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EFF condemns brutal army killings

18 Jan 2019 at 08:43hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters  categorically condemns the use of brutal force by government security services on innocent Zimbabwean citizens who were legitimately exercising their constitutional right of freedom of expression.

Rightly, the people of Zimbabwean undertook mass action demonstrating against, among other things, the unjustified fuel price hikes. In so doing the ordinary people of our country were seeking to have a conversation with their government. Unfortunately the government responded by unleashing horrific terror acts on its defenceless citizens.  

Using live bullets on innocent, poor citizens is an act of state terrorism and simply an act of barbarism. We condemn this act of brutality in the strongest terms. Citizens have a constitutional right to demonstrate peaceful to register their displeasure about the state of governance in our country. It does not make any sense why government security forces would beat up defenceless women, children and youths -unleash soldiers armed with AK47 rifles to cause horror and grieve in our communities.  

It seems the government abdicated its constitutional duty to protect its citizens; the very army which has a duty to protect the nation has turned out to be the enemy of the people. Without any doubt the government has no plan on how to address the challenges facing the country hence the use of barbaric force to silence the people.

The people will not be silenced. They are demanding that the government listen, create conducive environment where the economy will grow and improve lives in real terms.

Zim EFF extends deepest sympathy to the families of all the fallen fighters. The fight was a just cause and all the fallen are the nation's heroes. Notwithstanding the pain and the suffering their families are experiencing,

Zim EFF recognises that their death was as a result of a criminal act by those acting on behalf of the state. Zim EFF holds the government responsible for the loss of life and property in our country. We learn with utter dismay that there were some sponsored elements some known Zanu PF activists who carried out acts of arson and looting on private property. We strong condemn those barbaric acts and hold Zanu PF and government responsible for their actions.

For the government to shutdown internet and social media is a gross breach of people's human rights- putting lives at risk. We know the government used the cover of this communication blackout to continue with its brutality. We are warning that the truth will come out and we will hold the government responsible for the acts of brutality against the people.  Going forward, we call upon the government to immediately lift internet and social media shutdown. We also call upon the government to end its reign of terror on its citizens immediately. Further we demand that the government provides free healthcare / treatment to all those injured during this time.  

We also call upon the government to provide assistance with funeral expenses for those who lost their loved ones.

We demand that the government reverses the fuel price hikes immediately.

We demand that the government recall the military back to the barracks immediately as they have no business in policing.

We demand that the government release all those in arrested during the crackdown.

We call upon the government to release all the opposition leaders and trade union leaders in police or military custody - we demand their safe return to their families.  

We demand that President Mnangagwa cuts short his foreign trip and return home to deal with the crisis engulfing the nation.

Source - ZEFF
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