC-Alliance, civil society organisations and NGOs fronted a so-called shutdown that was underlined by anarchy, looting and lawlessness. The orgy of violence saw the destruction of property, looting of shops, attacking of security agencies, storming and burning police stations and shops, threatening of citizens going to work, and extortion of motorists who were asked to pay between $2 and $5 as a passage fee.
All this terrorist behaviour, a rough equivalent to acts carried out by the notorious movements such as ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, were planned and coordinated by MDC-A and civil societies, in particular, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. These demonic acts of sabotage were pre-planned and done in the guise of a peaceful demonstration ostensibly against economic hardships.

There is no argument that Zimbabwe's economy is severely depressed. Anyone in his rightful mind will agree that there is need for radical economic reforms. Such radical economic reforms cannot yield results in a short period.

Therefore, there is need for Government to put austerity measures which must be supported by every right-minded Zimbabwean for the austerity measures to yield positive results. The austerity measures that were put in place by Government are meant to brighten our future while in the short term they make us face hardships necessary for future prosperity.

Sadly, MDC-A and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition who have been on the forefront in calling for the US to maintain its heinous sanctions on Zimbabwe are the ones behind the so called crisis in Zimbabwe. If the truth can be told, MDC-A and Crisis in Zimbabwe coalition together with most NGO and civil societies are the foot soldiers of the "Western regime change agenda".

The acronym MDC-A can easily be translated to mean "Major Destruction of the Country Associates".

There is no democratic/ democracy that exist in their name and practice. These so-called democratic institutions and civil rights organisations duly registered in Zimbabwe are only good for causing chaos and anarchy.

Imagine how demonic and devilish it is for institutions with sound names like them meeting to strategise to create anarchy and cacophony then later blame it on the Government. The same institution and individuals called for sanctions after the historic land reform. These sanctions badly affected the economy, resulting in company closures and economic meltdown.

Once the economy was depressed, it meant the disposable income was severely reduced further resulting in citizens suffering. Fellow Zimbabweans, I humbly ask you to read the book by "John Perkins" title "Economic Hitman".

This book is now available in audio on You Tube. It is my humble feeling that if most literate Zimbabweans can either read or listen to the book audio they will be enlightened. My humble view is that the enlightenment gotten from this book will help unshackle the myth most literate Zimbabweans have about the USA and its lack of sincerity in supporting African economies.

After reading this book, well written by an American who is an economic Hitman himself, I had a better understanding of America's evil behaviour on African counties. The author, John Perkins, articulates in this book how USA's global economic strategic sabotage is crafted for Africa and South America's economies for the economic growth of North America. Surprisingly, we have the MDC-A civil societies, NGO and some pseudo human rights groups in Zimbabwe getting funding from regime change institutions of America such as George Soros, NED etc.

These donor communities in America are experts in sweetening opposition parties for regime change in a country that USA interests are not easily exercised. Zimbabwe falls in the pathway of such countries including Libya in the era of Gaddafi. Fellow Zimbabweans, apart from funding political opposition parties, NGOs and civil societies, USA also funds institutions like SAPES which are run by local academics such as Ibbo Mandaza and Professors Kahari and Rudo Gaidzwana. Fellow citizens may I again refer you to read a book by Dambisa Moyo, a Zambian author titled "Dead Aid".

In this book Dambiso explores how nations are made poor and poorer through donor funds. True to her findings, in 2008, NGOs and Civil Societies were funded by donor agencies to the fund of $2.8bn and Zimbabwe has no tangible investment to show on what this money was used for.

It is my humble view that the books namely "Economic Hitman and Dead Aid" are able to unshackle the legion of literate Zimbabweans from being colonized beyond redemption by Western Countries through their rhetoric of economic support. The economic situation in Zimbabwe now needs every citizen to pull together for the common good of our nation. No amount of current destruction, looting, threatening of fellow citizens, attacking of security agencies will develop the economy. Never! Imagine the destruction of SMEs and vegetable vendors in Mbare and Magaba in Harare.

One wonders how it is connected to fuel price hikes announced by the Government. This is pure hooliganism and terrorism such as those being committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Sadly, these acts of arson are only happening in high-density suburbs.

They are taking place in areas where the poor live and making them more poorer. One hears human rights organisations such as ZDAHR strongly condemning the use of live ammunition while giving lukewarm condemnation of violence which is destroying property, looting and threatening or violating of other citizens rights.

These pseudo human rights organisations do not condemn the callous murder and injuring of police and general citizens. Surprisingly, some officials of ZHRC, instead of circulating condemnation messages on social media they had the audacity of circulating messages which tells the general suffering, dehumanized and disenfranchised citizens that ZADHR is a partner of ZHRC. One therefore wonders whether ZHRC represents human rights of everyone or a section of Zimbabwe population as ZADHR seem to show with their well circulated social media bulletins.

Honesty, if Zimbabwe has, through Act of Parliament, established HRC that seems to be numb about what is currently happening and why it is not happening in low-density suburbs, then parliamentarians have every reason to de-register it or to appoint new commissioners capable of weighing how rights are observed and practiced.

The current anarchy perpetrated by MDC-A, NGO, civil societies and human rights organisations only took place in Mabvuku, Tafara then jumped to Msasa and occurred in Epworth. It then jumped Hatfield and Waterfalls to start in Chitungwiza, from where it enjoined to Glen Norah, Glen View down to Dzivaresekwa. In Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo it again only happened in high-density townships where the poor and SMEs live.

People in these areas carried out a dog-eat-dog fight making themselves much more poorer. MDC-A, NGOs, civil societies and human rights organisations were busy laughing at the protesters actions which targeted business that make then survive. If this is not a sign of implicit it is then a sign of idiocy on the part of protesters. Ironically, these demonstrations destroyed most of MDC-A supporters' survivability.

One therefore wonders why these people continued to see good in the MDC-A which does not care about their livelihood. It is hoped that the two books mentioned in this article plus this article will make people see the coming of evil from MDC-A and its partners. I conclude by asking the people in high-density townships to critically take stock of their wanton actions and see whether it empowers them or not

Dr Panganai Kahuni is a political socio-economic commentator with a military research background and a diplomat in the southern region. He writes on his own accord.

Source - the herald
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